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exactest; exacting; exaction; exactions; exactitude; exactness; exacts; exaggerate; exaggerated; exaggeratedly
  1. He was hampered by tradition, and had to introduce them without knowing exactly that they had a purpose any longer.

  2. He says:-- “The road is fine, without exactly deserving all the hyperbolical praises lavished upon it.

  3. Certainly the substructure of a Frank wooden castle, exactly like the tumps that are found in Southern Wales, and the representations of fortresses in the Bayeux tapestry.

  4. It happened just exactly as she wanted it to happen.

  5. Only, you see, the courthouse is not exactly the place for it.

  6. At the back of his mind, the suspicion grew that Carl Leibert knew exactly what it was.

  7. It's leaking like a machine-gunned water tank, and everybody it leaks to is positive that we know exactly where Merlin is or we wouldn't be trying to keep it a secret.

  8. If he'd been Foxx Travis, and if there had been a Merlin, that was exactly where he'd have put it himself.

  9. This will tell you exactly what passed this afternoon.

  10. I should rather like to tell you exactly how I stumbled in upon it.

  11. If there are visitors for me--Inquirers of any sort--act exactly as you would have done if you really believed that I was not in the building.

  12. We parted--well, not exactly the best of friends.

  13. You can catch a fast steamer to-morrow, either for South Africa or New York, but before I make any definite plans, hadn't you better tell me exactly what happened last night?

  14. I am quite satisfied to remain in your hands, but my feeling in the matter is exactly as I have stated, and I cannot change.

  15. You shall tell him the story exactly as you've told it to me, and restore the money.

  16. Tell me exactly who you are and what you want.

  17. He had not a doubt but that he understood exactly what that position was.

  18. Bank-notes for five hundred pounds are not exactly common, and yet he proceeded with his task without the slightest instinct of surprise.

  19. I am not exactly chicken enough to expect the truth.

  20. Perhaps during those few minutes, when his brain was cool and active, with the great city awakening all around him, Laverick realized more completely than ever before exactly how he stood.

  21. Events had followed upon one another so rapidly during these last few days that he had little enough time for reflection, little time to realize exactly how he stood.

  22. I approached until I was within a few yards of the line, and the voices of the men as they challenged enabled me to ascertain exactly the position of the sentries on the right and left of me.

  23. Well, it's an odd coincidence, then, that the yacht yonder has a tear in her foresail exactly where our bowsprit tore the Speedaway's jib this afternoon.

  24. If he had but known it, however, he was proceeding in an exactly opposite direction.

  25. I couldn't exactly set up housekeeping with my share of the estate, but when the lawyer read that part of the will aloud and a grin went around the room I flounced out of my chair.

  26. That travelers may exactly understand for themselves the law regulating hacks and coaches, we quote order No.

  27. The valley lies very near the centre of the State, reckoning north and south, about one fifth the way across from east to west, and almost exactly in the middle of the high Sierras which inclose it.

  28. Seen from the northeast, a mile distant, these spires appear symmetrical, of equal height, squarely hewn and rising above the edge of the cliff behind, exactly like two towers of a Gothic cathedral.

  29. The shorter diameter, from east to west, was twenty-three feet, divided exactly even, eleven and one half feet from the centre each way.

  30. Nearly two miles back from the water front all these streets "swing around the circle" far enough to bring them into an exactly north and south line, and creep southward down the peninsula, a block or two farther south every season.

  31. So exactly is every line and point repeated that the photographic view has puzzled hundreds to tell which mountain is in the air and which is in the water.

  32. One's curiosity is quickly satisfied when it is obvious that the two areas are exactly alike.

  33. The teacher may prepare rectangles of neutral paper, representing any given space to be divided, in which the division is made by a contrasting line in each of the following ways: One divided exactly in half.

  34. D is exactly the reverse of B, so it is equally interesting.

  35. They will find that in-- [Sidenote: Class determines best division of space] A the division is exactly in the center of the length.

  36. The four sections of the curtains are almost exactly alike.

  37. One designated as D may also be introduced, in which the arrangement is exactly like that of B, except that the curtains are tied back above the center instead of below.

  38. The two sides are alike, but the top half is not exactly like the bottom half.

  39. By the A method the curtain is tied back exactly in half; by the B method it is tied back between one-half and two-thirds of the length.

  40. Me own affairs is exactly what I'm mindin'," retorted the Father.

  41. There was just the flicker of a smile in his eyes now (Johnnie noted that those eyes were exactly the color of ground coffee).

  42. However, she gave it only a glance, exactly as if she had seen it before.

  43. His appetite was coming up, exactly as Mr. Perkins had said it would!

  44. But in the matter of dress, one was exactly like every other one--at least so far as could be judged by a small boy in a moment so charged with excitement.

  45. If they were, then every rock in the Belt would follow every other in almost exactly the way every merry-go-round horse follows every other.

  46. There was a timeless feeling about his march through the depths of the ground, as though every step through the blackness was exactly like every other step, and it was only the same step over and over again.

  47. He recognized the message for exactly what it was: a series of code phrases designed to break the blockage that had been placed in his mind.

  48. He knew that BenChaim meant exactly what he said--or thought he meant it.

  49. I wouldn't say he was exactly stupid, George.

  50. I told him exactly where he could head in.

  51. Once into that network, he would know exactly where he was heading.

  52. Now he knew exactly where he wanted to go, and exactly what he would find there.

  53. It took a little searching to find exactly the right spot, but when he did, he settled himself into place in a small pit and began more elaborate preparations.

  54. The Nipe knew exactly what each man remaining inside was doing, and approximately what each would be doing for the next few minutes, and he watched with the expectation that his prophecies would be fulfilled.

  55. The only thing they could possibly do would be to ask directions of a local citizen--which, the Nipe had learned, was exactly what they did.

  56. If their paths were exactly circular, then no two of that vast number of planetoids would ever collide.

  57. Whether the Nipe has courage or patience or any other human feeling depends on two things: his own abilities and exactly how much information he has.

  58. Minutes later, he was in another tunnel exactly similar to the first one, walking southward again.

  59. I think you ought to tell your wife exactly how you are fixed, though.

  60. Whoever gets to the Bluff first has got to promise to tell the rest of us exactly what he finds," remarked one of the Hassler boys, and to this we all readily assented.

  61. During supper Nils heard exactly how much land each of his eight grown brothers farmed, how their crops were coming on, and how much live stock they were feeding.

  62. Didn't I always tell you exactly what I thought?

  63. But I thought it was good business to say exactly what you mean?

  64. And that Mr. Rollo should merely pay her the compliment of requesting to have the fact put in words, might be highly characteristic on his part, but was not exactly composing on hers.

  65. But there was a certain truth in it, too; because happy people never do guess exactly what goes on in the rest of the world.

  66. If that were one, Hazel made no attempt to correct it; having no mind just then to deal with any of his mistakes, in any shape; remembering too exactly what some of them had been.

  67. It was not exactly a cheery evening in Hazel's deserted rooms.

  68. When I did not care what I did, I knew exactly what to do.

  69. To affirm positively, indeed, that these things are exactly as I have described them does not become a man of sense.

  70. Byron expressed himself thus at the time: "Hunt is an extraordinary character and not exactly of the present age.

  71. Their Limitation should be in Proportion to their Size and Growth, where we could exactly ascertain them: but with Regard to all, or to much the greater Number of them, we may be allowed to make their Supper very light, and very small.

  72. A certain Person swallowed a large Morsel of Calf's Lights, which stopt in the Middle of the Gullet, and exactly filled up the Passage.

  73. For Example, in the Quinsey, the Condition of the Throat must be exactly inquired into.

  74. They are of a reddish Colour, and let fall a Sediment, or Settling, which exactly resembles Brick-dust.

  75. All these Maladies begin precisely at a certain Hour; last about the usual Time of a Fit; and terminating without any sensible Evacuation, return exactly at the same Hour, the next Day, or the next but one.

  76. The Beats or Pulsations are also supposed to resemble each other so exactly in Quality too, that one is not strong, and the next alternately feeble.

  77. Containing Questions absolutely necessary to be answered exactly by the Patient, who consults a Physician.

  78. A Quarter of an Ounce of Smalt may also be mixed exactly with two Ounces of Butter or Ointment of Lead, to be used occasionally instead of the Plaister.

  79. Some time after the alimentary tract has been thus formed, the epiblast becomes folded in, in exactly the same manner as in the Chick, the embryo becoming thereby partially constricted off from the yolk (Plate 36, figs.

  80. We are not acquainted with any description of an exactly similar mode of origin of the olfactory pits, though the process is almost identical with that of the other sense organs.

  81. We have been led by our observations, as well as by our theoretical deductions, to adopt a view exactly the reverse of that of Professor Semper.

  82. In none of them, however, are the phenomena exactly identical with those in Vertebrata.

  83. The fourth and fifth pairs of legs exactly resemble the others, except in the fact that the proximal pad is broken up into three, a small central and two larger lateral.

  84. Meanwhile, we may point out that the embryonic mouth of Stage E has exactly the same position as that of the adult; but that the anus is considerably in front of the hind end of the body in Stage E, while it is terminal in the adult.

  85. It should be noted that the duct in its backward growth does not appear to come into continuity with the subjacent mesoblast, but behaves in this respect exactly as does the segmental duct in Elasmobranchii (vide note on p.

  86. Exactly what he did Bull Hunter never knew.

  87. But the first shot went home nicely, aimed as exactly as a scientist finds a spot with his instruments.

  88. No," said Bull frankly, "I don't exactly figure what you mean.

  89. He came exactly in the right place and precisely at the right time.

  90. Completing the expression of this idea, you said that the excitement produced by oratory was exactly of the same nature as the excitement produced by gin, so that Mr. Bright and M.

  91. But this is exactly what the feminine nature never does.

  92. There is a break between the existence of our forefathers and that of our posterity, and it is we who have the misfortune to be situated exactly where the break occurs.

  93. He had an extraordinary aptitude for collecting exactly the sort of material that he needed, for arranging and classifying material, for perceiving its mutual relations.

  94. This way of learning a language possesses over the dictionary process exactly the kind of superiority which a living man, developed naturally from the foetus, possesses over the elastic anatomical man-model of the ingenious doctor Auzoux.

  95. The married man never goes, or hardly ever goes, exactly on the same intellectual lines which he would have followed if he had remained a bachelor.

  96. This is exactly the natural process which takes place in the brains of children who are transferred from one country to another.

  97. Soundness in painting consists in being able to lay a patch of color having exactly the right shape and tint.

  98. B), or more exactly a pattern resembling a figure 8.

  99. There was something about the thing that was not exactly a woman and yet was not quite a man; somehow the curves were different.

  100. Looking at him again, more strictly, I could not exactly say what it was that gave me the sense of antiquity, except the antique cut of his white clerical necktie and the barred wrinkles across his brow.

  101. Then, flinging up his hands, he leapt exactly as he leapt out of the coach.

  102. But it seems rather odd," said Flambeau, "that it should exactly confirm the old legend.

  103. It's exactly like Hirsch's writing, and nobody can point out any mistake in it.

  104. He still liked Champion exactly as he liked him at school; he admired him as he would admire a conjuring trick done at the dinner-table.

  105. His appearance was "distinguished" in exactly the same sense; it was at once conventional and unique.

  106. It was the shock of that shadow, before the shock of the iron crash, that made the stranger quail and dodge, and then dart into his inn, leaving the flat and shining dagger he had dropped exactly where it had fallen.

  107. When Father Brown reached the house with the beehive and the drowsy dog, a small and neat maid-servant showed him into the dining-room, where Boulnois sat reading by a shaded lamp, exactly as his wife described him.

  108. I'll tell you exactly what he did," he said.

  109. This does not prove anything in any way, and I was very careful not to mention this in my report, this point being exactly what was needed and that was not demonstrated during the two tests made on the grounds.

  110. In a subsequent paragraph of his monograph he anticipates almost exactly the construction of the Lenoir gas engine, which came into being more than fifty-five years after his monograph was published.

  111. A patent planetary gear, also shown in the diagram, gives exactly the same stroke to all the pistons.

  112. In short, he once more took to his old habits, and lived on exactly in the same manner as before.

  113. I can't exactly say, Bill; I spend little of my time down now; the Tories are in office, and my hands are consequently too full of business here to pay much attention to anything else.

  114. And, sure enough, there it lies to this day, with the mark of the four fingers and thumb imprinted in it, exactly as it came out of her hand.

  115. Do exactly as I have directed you, else you will cause a worse fate than death to befall me.

  116. This serious and solemn intimation from the ghost was duly communicated to the family, and it was found that the circumstances were exactly as it had represented them.

  117. But unfortunately his plans were not always exactly those of his grandfather.

  118. Only just a little set in her ways," said Clifton, imitating so exactly Mrs Jacob's voice and manner, that no one could help laughing.

  119. Well, this ain't exactly what I enlisted for, boys.

  120. These men had grimly asked him to tell exactly how much better was Caspar than any other returning soldier.

  121. Gravely and sternly he floated upon clouds, and looked exactly like the pictures Ulrich had seen of God the Father, only he wore the smith's cap on his grey hair.

  122. No one knew exactly whence he came as he never mentioned his family, for he was a reserved, unsocial man; but on the voyage to Lepanto he had formed a friendship with a sick soldier, Don Miguel Cervantes.

  123. Adam often spoke of a little daughter, who must look exactly like its mother; but it did not come.

  124. The thoughts that moved him could not be exactly expressed in words, but doubtless a vision of the desolate forge, where he would stand alone by the fire without Ulrich, rose before his mind.

  125. She always had beautiful eyes; all her other features were unformed, and might grow charming or exactly the reverse.

  126. You look like him, there is an astonishing resemblance in the forehead and eyes; his voice, too, was exactly like yours.

  127. She had looked exactly like it when a young girl, she said; it was strange how precisely he had hit the color of her hair; but she was afraid it was blaspheming to paint a Madonna with her face; she was a poor sinner, nothing more.

  128. It was your mother, exactly as she looked when.

  129. Ulrich, attired in the count's clothes, looked exactly like him.

  130. Her fire, although not exactly a raking one, had crossed the Spaniard's deck very obliquely, and the smoke blowing off immediately, gave the Americans an opportunity of seeing some of the effects of their shot.

  131. Well, so it seems this Isabella, being half English and whole Protestant, won't exactly steer by their compass in religious matters.

  132. She always anxiously awaited his return from sea, though she did not, in her more youthful days, exactly understand why.

  133. But, my dear boy, I don't exactly know how to go to work to offer a bribe.

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