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Example sentences for "anticipates"

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antiche; antichi; antichristian; anticipate; anticipated; anticipating; anticipation; anticipations; anticipative; anticipatory
  1. In some passages of the second edition of his "Researches into the Physical History of Mankind" (1826), he certainly talks evolution and anticipates Prof.

  2. It recalls the Phadrus and the Ion; it anticipates the utterance of a still more kindred spirit, the Defence of Poetry by Shelley.

  3. Boccaccio, though he follows so closely in time upon Dante, already anticipates the democratic theories of Poggio.

  4. Folgore, in spite of his spring fragrance and auroral freshness, anticipates the spirit of the Renaissance.

  5. A pastourelle, In un boschetto, anticipates the manner of Sacchetti.

  6. Though Boccaccio anticipates in his work the literature of the Renaissance, yet Petrarch was certainly not less influential as an authority in style.

  7. In that case their imagination easily anticipates the satisfaction, and conveys the same joy, as if they were persuaded of its real and actual existence.

  8. The mind forsees and anticipates the change; and even from the very first instant feels the looseness of its actions, and the weak hold it has of its objects.

  9. The fancy anticipates the course of things, and surveys the object in that condition, to which it tends, as well as in that, which is regarded as the present.

  10. Our Lord by so doing saved him from many evils, such as the sorrows and worries and other things that one anticipates under these circumstances.

  11. It anticipates the new heaven and the new earth.

  12. How graciously He anticipates their probable censure, and turns their thoughts rather on themselves, by the acknowledgment that the failure was intelligible, since the condition was hard!

  13. The uncertainty as to the indication given by the token is reflected by the reiterated questions of the Apostles, which, in the Greek, are cast in a form that anticipates a negative answer: 'Surely not I?

  14. That loving eye reads our hearts and anticipates our dreary hopelessness by His sweet comfortings.

  15. He anticipates 'coming in the clouds of heaven,' which distinctly claims to be the future Judge of the world.

  16. He intends to go to Italy, but anticipates no pleasure from travelling in that country; he is certain that any French provincial town has more agreeable society and a better theatre than Rome.

  17. As a Romantic colourist Chateaubriand anticipates Victor Hugo, in his melancholy ennui he anticipates Byron.

  18. But he does not trust to intellectual methods for his success; the success that he anticipates is not such as follows the promulgation of ideas, or the establishment of moral convictions.

  19. The Trinitarian doctrine of Victorinus anticipates in a remarkable manner that of the later philosophical mystics.

  20. This remarkable system anticipates the greater part of Christian and Pagan Neoplatonism.

  21. Here he anticipates Plotinus; but he does not reduce God to a logical point.

  22. While he anticipates Virgil in his Italian love of peaceful landscape, he shows some foretaste of the modern passion for the mountains,--as (at ii.

  23. Indeed, he has not time; for Helen Armstrong anticipates him.

  24. But his was not one of those souls in which unsatisfied ambition anticipates the tortures of hell, gnaws like the worm which dieth not, and burns like the fire which is not quenched.

  25. History takes wider views; and the best tribunal for great political cases is the tribunal which anticipates the verdict of history.

  26. She will pay her guest's carfare, unless the other anticipates her, and pay for the theatre tickets.

  27. If the man anticipates her, handing the change to the conductor and saying "For two," she should thank him simply and let the matter pass.

  28. He who conforms to them, who anticipates their mutations, gains great wealth--but no business man dare set his personal values against them.

  29. The man who holds money, waiting his chance in a fluctuating market, anticipates a gain which justifies him in holding his capital without return upon it.

  30. The order of the victorious force strikingly anticipates the great battles in Scotland and France of a later generation.

  31. His use of his men-at-arms on foot anticipates the English tactics of the Hundred Years' War.

  32. In some respects he anticipates later critics.

  33. In the preface to the first collection of Homilies he anticipates the disapproval of those who demand greater closeness in following originals.

  34. It is the first to glorify Beatrice as one in whom Heaven is more concerned than Earth; and in it, too, he anticipates his journey through the other world.

  35. Virgil anticipates the objection before it is fully expressed, and reminds him that the passage through Inferno is to be only one stage of his journey.

  36. Moses anticipates that all he has said in praise of Canaan will be made good by the report, and the people will be encouraged to enter at once on the final struggle.

  37. At other times our own anxiety anticipates the command.

  38. And the doctrine must be that any one who, looking beneath the surface of things, studying the character of men and peoples, connects the past and the present and anticipates events which are still far off, has his illumination from God.

  39. But he anticipates with no uncertainty that Moab shall be attacked and broken, and that the victorious leader shall even penetrate to the fastnesses of Edom and reduce them.

  40. Involuntarily the imagination in them anticipates intuition, and reflection is in play before the sensuous nature has done its function; they shut their eyes and stop their ears to plunge into internal meditations.

  41. As the division of labour--the chief principle of organised society--is carried further he anticipates that .

  42. This division actually anticipates the synthesis of Hegel.

  43. But perhaps some of his most characteristic performances in this line are those in which he anticipates the modern taste for muscularity.

  44. Secondly, the section anticipates a problem which is first adequately dealt with in the second Critique.

  45. Kant so far anticipates his criticism of the ontological argument as to give, in the remaining paragraphs of this second section, a preliminary criticism of this procedure.

  46. In so doing he anticipates the conclusion which is first drawn in this later paragraph.

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