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Example sentences for "still more"

  • After a time the Knights of Idleness attained to the beau-ideal of malicious mischief, not only as to the accomplishment but, still more, in the invention of their pranks.

  • Jean-Jacques softly opened the door and went, still more softly, into the kitchen where she was muttering to herself.

  • Loustalot, still more unknown, was admitted the previous year to the Parliament of Bordeaux, and has landed at Paris in search of a career.

  • All around revolutionary fervor has caused blood to flow, has embittered tempers, intensified sensibilities, and created a painful abscess which daily irritation renders still more painful.

  • I am confident that my daughter Lucy is still more incapable----" said the Lord Keeper.

  • Sir William, still more worldly-minded than he was timid, was reduced to despair by the loss by which he was threatened.

  • It runs thus,' said the grave man, still more gravely.

  • If I call out she'll alarm the house; but if I remain here the consequences will be still more frightful.

  • Still more liberally, it authorizes and favors female educational congregations; down to the end of the empire and afterwards, nuns are about the only instructors of young girls, especially in primary education.

  • Still more general in its influence on the resolution to peace is the consideration of the expenditure of force already made, and further required.

  • If we now take a look at the subjective nature of War, that is to say, at those conditions under which it is carried on, it will appear to us still more like a game.

  • Another of these treatises is still more curious, for it endeavours to account for earthquakes and tides by means of the leviathan mentioned in Scripture.

  • At all events, I would not write to her now, while she was with him and her aunt, who doubtless would be still more hostile to my presumptuous aspirations than himself.

  • Our poor invalid evidently felt it a heartless proposition, and would have felt it still more heartless in me to accede to it.

  • Who was it that had dared to calculate the possibility of committing a crime against the marriage vow--a crime, too, still more deplorable on account of the relationship between them?

  • This was a fresh disappointment for the duke, and, still more so, since it was so unexpected.

  • But what is still more extraordinary is, that he has never told me so much as he has just told you.

  • Still more remarkable is the character of this wide diffusion.

  • Still more recently, he has collected the alpha-particles shot through an extremely thin wall of glass, and demonstrated by direct spectroscopic evidence the presence of helium.

  • Still more briefly I have attempted to show that instincts vary slightly in a state of nature.

  • This is still more striking in the case of chromosomes of different sizes.

  • If you would have it still more at your command, you may hire it at so much per day, and in that case, go on shore as often, and stay as long as you please.

  • Then he grinned again, still more disagreeably.

  • Then, still more softly: "He's the little tramp boy.

  • There is no office so humble but that a humble mind will not put on still more humility in it.

  • Take again another head, still more full of sentiment, but of a different kind, a little drawing in red chalk which every one remembers who has examined at all carefully the drawings by old masters at the Louvre.

  • The feeling for landscape is often described as a modern one; still more so is that for antiquity, the sentiment of ruins.

  • Or if we begin with the inward world of thought and feeling, the whirlpool is still more rapid, the flame more eager and devouring.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    abstracted from; but her eyes were; categorical imperative; each company; lead acetate; sacred science; still better; still called; still further; still greater; still here; still holding; still holds; still kept; still lives; still other; still others; still remain; still remember; still smaller; still smiling; still standing; still tongue; still used; still very; will warrant