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  1. Poachers we have had always with us, and even in those times when to kill the stag in the Chases was a crime adjudged worthy death or mutilation, men for sport or sustenance illegally slew the game.

  2. The crime is such that all of them justly deserve to die for it; but, moved with pity, I permitted some few to serve in the galleys of the king, which is a punishment inflicted by us upon criminals to avoid putting them to death.

  3. As to the dreadful events of the crime itself, all must be inferred from the condition in which the murdered man was found and the nature of the wounds that caused his death.

  4. This was a crime he was ready to believe in at a single word, and he urged the counsellors who had ordered the arrest at once to put the law into execution against the arrestants.

  5. What crime had they committed that they should be arrested so unceremoniously?

  6. They were evidently in a quarter of the city where vice reigned supreme and where poverty, crime and immorality held full sway.

  7. That she knows nothing at present I am fully convinced, but I am also certain that if she learns of the crime her husband has committed, she would sacrifice her life rather than aid us in his discovery.

  8. The day of his hypocrisy and dishonesty was soon to set, to be followed by a long night of ignominy and disgrace which is the inevitable result of such a course of crime as he had been guilty of.

  9. This step was taken as a mere precaution, for the detective as yet felt confident that Mrs. Edwards was entirely ignorant of the movements of her husband or of the crime which he was suspected of committing.

  10. The confession of Newton Edwards revealed a history of undiscovered crime that had been carried on for years.

  11. Manning was convinced that King was fully aware by this time of the crime which Duncan had committed, and perhaps for a share of the proceeds, had assisted him in his flight from justice.

  12. The merry tones of this young man's laugh were as clear and ringing as though he had not a care in the world, and had not committed a crime against the laws of the state.

  13. As may readily be imagined, crime and immorality followed hand in hand with the march of improvement.

  14. Then, too, it set at rest all doubts as to the truthfulness of young Pearson's story, and proved conclusively that he was honestly regretful and penitent for the crime he had committed, and had given up all he had taken.

  15. The crime which is here detailed was actually committed, and under the circumstances which I have related.

  16. He has performed his duty to the state, to the law and to society, and that done, his knowledge of the sufferings which crime have caused leads him to acts of kindness and of practical assistance.

  17. But I heard no details, and having no particular interest in crime qua crime I was not likely to keep that one in my mind.

  18. A close-meshed net of crime and corruption lay upon the whole country.

  19. It was even for that specific crime that the deputy Gamacho, commanding the Nationals, a bloodthirsty and savage brute, was executed publicly by garrotte upon the sentence of a court-martial ordered by Barrios.

  20. Ruskin says, "Crime can only be truly hindered by letting no man grow up a criminal, by taking away the will to commit sin!

  21. The vices which drag men and women into crime spring as often from unhealthy bodies as from weak wills and callous consciences.

  22. This is bad enough; but we all know how frequently they are guilty of crimes of a still higher description, of the dreadful crime of murder itself.

  23. Poaching made me the companion of sabbath-breakers, swearers, drunkards, and thieves; and at last led me on to the dreadful crime of murder.

  24. I attribute my crime and punishment, in the first place, to my neglect of the Lord's Day; and in the second, to my keeping bad company.

  25. Crime the result of the state of society into which the criminal is thrown, 29.

  26. However, it was presently looked upon as a treasonable tumult, and therefore the sheriff and justices of the peace in that bounds fined and imprisoned some of these people, which, one would think, might atone for a crime of this nature.

  27. But this horrible crime was committed by the government only, and it occurred during the king's minority: the next assassination was the work of the king himself.

  28. The other daughter being married, even her husband became destitute, and the children of that marriage became beggars, that the heinous crime might be visited to the third generation.

  29. An interesting account of this dastardly crime is given in Hume's History of the House of Douglas, vol.

  30. Suicide, the crime of, dependent upon the individual, i.

  31. Futility of, in France, 121 Murder, uniform reproduction of the crime of, i.

  32. It had been the jury's duty to find out whether that crime had been committed, and his duty to see that all due facilities were given to the jury.

  33. As I believe him to have been guilty of as wicked a crime as any man can well commit, I cannot concern myself in asking for a pardon for him.

  34. What crime could be worse than that committed by Caldigate against the young lady he had betrayed, if Caldigate were guilty?

  35. He knew of course that he was innocent of the crime imputed to him;--but would it not be the same to his wife and child as though he had been in truth guilty?

  36. If he had committed bigamy, it was, no doubt, for the public welfare that such a crime should be exposed and punished.

  37. All the prison authorities would be bound to regard her as the victim of his crime and as the instrument of his vice.

  38. The execution of this, the most stupendous crime ever conceived by an English lawmaker, involving the exile and ruin of millions of innocent men, women, and children, could not be intrusted to Andrew Johnson.

  39. But, listen; this is wrong--this wild vengeance is a crime you are doing, however great the provocation.

  40. At the house he could find no trace of the crime he had suspected.

  41. Stanton's frantic efforts to hang a lot of prominent Southern men for complicity in Booth's crime is sheer insanity.

  42. Desperadoes are here teaching these negroes insolence and crime in their secret societies.

  43. And yet you press this crime upon a brave and generous foe?

  44. A little sob caught her voice, yet she said slowly in firm tones: "If another crime is committed in this county by your Klan, we will never see each other again.

  45. If no impression were made subsequently on the mother's eye by the light of day, I believe the fire-etched record of this crime can yet be traced.

  46. I propose to put him under this power to-night before you, and, if he is guilty, I can make him tell his confederates, describe and rehearse the crime itself.

  47. The three confederates in the crime of their captain were bound and led away.

  48. The insane fury of the North against the South for a crime which they were the last people on earth to dream of committing is, of course, a power to be used--but with caution.

  49. Tell him the story of this crime and what you have seen and heard.

  50. Cameron instantly, though he had come to do a crime that would send him into beggared exile.

  51. Crime couldn't stick to him any more than dirty water to a duck's back!

  52. Billot, Caserio's crime seemed likely to further an understanding between the two peoples.

  53. The Vigilance Committee of Hurley's Gulch arrest Sam's father and an associate for the crime of murder.

  54. Nor was this wholesale murder the only crime committed by the conquerors in the Carolinas during the week we remained idle.

  55. That is, it is true unless horse dealers lie, and THE SUN would be slow to charge so grave a crime upon a useful and enterprising class of citizens.

  56. We must now, as honest and fearless historians, record the most cold-blooded and horrible CRIME that was ever perpetrated in this or any other Christian country!

  57. With such men crime is "the business of their lives.

  58. In early manhood he was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment for a big crime committed in New York.

  59. The next day the Chief Constable of the county called on me; for, as he said, such a crime was beyond the capacity of provincial practitioners, and he expected us to find the delinquents among our pets at Scotland Yard.

  60. The story of another crime will explain my action in this case.

  61. The problem in such cases is not to find the offender in a population of many millions, but to pick him out from among a few definitely known "specialists" in the particular sort of crime under investigation.

  62. A crime involving far less risk would bring them ten times as much booty.

  63. With this clue to guide me, I soon learned that the man's insatiable zest for crime had led him to cross the Channel in hope of finding a safer sphere of work, and that he was serving a sentence in a French prison.

  64. How sordid crime really is," he remarked as we walked on down the street.

  65. Crime and folly will always have their exemplars, but retribution furnishes the restraining influence that keeps evil down to its average.

  66. The wretched woman commits every crime she writes about," said she.

  67. But a woman who has sinned against duty must hug her sin, her only excuse is constancy, if such a crime can ever have an excuse.

  68. The victim has in many cases been for so long the tormentor," said Madame de la Baudraye guilelessly, "that the crime would sometimes seem almost excusable if the accused could tell all.

  69. Does not the law make it just as much a crime for a white man to marry a black woman as for a black woman to marry a white man, and vice versa?

  70. Congress assumes to define a crime, and defining a crime gives to its own courts exclusive jurisdiction over the crime and the party charged with its perpetration.

  71. The pride of opinion, which more or less belongs to us all, becomes, in my judgment, in a public man, a crime when it is indulged at the sacrifice or hazard of the public safety.

  72. To leave them with their shackles broken off, unprotected, in a new and undefined position, would have been a sin against them only surpassed in enormity by the original crime of their enslavement.

  73. No previous presentment is required, nor any indictment charging the commission of a crime against the laws; but the trial must proceed on charges and specifications.

  74. If any portion of the law ought to be certain, it is that which defines crime and prescribes the punishment.

  75. They may provide that no man shall exercise the elective franchise who has been guilty of a crime, and then they may denounce these men as guilty of a crime for every little, imaginary, petty offense.

  76. Every thing is a crime which he chooses to call so, and all persons are condemned whom he pronounces to be guilty.

  77. Sir, it will be the crime of the century if now, having the power, as we clearly have, we lack the nerve to do the work that is given us to do.

  78. She would have suffered needless agonies had she known the truth; she would never have got over it--so it would have been a crime to tell her.

  79. My mind and disposition were so well known, and I kept myself so far aloof from any ambitious project, that from the victory of Hohenlinden till my arrest my enemies were never able to accuse me of any crime except freedom in speaking.

  80. The only crime of Jackson had been to keep his court au courant with the state of affairs in Rome.

  81. Let them enter temples which will be reopened to them, and offer for their fellow-citizens the sacrifice which shall expiate the crime of war and the blood which has been made to flow!

  82. The men whom he had employed as the instruments of his heinous crime struggled like himself under this terrible responsibility.

  83. The presumed accomplices of his crime had not yet fallen into the hands of the government.

  84. To change one's line of operation is an operation of genius; to lose it, is an operation so serious that it constitutes a crime in the general who is guilty of it.

  85. It is no ordinary crime to spread libels in places where the French army is stationed, in order to excite the inhabitants against it.

  86. It was a crime to speak the Polish language in the schools and to talk of the old, happy days when Poland was a nation.

  87. The crime was committed at Albany, several years ago, when he killed, or mortally wounded, an intimate friend of Mr. Brush.

  88. The very district attorney's office that exposes these particular instances of crime is one of the strong pillars of the system of which the crime is only an outcropping.

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