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  1. These are the men, with whom be properly he contends: and against whom he will endeavour to make it evident, that then is no such thing as what they All pretend.

  2. For, as they think, let the Thing look how it will, it is good enough for the Church!

  3. And what a pleasant thing is it, to see the Man of GOD fetching up his single melancholy cow from a small rib [strip] of land that is scarcely to be found without a guide!

  4. Which thing is very practicable; excepting some vast parishes: in which, also, it is much better to do good to some, than to none at all.

  5. Reputation in them is the last thing to which I shall pretend.

  6. Now what a Champion of Truth is such a thing likely to be!

  7. To be sweet, a thing must have a taster; it is only sweet while it is being tasted, and if the tongue had not the capacity of taste, then the sugar would not have the quality of sweetness.

  8. We see that the thing carved or painted is not intended in any wise to imitate the truth, or convey to us the feelings which the workman had in contemplating the truth.

  9. The thing that must first strike us in this respect, as we turn our thoughts to the poem, is, unquestionably, the formality of its landscape.

  10. It is not the greatest thing that can be done, but it is probably the greatest thing that the man who does it can do, provided it comes from his heart.

  11. The imagination would on the whole rather have it not there;--the reality and substance are rather in the imagination's way; it would think a good deal more of the thing if it could not see it.

  12. The next thing that will strike us, after this love of clouds, is the love of liberty.

  13. Again: another very important, though not infallible, test of greatness is, as we have often said, the appearance of Ease with which the thing is done.

  14. It was a melancholy thing to see the city tossed in these tumults, like a ship given up by her pilots, and left to run, as chance guides her, upon any rock in her way.

  15. The first thing for a captain is to gain Safe victory; the next to be with honor slain, as Euripides says.

  16. The first thing that shook the courage of the Gauls was, that their enemies had, contrary to their expectation, the honor of being aggressors.

  17. It had been stipulated that the horses should be good walkers, the one essential thing in a horseback journey.

  18. This is such an unheard-of thing that we refused to credit it.

  19. The Friend selected one of the best engraved of the notes, and appealed to the crowd if they thought that was the square thing to do.

  20. You'll live to thank me for it, as the best thing you ever did.

  21. But at the moment the easiest thing to do seemed to be to ride down to Wilson's.

  22. This is just the sort of thing that slips an untrained memory.

  23. How on earth can you tell a thing like that by mere guess work, Dick?

  24. It’s the nicest job of sealing a thing up water tight and air tight that I ever saw, but I’m going to spoil it.

  25. Tom’s excitement was gone, now that he had accomplished his purpose of reaching the cutter before dark—a thing he had feared he might not do.

  26. It’s the only thing he knows, and the only thing that seems to him interesting.

  27. I’ve noticed that chatter helps mightily to pass away a tedious waiting time, and I’m profoundly convinced that the very worst thing one can do in a case like ours is to stretch the time out by grumbling and fretting.

  28. But there’s one thing to which I must ask the attention of the company here assembled.

  29. The only other thing I think of is that he may have tripped and fallen, breaking something.

  30. In plain language that even your intelligence can perhaps grasp, why in the name of all that is sensible, didn’t you tell us about the thing when you first came?

  31. Right here at Quasi and in all these coast waters the same thing is true.

  32. I indulged in the reflection that this sort of thing is precisely what we set out on this expedition to find, and it is so, if you’ll only think of it.

  33. How did you find out how far down the water was, Cal,” asked Tom, who was always as hungry for information as a school boy is for green apples or any other thing that carries a threat of stomach ache with it.

  34. When a fish takes a run and jump at a minnow and swallows it whole at a gulp, he is doing for himself much the same thing that the surgeon does for his patient.

  35. This thing has been sport to us, and you’ll not deny that it has had a distinct flavor of adventure in it.

  36. It is a singular thing to say of such a man, but nevertheless true, that he had no taste or capacity whatever for politics.

  37. The very word reaction, in its modern sense, will hardly be found in the eighteenth century, and the thing that it expresses was very imperfectly conceived.

  38. Now and then he even joins in a masquerade, "the finest thing ever seen," which costs two thousand guineas.

  39. Gibbon seems at this point, a thing very unusual with him, to have become impatient with his subject, and to have wished to hurry over it.

  40. It is a good thing in summer to give them elderberries, though they may be red, and in winter dried ones, after soaking them in water.

  41. They are taken from the nest when the feathers are half grown to be tamed and taught airs, or to have them instructed by other birds whose song is admired; they learn every thing with the greatest ease.

  42. It also eats different sorts of berries, but prefers animal food and insects, in short, any thing it can get.

  43. They have also been observed to do so the first thing in the evening, when the candles were lighted.

  44. They become so brittle with age, that with all my cares I could never keep any beyond four years; the least thing breaks them.

  45. One thing peculiar to chaffinches is the necessity of teaching them their song every year, and this in the manner proper for them, during the four or five weeks this exercise lasts.

  46. The best thing is to make it swallow a common spider, which purges it, and put a rusty nail into its water, which strengthens the intestines, giving it at the same time its proper and natural food.

  47. One thing worth remarking is that the song of the chaffinch varies almost as much as the countries it inhabits.

  48. It is also a good thing to entice them to bathe, nothing is more favourable to their health, or better facilitates the painful operation of moulting, or keeps their feathers in better order.

  49. Her heart, her life, her future, Her genius, only meant Another thing to give him, And be therewith content.

  50. The last thing I heard was a woman's shriek.

  51. I knew what that meant,--that the thing had not been posted in Russia, but smuggled across the frontier.

  52. We saw then that his fore-leg was broken, and I decided the best thing to do was to put the beast out of his misery.

  53. We've never had such a thing happen before," he kept mumbling helplessly, over and over again.

  54. Just so; and a jolly good thing for you he did!

  55. He blew out a cloud of smoke, watched a ring form and float away as if it were the only interesting thing in the world.

  56. Why do you want to chatter with a thing like that?

  57. When I think of France I am tempted to see no greater thing than such patriotism as that to justify the gospel of hate against such an enemy, to uphold vengeance as a sweet virtue.

  58. A breach twelve thousand to fifteen thousand yards wide and as much as six thousand yards and more in depth is not a thing to be mended without more ado.

  59. It is an astonishing thing that two withered old French women stayed in the village all through the fighting.

  60. He stood with a chilled feeling in this little hole of his, staring at every familiar thing in it.

  61. The first thing I saw was a crowd of your soldiers streaming past our trenches.

  62. The thing became farcical, a monstrous absurdity of human relationship, yet pleasing to the vanity of men lifted up above the lowest caste.

  63. After that the usual thing happened, the thing that inevitably happened in all these little murderous attacks and counter-attacks.

  64. It was prettier than the real thing up in the salient or beyond the Somme, where dead bodies lay in upheaved earth among ruins and slaughtered trees.

  65. The man who had come back got back also the spirit of the thing with astonishing rapidity.

  66. One fell from the rope, and a boy sprang at it, dug his bayonet in, put his foot on the prostrate thing to get a purchase for the bayonet, which he lugged out again, and then kicked the sack.

  67. Verdun was the only thing that mattered in March and April until France had saved herself and all of us.

  68. It was a splendid thing to see scores of boys wallowing in those big tubs, six in a tub, with a bit of soap for each.

  69. Such a thing was never heard of in our section before; land that would not grow anything a dozen years ago.

  70. He wrote the letter in February and said that at that time the only practical thing to do in that district was to let four hundred thousand people starve and try to get seed grain for the remainder to plant the spring crops.

  71. I fear that some of their ancestors did the same thing in Virginia and other Eastern States until the land became poor, and then of course they were 'land poor.

  72. One thing she did know was that Percy's voice had been trained to talk to a woman, and that no other voice had ever spoken her name as he did.

  73. I think about the only thing we'll need to do to make this old farm productive again is to grow the vegetation and plow it under.

  74. When you return from Blairville is about the most uncertain thing in the world.

  75. That's the only good thing I can say for her peg heeled shoes.

  76. But, say, that organic matter seems to be a thing of tremendous importance, and I'm sure we've got mighty little of it.

  77. That reminds me of your statement that farming is the last thing that you would expect anyone to undertake.

  78. Of course it took quite a while to get this thing going.

  79. The atom is extremely small, much too small to be seen with the most powerful microscope; but you know all things are relative and we always measure one thing in terms of another.

  80. Well, you never heard me say such a thing before and you won't ever hear it again, but he hasn't got my consent.

  81. Probably it was the best thing that ever happened to us; and the South would have less regret for the war itself, except that our recovery from it was greatly delayed by the reconstruction policy which was followed after the war.

  82. The important thing is that we have faith in God and faith in Jesus Christ, his Son.

  83. Then he went on meditating on the thing which had governed the body, but could not apprehend what sort of thing it was.

  84. But once it so happened that fire was kindled by friction among a parcel of reeds, which at first greatly frightened him, being a thing he had never seen before, so that he stood at a distance a good while, greatly wondering at it.

  85. Particularly at night it was of great service to him, inasmuch as its light and heat supplied the place of the sun, so that he was greatly pleased with it and began to look upon it as the most excellent thing he had yet had about him.

  86. He also said that he knew a good thing wherever he saw it, that you were his bo ideal of a British baronet, and that we had very cosy quarters.

  87. And the next thing to be mentioned in the story, Foe, is that for a clever man, you're about the biggest fool alive.

  88. Great thing as we're situated,' the fool continued, 'is to keep everyone in heart.

  89. The queerest thing about him was that anything like "intellectual society," as they call it, bored him stiff.

  90. But a friend is one thing and an accomplice is another.

  91. And now for one thing more, Foe--and it'll make you squirm by and by!

  92. Yes, I know it sounds like a tale out of Ouida: but such things happen, and this thing happened.

  93. Why should I burn in the pit, or throw myself overboard, or go down to the shades for a quack, because a thing like you has crawled out of the Tottenham Court Road.

  94. Sure as fate I heard the damned thing coming .

  95. The great thing about travel, Mr. Caffyn, is that it enlarges the mind.

  96. What's the neatest thing in ties when a man's going to feel his position acutely?

  97. It is no great thing to be nominated by acclamation, but if we can shout our man into office it will be a 'big thing.

  98. This is by far the most important thing to be seen to now.

  99. It would enable me to make some money, and be a good thing all around.

  100. The second remarkable thing in the letter--and by far the most remarkable--is the mode in which it purposes to adjust 'the whole vexation.

  101. It is the only thing to which I look with any confidence or much hope to act upon my own constitution; and would separate me from circumstances not calculated to lessen the weight of an inevitable misfortune to which I have been long subject.

  102. On looking over the whole ground this seems to me the best thing the President can do--and I think Dix would be pleased with it.

  103. And as more think upon it they will admit it is the thing to kill the Republican party.

  104. DEAR SIR,--The thing I apprehended, when suggesting doubts as to the expediency of removing Smith, begins to develop itself.

  105. From this evil we have been saved by the state of parties which hitherto existed, and to this danger are we exposed from the new and extraordinary thing which has taken the place of it.

  106. I have advised him not to resign, but as the best thing that can be done, under the circumstances, to appoint a deputy in whom the public has confidence.

  107. For myself, I shall for the rest of my life have but one thing to tinker on in that way, and how that will fare in these troublesome times is, I fear, very doubtful.

  108. The first remarkable thing in this letter is the spirit in which it speaks of the question of extending slavery to the Territories now free.

  109. Your help in this will have a great weight of authority with us all and will carry the thing through.

  110. These high intellectual traits would have made him a man of mark had he been a philosophical recluse holding himself aloof from the busy activities of life; but the extraordinary thing was that he was at all times emphatically a man of action.

  111. But a single thing occurs to me in your aid.

  112. The thing which renders this Vulgate of 1632 precious to us is that, thanks to the wisdom of Paul IV.

  113. It means the application of the mind to the thing in which we are engaged.

  114. When he re-entered his cell he took the bit of work and threw it in the fire saying, "I wish to sacrifice to the Lord the thing which hindered my prayer to Him.

  115. For the which thing the city rose in arms and uproar, and there was some fighting.

  116. Marco answered: "Because the wrath of God is the only thing lacking to you.

  117. The which thing could not gain credence with the Romans till the senators sent thither to learn the truth; and, this known, there was the greatest sorrow thereat in Rome.

  118. And this was done, by the which thing in a short time the Germans were evilly entreated and much beaten down, and well-nigh turned to flight.

  119. If you had been a coward or a selfish boy, it would have been the first thing you would have thought of.

  120. Then you did a wicked thing in stealing the money, and a mean thing in trying to get an innocent boy into trouble.

  121. Money is a good thing to have, but a good education is better.

  122. When Dick woke up in the morning the first thing he thought of was his watch, the next the check which he had received from Mr. Rockwell.

  123. It seemed to show such a good understanding between Dick and his employer that he perceived that it would be a very difficult thing to supersede him.

  124. He was determined to learn the business as rapidly as possible, not only because he felt grateful to Mr. Rockwell for his kindness, but also because he knew that this was the best thing for his future prospects.

  125. Besides, that was in August, when every thing was as dry as tinder; there is no chance of burning any thing at this early season.

  126. Frank was spirited and active, and never refused to join in any thing however hazardous or fatiguing, provided it was not dishonorable.

  127. I told Mrs. Reed what you said about it, and she advised me, to write to you in play hours, not show it to any one, and tell you every thing I could think of.

  128. His mother provided every thing for his comfort and amusement, which affection and a thorough acquaintance with his habits could devise.

  129. The old woman said the last time I was there, that she hoped she should be brought to a realizing sense that every thing was ordered for the best; for Sally's accident had proved a real blessing to the family.

  130. The school was not near them, and Frank's mother had taught him every thing he knew.

  131. It was not my intention to make the sad relation when I came among you; but I was led to it from the singular circumstance of my horse having gone off; for I have used him ten years, and never knew any thing of the sort to happen before.

  132. I shall have enough to tell you; we are always having some pleasant thing on foot; but we are obliged to study very hard, to procure these indulgences; for they are all given as rewards.

  133. The conversation between him and the girl was in French, and made up of ejaculations and vehement protestations, from which Edward could not at first gather any thing intelligible to him.

  134. I confess I have not much expectation that the governor will think proper to do any thing for her, but your father has letters to him, and he will call at the Chateau to-morrow, and say and do what he can in her behalf.

  135. I like every thing but these dronish farmers," said Edward.

  136. But, then, Ned, there is one thing I would like to propose to father and mother, if you are willing to join me.

  137. Many months passed before I was able to do any thing for myself.

  138. The purchase was made--a little shop hired, and every thing in readiness; and then I told Richard in the presence of his mother what I had done.

  139. I only blame you for thinking that your father and I would voluntarily do any thing to lessen your innocent pleasures.

  140. Edward, "we did not think any thing about that.

  141. I am sure," he said, "that Julia and I wish to do every thing that you and papa like.

  142. He was sometimes wild and wilful, for his mother, though she was resolute with every thing else, could never deny him.

  143. When you undertake to do a thing it's a pleasure to do it properly.

  144. It's a turrible thing to bunch a decent, hardworkin' girl with a set o' tramps like them neighborhood hired girls.

  145. Of course, everything Janet said was gospel truth, and there was no gainsaying it; but even truth is sometimes depressing, and not the thing one wishes forever to have dinned into one's ears.

  146. There's just one thing I want to tell you: You'll never get rid of me until you give me my nickel!

  147. It's just a good thing to get rid of all that nasty old stuff, ain't it, now?

  148. But listen here, Margery, don't have a thing to do with him!

  149. Oh, Willie, isn't it turrible the way a person does a thing even when they know they oughtn't to?

  150. Isn't that the funniest thing you ever saw?

  151. But death in its more sordid and terrible aspects was a thing with which I had been unacquainted till now.

  152. But now, could I sit still for one half-hour and do nothing, not even think, it would be the most pleasurable thing in the world.

  153. A cruel thing happened just before supper, indicative of the callousness and brutishness of these men.

  154. I sometimes thought my mind would give way under it--a meet thing on this ship of madmen and brutes.

  155. One thing I was beginning to feel, and that was that I could never again be quite the same man I had been.

  156. A cancer, a tumour, or something of that nature,--a thing that devours and destroys.

  157. It is fanned, as by a wind, by sight of the thing desired, or by a new and luring description or comprehension of the thing desired.

  158. To be piggish as you and I have been all our lives does not seem to be just the thing for immortals to be doing.

  159. One thing about her which surprised me was her lack of timidity and fear.

  160. It was a cheap and sordid thing after all, this life, and the sooner over the better.

  161. But it is a better (bitter) thing to hate ye.

  162. He told me that Buencamino had said exactly the same thing to him.

  163. The same thing seems to be going on in other countries.

  164. As their Queen has lately declared: "The best thing for them that could have happened was to belong to the United States.

  165. I do not think such a thing ought to happen under your Administration, unless you personally decide that the case is without remedy.

  166. Metcalf said, with great disgust: "I have said, sir, that if they did not repeal that thing I would not read it.

  167. I never said the thing which you attribute to me in any interview, caucus or anywhere else.

  168. But I had noticed that when he had anything to say or anything to do, he always said or did the wisest and best thing to be said or done under the circumstances.

  169. If anybody likes that sort of thing, it's just the sort of thing they'd like.

  170. But I would not say such a thing as that, sir, about any man.

  171. I asked him whether he thought the thing could be done.

  172. But I thought it would be a very agreeable thing to him to have the offer.

  173. We should not do such a thing behind Her Majesty's back.

  174. One thing especially distinguishes our modern orator from the writer in the closet, where he writes solely for his readers, or where he has prepared his speeches beforehand--that is, the influence of the audience upon him.

  175. He calls it a "silly play; the most silly thing that ever came upon a stage.

  176. No," answered Lee, "it is not an easy thing to write like a madman; but it is very easy to write like a fool.

  177. Good as this is, Lee said even a better thing to the coxcomb who visited him in Bedlam, during Lee's four years sojourn there.

  178. The author was ambitious enough to attempt to supersede Shakspeare, and he pooh-poohed John Milton by speaking of Paradise Lost as "a thing which some people were pleased to call a poem.

  179. All was yet still in the lone farmhouse--no living thing was stirring, not even the rats, that had held high carnival all night.

  180. The best thing you can do is to marry master, and be restored to your friends.

  181. Sleeping on a thing sometimes alters its complexion materially.

  182. If it should prove serious, what a thing it will be for her!

  183. Guy had sought his cousin the very first thing on his arrival in town.

  184. Ah, my fairy Mollie, imprisonment is a hard thing to bear!

  185. I told him he couldn't, and it's of no use; and the best thing you can do is to set the dogs on him.

  186. The hall lamp poured down its subdued light all along the stately corridor, on pictures and statues and cabinets, but no living thing was visible.

  187. It is a cruel thing to blight your young life with the record of such horrible things.

  188. I'm glad you're here, and that the whole thing is knocked in the head.

  189. Yes; more so, if such a thing be possible.

  190. What if this spirited, half-tamed thing should go melancholy mad?

  191. Neat thing this in the way of moonlight, isn't it?

  192. He was a tall man--that was the only thing Mollie could make out of the disguise.

  193. If there was one thing on earth that flighty Mollie was really in earnest about, it was in knowing her own history.

  194. One thing was certain: out of to-day's stake he'd buy some decent-tasting soap.

  195. I think it was the first thing we ever bought in India.

  196. As would be natural under such circumstances, he tried to control his thoughts, but when he sat by the window and was wide awake a most unexpected and humiliating thing happened.

  197. Still occupied with keeping my guide in eye, I took stock of the thing with idle fingers; in the blackness my finger-tips were all the eyes I had for so small a thing.

  198. Through this thing that had happened Peggy's happiness might be destroyed!

  199. Right before the people who turned and looked inquiringly at us, she said the thing that was in her mind.

  200. The grand manner is the most comfortable thing to live with that I know.

  201. She's an old thing herself, and of course she hasn't the nerves of a sloth.

  202. They begged her to believe that that was the thing they wished most to do.

  203. Because, if you please, in the year fifteen hundred one of my family had brought this thing to pass.

  204. When I suggested the thing he followed it up eagerly, as he does every new idea, asking me many keen questions as to his relatives, who had paid for his education, etc.

  205. With all the respect due to you, Madam, allow me to say that there is one thing in your court which it is sad to find there.

  206. You were wrong to say such a thing to him, and you ought to have heard him.

  207. It would only be putting off the thing with you.

  208. An insignificant thing about Sostratus, Madam, which I will tell you another time when you are less engaged.

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