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  1. Finally this hostility reached such a pass that, at a caucus of Republican senators, it was actually voted to demand the dismission of this long-tried and distinguished leader in the anti-slavery struggle.

  2. When politicians are deprived of the immense plunder now involved in political warfare, it will not be necessary to devise futile plans for caucus reform, or ballot reform, or convention reform, or charter reform, or legislative reform.

  3. I have no doubt that he did so, for in the caucus the evening before he was openly in favor of adopting the Baltimore resolutions.

  4. But when sleek Culture apes, irate and loud, The follies of the Caucus and the Crowd, The spectacle is mournful.

  5. Culture derides the Caucus for its heat, Its hate--its absence of the Light and Sweet, So jays might flout the vulture.

  6. After this the caucus people went into the school-house, where it was understood a committee of twenty-six was appointed, to recommend a denomination to the majority.

  7. This report was accepted by acclamation, and the caucus adjourned sine die.

  8. My campaign managers--the gang, who hold a daily caucus at the den and lay down my rules of conduct--have exacted that much from me on the penalty of letting me go by the board if I disobey.

  9. I wasn't going to run any risk of having a stray tramp in a caucus like this.

  10. But upon a division of the caucus it was found that they were divided, nine against eight.

  11. And then Johnnie wanted to know what a caucus was.

  12. Nominations were made as before by congressional caucus and State Legislatures; but this agitation, dating directly from the rebirth of Americanism, bore full fruit within a score of years.

  13. It had been accomplished mainly through the caucus system and legislative election.

  14. After Washington's term, candidates had been selected by a caucus of members of Congress of each party called together at the seat of government.

  15. On the day before the caucus Borah whispered that he intended to make charges against the Pennsylvania leader that would provide a sensation regardless of any effect they might have upon the party or the country.

  16. He did not even attend the caucus and Penrose was duly elected.

  17. When the present Congress was in process of organization Borah announced that he would bolt the party caucus if Penrose were slated for the chairmanship of the Finance Committee to which he was entitled according to the rule of seniority.

  18. Full well did Mr. Burroughs know the value of his trusted henchman, both in caucus and on the floor, and he had left his cause against Judge Latimer wholly in Moore's hands, with no understudy.

  19. When the legislative caucus as a means for nominating state officers fell into disrepute, state nominating conventions took its place.

  20. In 1812 one of the earliest movements for a state convention was started by Tammany Hall, because it feared that the legislative caucus would nominate DeWitt Clinton, its bitterest foe.

  21. In the bitter fight that placed John Quincy Adams in the White House and made Jackson the eternal enemy of Clay, the congressional caucus met its doom.

  22. In several States the party members of the legislatures in caucus nominated presidential candidates.

  23. County and city conventions also took the place of the caucus for naming local candidates.

  24. By the time Monroe had served his second term the discrediting of the caucus was made complete by the nomination of Crawford by a thinly attended gathering of his adherents, who presumed to act for the party.

  25. Twenty-two Republicans, many of whom were known to be opposed to the caucus system, absented themselves.

  26. The congressional caucus was the instrument through which their influence was made practical.

  27. Crawford, of Georgia, and Daniel Tompkins, of New York, came forward as competitors with Monroe for the caucus nomination.

  28. These latter held a caucus in which the Nebraska Bill was talked of, if not formally discussed.

  29. They carried their opposition to the authority of their own party to such an extent that a party caucus decided upon their exclusion.

  30. The year 1800 was a presidential year, and though no formal nomination was made, a caucus of Republican leaders selected as candidates Thomas Jefferson for President, and Aaron Burr for Vice President.

  31. These issues and ideas break up the Republican party into factions led in 1824 by Crawford and Gallatin, Caucus candidates.

  32. They had been nominated at Washington in February, 1816, by a caucus of Republican members of Congress, for no such thing as a national convention for the nomination of a President had as yet been thought of.

  33. As Jefferson would not accept a third term, a caucus of Republican members of Congress met one evening at the Capitol in Washington and nominated James Madison and George Clinton.

  34. His friends would not vote for Jackson on any account, nor for Crawford, the caucus candidate.

  35. A caucus or meeting of Federalist leaders selected John Adams and C.

  36. But at the caucus held on the evening of the 31st matters took an altogether unexpected turn.

  37. The Conservative members of the Council also held a caucus before the day appointed for the election of a mayor.

  38. Mackenzie, who at the time of receiving the messages was out on Yonge Street, some miles from Toronto, hastened into town, and summoned a small secret caucus to meet at Doel's brewery.

  39. Morrison, with whom Mackenzie also had some conversation after the caucus at the brewery.

  40. It passed the House, with the aid of Speaker Reed, but in the Senate was abandoned by the caucus and allowed to die in 1891.

  41. Wright, however, in the interest of "harmony," was nominated for caucus leadership by Senator Wolfe.

  42. The caucus was held at 9 o'clock of the morning of January 4.

  43. An outline of each of the several issues involved follows: Senate A - The first test vote of the Republican majority which came in the Republican caucus described in Chapter II, on motion to admit Senator Bell to caucus privileges.

  44. Hilborn be the caucus nominee for Secretary of the Senate, and J.

  45. Wolfe was accordingly declared the caucus nominee, with the thirty Senators present, machine and anti-machine, obligated to vote for him on the floor of the Senate.

  46. Senator Bell, however, was denied admittance to the Republican Senate caucus of 1907, on the grounds that he had defeated a regularly nominated Republican.

  47. The unanimous vote went to Senator Wright, who was duly declared elected Chairman of the Senate Republican caucus for the Thirty-eighth Session of the California Legislature.

  48. You want time to hold another caucus on the question and decide what you will do.

  49. But inasmuch as the machine Republicans stood during the entire session for one set of policies, and the anti-machine Republicans for another, the caucus was at best an incongruous affair.

  50. The caucus was of course hopelessly programmed for Perkins.

  51. The congressional caucus met and nominated Crawford, but this endorsement did not help him,[15] and this method was no longer tried.

  52. A primary is a little caucus of all the voters of one party who live within the bounds of the township or ward.

  53. Should a member of a legislative body be influenced in his vote by the decision of the caucus of his party?

  54. The usual purpose of a caucus is to nominate candidates for offices within the gift of the legislative body, or to consider questions of legislation.

  55. A caucus elects a chairman and other officers, but rarely if ever adopts a platform of principles.

  56. On Monday morning, a caucus of Whig members was held, and a similar resolution was passed.

  57. By this it is meant that the committee wanted to be able to say to the caucus that its working procedure had been determined by a thoroughly representative body, a democratic, advanced delegation composed of men from every State in the Union.

  58. The literature circulated through the caucus reads, 'Chicago pledges itself to go any other city one better on anything this convention requires.

  59. Meantime the attention of the caucus was diverted from the Chicago incident by the manifestation of that desire which is in every true American's heart, namely to be a booster for his own home town.

  60. Gentlemen, Colonel Roosevelt has said that he is not going to take the nomination of the caucus and you can take it from me that he is not going to do it.

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