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wanst; want; wanta; wantchee; wante; wantee; wanter; wantest; wanteth; wantin
  1. I wanted to meet Mr. Gladstone, and hoped I might even be near him at dinner; but I sat between a colonel and a young captain of the Scots Greys.

  2. It was a wonderful place, and I wanted to stop and look.

  3. I wanted to measure other people by the standards of my own primitive years.

  4. His own family wanted to see our baby, and they decided that the little fellow had traveled enough and should not be subjected to the hardships of a cross-country train trip.

  5. Later in the evening one of the servants whispered to the hostess that she was wanted on the telephone--the State Department.

  6. I wanted to meet somebody from Madison who smiled like a friend.

  7. I only wanted to be with Tom, to see England with him, to enjoy Dr.

  8. I wanted to see the world without the world seeing me.

  9. He wanted to know what kind of a snob I thought he was.

  10. All the time he was experimenting, and he wanted to make something that would go.

  11. All wanted to know who the author really was.

  12. They made many models of this toy, but after a time they became tired of it and wanted to build something more difficult.

  13. Then her mother understood that her daughter wanted the doll to have eyes; so she sewed the beads firmly to the towel and the little girl was happy.

  14. Of course, each division wanted to make the best showing, and the men were always eager to get the Canal Record, a small weekly newspaper, so they could read the scores of the different divisions.

  15. Because he wanted to please the public, he said if any customer was not satisfied he could return his purchase and receive his money back.

  16. John Wanamaker kept on economizing and saving, for he wanted a bigger business.

  17. She wanted a horse gentle and safe for a woman, so when she went to look at one that had been offered her the only question she asked was, "Is she safe for a woman?

  18. They knew how to plan the shape of a surface that would do what they wanted it to in the air, and they were soon ready to make a trial flight with their aeroplane.

  19. He was not strong, and his loving parents wanted him to grow into a healthy, hearty boy.

  20. He wanted no salutes, but he wanted work.

  21. We wanted to visit some of the great stores and shops, but were afraid of the bad weather.

  22. As practically no one in that little town wanted land surveyed, he had much leisure time which he spent in long hikes over the mountains and along the trout streams.

  23. The reason Jack was going to New York was simple enough; he wanted to be where Miss Van Hoosen was; and Harvey went because his friend Jack did.

  24. I wanted money to keep quiet and he would not give it me.

  25. Bowing politely the Italian took his leave, feeling that Adele was in good hands, and that he could find her whenever he wanted her.

  26. But that is not all I wanted to see you about," continued Miss Van Hoosen as her face assumed a graver expression.

  27. As they walked along, Alfred said: "I did not finish asking you all the questions I wanted to.

  28. He wanted to know how old I was, and where was I from, and what I was doing there, and did I have a car, and was I sure I was nineteen?

  29. They wanted me to tell them anything I could think of that might help them find this place.

  30. Or when he said something about going to a movie, and I agreed enthusiastically, and he gave me a choice of three different ones that he wanted to see .

  31. The Encyclopedia volume I had taken from the library, besides containing the information I wanted on Colorado, had an article on Cosmetics.

  32. I could explain, too, that I was no spy, no enemy; that those who had prevented me from telling what I wanted to tell were no menace to his government or his people.

  33. And then, when I wanted to take a volume of the Encyclopedia Americana, she said they didn't usually circulate that, but if I thought I could bring it back within a day or two.

  34. He wanted to believe in me, because he wanted me.

  35. I wanted something to read while I waited.

  36. He wanted something else, and I didn't know what.

  37. The woman at the window behind the counter wanted to see a "birth certificate," and I produced the one piece of identification I had; an ancient and yellowed document they had kept for me all these years.

  38. I wanted to ask her what you never know, but had the impression that it was something everybody was supposed to know, so I just nodded and agreed instead.

  39. From the information it contained, I suspected it might even be a birth certificate; whether or not, it apparently satisfied her, and after that all she wanted was things like my address and height and weight.

  40. They made me repeat everything one more time, about selling the diamonds, and how to register at the hotel, and what to do if I got into trouble, and how to get in touch with them when I wanted to come back.

  41. I was simply going to have to adjust to them, and next time I wanted to be prepared.

  42. When they arrived at Rochester, Paul was tired and wanted to sleep, so they repaired to a hotel as quickly as possible, and all three were put into one room.

  43. As she was one of the vessels Paul wanted to get, he determined to lay in her track and risk an attempt to destroy her.

  44. Then they wanted him to fire off just one rocket.

  45. Bye and bye the wind commenced to blow off shore and as he wanted to go to the westward, he had a hard fight against it all day and night.

  46. His fat body would continually slip down on the flanks of the donkey, who would begin to practice as though he wanted to kick a hole in the sky.

  47. An officer would call the names of the prisoners wanted and surrounded by a firing party, the unfortunate wretches were marched out, followed by white robed priests who walked by their side administering words of consolation.

  48. As the atmosphere became oppressively heavy, Boyton wanted to knock the valve off with a hammer; but the engineer showed him if that were done, they would be drowned.

  49. The Governor informed me they had driven across from Caceres the day before, to intercept me; that he had had a message from King Alphonso to see that I wanted for nothing.

  50. Noticing that his guest was not particularly fond of the beaver tail, the trapper wanted to go out and get a deer.

  51. While sauntering around one morning he was accosted by a rough looking man who inquired if he was a sailor and wished to ship, Paul answered yes but that he wanted to ship on a vessel bound for the United States.

  52. The sullen host became bright and cheerful and wanted Paul to go out elk hunting with him every day.

  53. The huntsman was as highly pleased to have some one to talk to as Paul was and wanted him to remain on the boat for a few days; but the necessity for haste was too pressing, and Paul could spare but an hour.

  54. The captain wanted to maroon the growler, that is, to place him on an island with some provisions and sail away.

  55. And I wanted to ask if you would start soon, so that I may begin services?

  56. The door was opened by the professor who wanted the mail.

  57. I sat beside Helen, for I wanted to watch her face when she first saw the streets of London.

  58. I've wanted to tell you I knew, and I was afraid, if I did, you couldn't work at all.

  59. I knew my retort was unfair, but I wanted him also to see my side.

  60. We both wanted a little time to think about and feel our happiness.

  61. We wanted to get into life as quickly as possible and fashion it to suit ourselves.

  62. He hardly looked at me; it was Helen he wanted to see.

  63. I liked Knowlton, and I wanted to tell him I did, but I didn't dare try for the words.

  64. I wanted to see if you could manage it, Ted.

  65. They offered no advice, nor did we seek any, for we wanted to do it alone.

  66. I wasn't trying to outargue you; I wanted to know what you really thought about things.

  67. I wanted to look around, but a strange woman was glaring at me from a pew near at hand.

  68. They wanted to take you to a hospital, but dad wouldn't listen to that--and so here you are.

  69. We wanted to know, as far as we had time to learn, what writers and thinkers had to say about this world that seemed so beautiful to us.

  70. The roar and clang of the streets about the docks seemed symbols of all that was unlovely, of all that stood between me and what I wanted to do--symbols of the things I was to be mixed up with, no one knew for how long.

  71. Instead, I was worried fearfully about Helen and wanted her.

  72. She wanted him to sit down, but he came up to her with his arms open, as if to catch hold of her.

  73. Father wanted me to go into service down there, with all those wicked people.

  74. Mite wanted to give him some food, eggs: it might be faintness.

  75. Father wanted to drink a parting glass of beer in the Swan; Doorke could drive along slowly.

  76. Treze wanted to bring him round with gin: her husband had once.

  77. It always escaped her when she wanted to enjoy it more closely and to give the thing a name.

  78. Nobody looked at him, noticed him or wanted him.

  79. He wanted to get away, far away, and to see men like himself: workers without work, who were hungry!

  80. I walked about the loft; I wanted to make myself heard, but my footsteps gave no sound.

  81. And if you wanted light when it is dark you would turn on the gas and light it.

  82. If you wanted a drink, what would you do?

  83. So straightway I came to Nottingham Town and found my sweet Sheriff; and what thinkest thou he wanted of me?

  84. The latter attempted to get past, and said he wanted to have nothing to do with him.

  85. He first wanted to conciliate the people, and then induce them to bring such pressure upon Donald as would induce him to surrender upon being promised a fair trial.

  86. A time came when Donald wanted his money back.

  87. Donald regretted the act, and wanted the sale cancelled upon terms which would settle his claim for the $900.

  88. Warren wanted to arrest me this morning in Megantic, and because I refused to go with him he pulled out a pistol, as I thought, to shoot me.

  89. Say, I wanted to thank you for handling my chips.

  90. I wanted to slip you a cut, but you bugged out of there.

  91. Wasn't sure you wanted to talk," she said out of the dark.

  92. I wanted no part of the future this corn-fed oracle had conjured up.

  93. I wanted to see where you lived, so that when I was away I could imagine you writing your poems.

  94. Those Americans wanted me to come and stay six months with them in New York.

  95. Then he packed up his portmanteau and left them, and when he walked down the Strand he had forgotten them and all country pursuits, and wanted to talk of journalism; and he would have welcomed the obscurest paragraphist.

  96. Just fancy, bringing a person up before a magistrate because she wanted to commit suicide!

  97. I wanted to be with this sex as a shadow is with its object.

  98. She said she would come, I know she wanted to.

  99. She wanted me to go home and have supper with her; she was in love with me then; I might have been her lover.

  100. No, no; he wanted nothing better than to live always strong and joyous in this corner of fair England; and to be always loved by girls, and to be always talked of by them about their tea-tables.

  101. He wanted distraction, and unable to think of any better relief, he turned into Lubi's for a merry dinner.

  102. I have wheedled a few women who wanted to be wheedled, that is all.

  103. The Spectator, always open to young talent, had published many of his poems; the Saturday had welcomed his paradoxes and strained eloquence; but whether he worked or whether he idled he never wanted money.

  104. That was because I wanted to see where you lived.

  105. He took a ticket for me--you know he could always be very nice if he liked; he told me a lady had left him five thousand a year, and if I wanted any money I had only to ask him for it.

  106. A ball from my carbine settled another, and seeing George's hatchet raised over the head of the third I knew he wanted no further aid, and looked to see what was going on to my left.

  107. Now, we had long wanted to see a live sword-fish, but there was no need to stimulate our rowers, who appeared equally eager that we should assist at the fun, and made great exertions to reach the spot in time.

  108. But Siddons wanted the agitation, the drooping, the timidity.

  109. She wanted his advice now, and she went straight to his offices at the colliery.

  110. Before he did anything for anybody, he wanted to know precisely how much was owing to him at Applecroft.

  111. It's t'same as if our Jeckie niver wanted to set her eyes on yon theer pit an' its surroundings niver no more!

  112. It was the only deed of its sort that she ever wanted to do, but Bartle would have none of it.

  113. But now-- There was yet one more man who wanted to marry the determined, money-grubbing woman.

  114. And Albert, who knew that since Jeckie was there in her morning gown and without headgear it must be because she wanted to see his father, added a word or two to his signal.

  115. There came a time when Farnish was obliged to speak, whether Jeckie wanted to hear or not.

  116. The Makololo were eager to travel fast, because they wanted to be back in time to hoe their fields before the rains, and also because their wives needed looking after.

  117. All the goods were in the boat, and to show that no present such as they wanted was in his pockets, Dr.

  118. Our guides then told the men who might be there, who we were, whence we had come, whither we wanted to go, and what were our objects.

  119. The men of one village carried the boat to the next, and all we had to do was to tell the headman that we wanted fresh men in the morning.

  120. It was useless informing them, that if they wanted to return they had only to come and tell us so; we should not be angry with them for preferring Tette to their own country.

  121. All we wanted was to go up quietly to look at the river, and then return to the sea.

  122. The Portuguese, without refusing positively to let trade enter the Zambesi, threw impediments in the way; they only wanted a small duty!

  123. The negotiation for a treaty of peace, and for a coalition against the tyrant of France, only wanted the presence of an accredited Plenipotentiary to make it complete.

  124. The only window was paneless, with a solid shutter hung on leather hinges, propped up with a stick, except when it was wanted down.

  125. A large number of young men of the community were in the service, and they wanted to be in a spiritual condition to take care of such of them as should return.

  126. Monday, Mr. Fitch declined to discuss the polity of his church, giving as a reason that it was of no consequence, and he wanted to give all his time to more important matters.

  127. She said she had become convinced that she had never obeyed the gospel, and she wanted to be immersed because it was the Saviour's will, and her sprinkling was not authorized.

  128. I knew I was a sinner; that I wanted salvation; that I was sincere, earnest as the others could be: but all this availed nothing.

  129. When he went out, after noon, I wanted to go with him.

  130. In 1869 I decided that it was not best for the Master's cause for me to longer give all my time to the Crittenden church, as I wanted them to learn to do without me.

  131. I then wanted to go to the field, but he left me, telling my mother to take me in charge.

  132. She wanted to learn if I would immerse her and let her remain in the M.

  133. She said she wanted to correct it in all respects where it was contrary to divine authority.

  134. Moffett gave me eight acres of ground just where I wanted it, and he and the rest of the brethren agreed to build me a house.

  135. The brethren expected no additions, but wanted a meeting for the encouragement of the faithful few.

  136. I wanted to devote my life to study, and I needed assistance in laying the foundation on which to build in after years.

  137. They had been taking the Guide, and, in competition with several other places that wanted us, made such a liberal offer that our trip cost us nothing.

  138. I thought, of course, he wanted to make the confession, and I tried to seat him with the others who had come forward; but he would not.

  139. Mike's statement that he wanted to get up early and have a ride had been received by Psmith, with whom early rising was not a hobby, with honest amazement and a flood of advice and warning on the subject.

  140. The silly ass wanted me to confess that I'd done it.

  141. I thought his fielding wanted working up a bit, so I told him to turn out at six tomorrow morning.

  142. If Stone and Robinson wanted battle, they should have it.

  143. All Adair wanted was to get at Mike, and all Mike wanted was to get at Adair.

  144. The school filed out of the Hall to their various lunches, and Mr. Downing was left with the conviction that, if he wanted the criminal discovered, he would have to discover him for himself.

  145. I just wanted to speak to Jackson for a minute.

  146. Did you say you wanted someone to lend you a quid?

  147. I wanted to get hold of you to ask you to take it for me--it's too late now!

  148. He hoped, outnumbered as he was, that the enemy would come on again and not give the thing up in disgust; he wanted more.

  149. He did not want to smile; he wanted revenge.

  150. He knew her meaning, and refused to take any, though he wanted it so much that he was forced to borrow money to buy the thread with which he sewed the shirts and drawers.

  151. Behram answered insolently, that he could neither give nor sell him; that he wanted his slave, and would keep him.

  152. Next morning, as soon as it was day, the young slave came to tell him that the miller wanted to speak with him.

  153. But Assad was so fatigued with the last day's journey, that he wanted three or four days' repose to recruit his strength.

  154. Having let down her veil, she told me that she wanted several sorts of the richest and finest stuffs, and asked me if I had them?

  155. The neighbourhood came, and asked what ailed him, and what relief he wanted that they could give?

  156. He was towed out of the port, and, as he was hoisting more sail to hasten his course, he remembered he wanted some fresh water.

  157. The jeweller began to be suspicious, and finding Ebn Thaher very pensive, judged presently that he was perplexed with some important affair; and fancying that he knew the cause, he asked what Schemselniliar's confident wanted with him.

  158. Sometimes they were both so tired, that they wanted strength to go further; then, despairing of being able to reach the top, they thought they must lie down, and die of fatigue and weariness.

  159. Graciously replying to his salutations, they answered, yes; they wanted a young man.

  160. I wanted to visit her very much, and at last thought I would venture to do so, but just then I sprained my ankle.

  161. Applying at a large dry-good store, he was told that they wanted a cash boy; "but he would not do; one a quarter his size would answer.

  162. God wanted to forgive you all the time more than we wanted Him to.

  163. As the young man they hired must sleep in the store, they wanted one they could trust, and would prefer a church member.

  164. In accordance with Parisian ideas, she wanted a husband to pay her bills, to be a sort of protector and base of general operations.

  165. Yes, they wanted a young man there, but he was rather old.

  166. The young grocers looked wise over it, seemed pleased, said they wanted a young fellow from the country, that was not up to city tricks.

  167. He knitted his brows, pursed up his mouth, and dealt with all in a quick, jerking way, as if he could not bear the sight of them, and wanted to be rid of them as soon as possible.

  168. I heard last week that teachers were wanted at this mission school, so I came, and am glad to find you a neighbor.

  169. But I want to talk to you about several matters, for I think you can be of great service to me;" and he told them of his experience during the day; that he had been promoted, and that he wanted Ernst to come and aid him in his duties.

  170. The old firm, finding that they could not keep him, offered all the goods he wanted on commission.

  171. Then calling Duroc, he gave him orders to visit the wounded, and see that they wanted for nothing.

  172. The Emperor wanted money for the war on which he was entering, and to procure it for the Treasury Ouvrard was sent to Amsterdam to negotiate with the House of Hope.

  173. The new King wanted to make himself beloved by his subjects, and as they were an entirely commercial people the best way to win their affections was not to adopt Napoleon's rigid laws against commercial intercourse with England.

  174. He withdrew a little, still repeating that he wanted to speak with Napoleon.

  175. He then asked me to go and dine with him yesterday, as he wanted to talk with me.

  176. I accepted the invitation because I wanted to confer with him, and I spent Sunday and Monday, the 28th and 29th of April, at Pont-Carre.

  177. Junot wanted to justify himself, but Bonaparte cut him short--"Enough!

  178. The Emperor, however, put him again at the head of the police, because Savary was worn out in that employment, and a skillful man was wanted there.

  179. It had been promised him; he was even pressed to set off; but he wanted to be the bearer of the order to the captain to convey him to the United States, and that order did not arrive.

  180. If he really wanted me to see her he would have put Plantation House within the limits, but to send such an invitation, knowing I must go in charge of a guard if I wished to avail myself of it, was an insult.

  181. We also learned that Alexandria was without provisions, that Melas was far from expecting a siege, that many of his troops were sick, and that he wanted medicines.

  182. Yesterday, when Cambaceres was with me, I wanted you.

  183. The First Consul gave directions himself for what little alterations he wanted in his own apartments.

  184. Austria wanted the line of the Adige, with Venice, in exchange for Mayence, and the boundary of the Rhine until that river enters Holland.

  185. They even wanted to wreak their unreasoning vengeance on this innocent dumb brute.

  186. Changes in the weather I could take care of without it; I did not wish to know when the weather was going to be good, what I wanted to know was when it was going to be bad, and this I could find out from Harris's corns.

  187. To add to the danger and inconvenience, we were constantly meeting returning tourists on foot and horseback, and as constantly being crowded and battered by ascending tourists who were in a hurry and wanted to get by.

  188. The friend called himself the "Captain of Mont Blanc," and wanted us to make the ascent with him.

  189. Yes; this is the type of man wanted as a social pioneer, as a poet of the people.

  190. But just as some amount of training is wanted before a walking tour, or a period of camping out, so is it necessary to prepare yourself for a course of Whitman.

  191. A thunderstorm may be wanted to clear the air, and if it does incidentally some slight damage to crops and trees it is of no use grumbling.

  192. Both the life and the writings are wanted to supply a complete picture.

  193. Her confidential secretary, Deschamps, however, afterwards informed her that this nobleman wanted to purchase the place of a coadjutor to his uncle, so as to be certain of succeeding him.

  194. The man who continues neutral, though only a passenger, when hands are wanted to preserve the vessel from sinking, deserves to be thrown overboard, to be swallowed up by the waves and to perish the first.

  195. Men who, some few days before, wanted only the signal of a leader to cut an Emperor they hated to pieces, would now have contended who should be foremost to shed their last drop of blood for a chief they adored.

  196. These, I believe, she must have had from the Dolphin; the Axe she wanted to be mended, and Axes made of the old iron.

  197. However, here we remained for about 10 Minutes longer, when word was brought us that the Chief wanted us.

  198. I mention this because there was some on board that wanted me to harbour at any rate, without in the least Considering either the present or future Consequences.

  199. With respect to the Ship, he wanted to know her name, the Captain's, the place we came last from and were bound, as I would not see him myself.

  200. He seem'd very much concern'd for what had hapned, and by way of recompence offered us but everything that was in his House; but we refused to accept of anything, and made signs to him that we only wanted the things again.

  201. They made but a short stay with our people there before they went away, and most of the natives with them: but they first wanted to give us 4 Hogs.

  202. In return for these favours they made many fair Promises that we should be immediately supplied with everything we wanted at the same price the Dutch East India Company had it; and that in the morning Buffaloes, Hogs, Sheep, etc.

  203. About Noon the rake was restored us, when they wanted to have their Canoes again; but now, as I had them in my possession, I was resolved to try if they would not redeem them by restoring what they had stol'n from us before.

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    demand; desirable; enviable; essential; indicated; indispensable; irreducible; necessary; needful; popular; prerequisite; required; requisite; vital; wanted

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