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Example sentences for "walked about"

  • I walked about, but was very weak, and withal very sad and heavy-hearted under a sense of my miserable condition, dreading the return of my distemper the next day.

  • As we walked about we saw a large, tall tree, upon which we designed to pass the following night for our security; and having satisfied our hunger with fruit, we mounted it accordingly.

  • He walked about in the barracks puffed up with boundless importance.

  • He walked about with a self-satisfied air, by the side of his camp bedstead, beneath which he had concealed his spirits, previously buried beneath the snow behind the barracks, in a secret place.

  • Attached to these ladies were certain gentlemen who walked about in clouds of perfume, rose at midday, and supped at midnight.

  • It made him restless, and a trifle melancholy; he walked about absently, wondering and wishing.

  • After dinner yesterday I began to recover my voice, and I think I sang half the Irish Melodies to myself, as I walked about to test it.

  • As I walked about on the bridge all the four hours, and had cold salt beef and biscuit there and brandy-and-water, you will infer that my Channel training has not worn out.

  • My beard froze as I walked about, and I couldn't detach my cravat and coat from it until I was thawed at the fire.

  • Lockhart had been anxious to see me all the previous day (when I was away on the Campagna), and as we walked about I knew very well that he knew very well why.

  • I walked about in the morning, going into all sorts of churches whenever we saw one open.

  • He walked about in the crowd seeing everything very well.

  • I walked about a little with Sant' Asilea, but it was not easy to move--most of the ladies stayed quietly in the tribunes.

  • Teano ball, and we walked about in the Corso, looking at all the turn-outs.

  • On a blazing hot afternoon in June I walked about a long time thinking of youthful harlots, but saw none, or if I did could not distinguish them.

  • For an hour we walked about, then as it grew dark began kissing.

  • I walked about, wondering what my feelings of happiness would be, if I could ever become engaged to this dear wonder.

  • I walked about, but was very weak, and withal very sad and heavy-hearted under a sense of my miserable condition, dreading, the return of my distemper the next day.

  • Several times a month, dressed as a nun or as a peddler of laces or small linen articles, as a rich merchant's wife or a religious pilgrim, she rode or walked about with a sack on her back, or a valise in her hand.

  • So I walked about, and thought what a fool I was--why had I escaped?

  • I walked about there, looked around, and kept thinking all the time: 'Where am I to go next?

  • To the 14th of July, I walked about with my gun, little and little at a time, having been reduced to the greatest extremity of weakness.

  • The mist disappeared as the glorious sun came forth; and we walked about to survey the place.

  • In the afternoon we walked about to inspect the antiquities, and found several remains of Christian churches with bell-towers attached to them--certainly not originally minarets.

  • He walked about in feverish impatience, plaguing himself with all manner of doubt and apprehension.

  • All that night I walked about, for fear of being noticed loitering by a policeman.

  • He rose, walked about for a few minutes, then stood still before her.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "walked about" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    beautiful house; before coming; blushing deeply; comparison with; general action; kiss her; last book; mission schools; need scarcely; not going; our feet; said the little girl; severe pain; stand still; steam chest; sugar finely; till then; walked along; walked away; walked back; walked down; walked home; walked over; walked slowly; walked together; worse than