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Example sentences for "forgive"

Lexicographically close words:
forging; forgings; forgit; forgits; forgiue; forgiven; forgiveness; forgiver; forgives; forgivest
  1. Forgive me if I seem unsympathetic, Ena," he said.

  2. Mr. De la Borne," he said to Cecil, "you will forgive me if I decline to remain here to be insulted by your brother.

  3. Madam," the Duke said, "I trust that you will forgive my sending for you, but I am very much interested in the happiness of our little friend Miss Jeanne here.

  4. Will you forgive me if I ask you whether this marriage is being forced upon her?

  5. Will my mother," thought Vaudemont, "forgive me, if I have other thoughts than hate and vengeance for that house which builds its greatness over her slandered name?

  6. I'll try and forgive you--just this once.

  7. Never could she forgive herself that she had left the studio before the thing had happened.

  8. I hope you'll forgive us some day--" She could say no more, and she turned to go.

  9. And if she says you ought not to have asked for the things, tell her that I say you were quite right, and that I hope she will forgive me for taking the liberty of allowing myself a very great pleasure.

  10. I forgive you," she said, "even if Peter doesn't.

  11. I blustered and swore, and, Heaven forgive me!

  12. Forgive me, cherie, if I am ungracious enough to urge the claim of benefits bestowed.

  13. But forgive me, cherie; I did not quite mean that.

  14. I never could forgive myself for giving you so much trouble.

  15. You must devise some other, and--forgive my frankness--some more honest and straightforward means for attaining your end.

  16. It was with all his heart the contrite young man said "God forgive me.

  17. Heaven forgive me," cries the Colonel; "I have always felt the fellow was my enemy: and my mind is relieved now war is declared.

  18. You will not be here, if you please, when I return; and so God forgive you, and farewell.

  19. Let us have peace--and forgive him if we can.

  20. Say that you will forgive me, Leone, and then I do not care what happens.

  21. For Heaven's sake, for my great love's sake, say you forgive me!

  22. Indeed I know she would never forgive me.

  23. Lance," said Lady Chandos, "what shall we do if your parents will neither forgive us nor see us?

  24. Ah, forgive me, Lance, she is your mother, I know, but she has taken in her cruel hands a divine power.

  25. I will do anything you can desire if you will only forgive me.

  26. He regrets having promised it, and begs that you will forgive what seems to be a breach of that promise; but it is really the best and wisest plan of his life.

  27. If I ask permission to marry you, they will never grant it; if I marry you, they will be compelled to forgive it.

  28. That same evening a little note was given to her, in which he begged her so humbly to forgive him, and to meet him again, that she relented.

  29. She was too generous not to forgive him, but the short little lip murmured that she did not think it at all likely she should come that way to-morrow.

  30. I have asked him to forgive my suspicions.

  31. Do you forgive me for getting you talked about?

  32. It is not all I have to forgive myself," he answered bitterly, disregarding her question.

  33. Will you forgive me now if I tell you everything that I know--everything?

  34. If it was only put on for the sake of her friends I could forgive her; but it isn't.

  35. All I have to forgive is what you made other people say; but the whole affair is a matter of ancient history--and do you think we need talk about it any more, Lord Manister?

  36. Now she forgave him freely, but found it impossible to forgive herself; and so the generosity that was in a disordered heart asserted itself, because she had omitted to allow for it, not knowing it was there.

  37. She had longed to tell him everything with her own lips, and to have him forgive and excuse her on the spot.

  38. Whatever it was, it didn't last long; but I forgive that freely.

  39. I couldn't listen, for the life of me; and you must forgive me.

  40. Her consolation meanwhile was the lively camaraderie between Christina and Erskine, wherein Erskine's wife took a delight for which we may forgive her much.

  41. Forgive me," said Holland instantly; "I am a brute.

  42. I love you, and I ask you to forgive us both, and to give me what I don't deserve--one word of hope!

  43. It was when Lord Manister stopped her, and held out his hand to me and said, 'Anyway you forgive me now?

  44. They're the things for which you never forgive yourself!

  45. You know I loved her very tenderly, David, and though it is all past and done with I believe I should forgive her now, if she only came back to me.

  46. Here Honoria to avoid hearing something she could not forgive put her plump hand over his bristly mouth.

  47. You must forgive my cheek in dissecting your character like this.

  48. People forgive each other the big things; it's the little things they can't forgive.

  49. A desire for support, or for a resumption of sex relations, may play a part in a wife's decision to forgive the wanderer.

  50. Heaven forgive you for ruining my brother's life!

  51. Forgive my intruding so soon again, but did Mr. Mason leave a letter case of Mr. Hunter's here?

  52. I know what a beastly friend I've been, and yesterday was more than any man would stand, but forgive that, too, will you?

  53. Forgive me for so cruelly alarming you; it was the only way I could think of for getting rid at once of your guests!

  54. My darling," he said under his breath, "can you forgive me?

  55. May God forgive me as I forgive you, freely, fully.

  56. There's no man in the county has done so much against the good cause, and may God forgive him, for he needs forgiveness!

  57. If you don't let me choose for myself, I will never forgive you.

  58. You have not forgiven us Sadowa, and would you forgive us Sedan?

  59. He said: "I am no enemy of the Jews; if they become my enemies I will forgive them.

  60. Besides, it would be absurd to imagine that France would ever forgive us our successes.

  61. I said, 'Lord, I must praise thee for this forever; but I cannot forgive myself.

  62. Then I saw those whom I had led into sin and encouraged in unbelief, and said to them, 'Can you forgive me?

  63. As the company dispersed, several old men took Miss Fiske and Miss Rice by the hand, saying, with moistened eyes, "Will you forgive us that we have done no more for your school?

  64. She clung to him, she begged him to forgive her hardness.

  65. She'll never forgive a thing like that--the best thing I can do is to blow my brains out!

  66. She'll never forgive me; she--" Kent jerked him to his feet peremptorily.

  67. She learned something which every woman must learn if she would keep a little happiness in her life: she learned how to forgive the man she loved, and to trust him afterward.

  68. I might forgive it--I might, only for that.

  69. Let us pity, forgive And help him, dear friend, to seek Christ and to live In the light of His mercy.

  70. For a thief, For a forger, a murderer, even, her grief Had been mingled with pity and pardon; the one Thing she could not forgive was the thing he had done.

  71. Forgive me," wrote Ruth; "for at last I must speak Of the two whom you wish to forget.

  72. Oh, I can forgive God His anger, though it destroyed nations; but I cannot forgive Him His peace.

  73. I must ask you to forgive me all these formalities," said Gregory; "we have to be very strict here.

  74. I know what you mean," he cried, "and it is exactly that that I cannot forgive you.

  75. I would bet the nose off my face (forgive the allusion) that Sunday would stand perfectly helpless before the task of converting any ordinary healthy person anywhere.

  76. You policemen are cruel to the poor, but I could forgive you even your cruelty if it were not for your calm.

  77. I forgive thee, mother," she said softly.

  78. Easy is it to forgive the deceptions upon me for out of that grew the pity for the misfortune of another.

  79. By the end of the seventh she decided that if the Countess would forgive her this time she would never be naughty again.

  80. Oh, Prince Udo," she cried, "I can never forgive myself.

  81. You will, I am sure, forgive me if I say how glad I am to hear your news.

  82. I don't want to put my opinion against one who has (forgive me) inside knowledge on the subject, but I think I have nothing in my garden at this moment that would agree with a rabbit.

  83. Of course I'll come get some trousers for Tobe and a clean shirt, too, and I know Aunt Amanda will be glad to forgive him.

  84. Uncle Tucker, "now Sister Viney's never going to forgive me that Bible slip-up if I don't persuade her from now on till supper.

  85. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "forgive" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    absolve; acquit; clear; condone; discharge; dismiss; exculpate; excuse; exempt; exonerate; forbear; forgive; free; justify; melt; obliterate; overlook; pardon; purge; purify; relax; release; relent; remit; reprieve; shrive; spare; thaw; understand; vindicate; whitewash

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    forgive sins; forgive thee; forgive them; forgive those who trespass; forgive you; forgiven thee