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Example sentences for "forgings"

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  1. The inspector ignores these forgings until they have been "heat-treated.

  2. It is sufficient to say that the forgings are placed in the hands of the gentleman in charge of the treatment department.

  3. Cuttings and waste pieces of wrought iron from which bar iron or forgings can be made; -- called also wrought-iron scrap.

  4. There are very few yards in the world at which such forgings could be turned out.

  5. They would also get lighter machinery with twin screws, and there would be less liability to have bad castings and forgings in the smaller engines, and of course the cost would be less.

  6. The tube and jacket were obtained from Whitworth, and the hoops and the breech mechanism forgings from the Midvale Steel Company.

  7. The forging of steel had to be arranged and the forgings and components distributed to the machining plants situated in the various Provinces.

  8. In order to have recuperators available for use for the units shipped from the United States minus these mechanisms, 110 rough-machined recuperator forgings were shipped to France, where the work of machining and completing was done.

  9. In order to produce enough forgings to supply the finish-machining shops, an order for 50 jackets was later given to the Edgewater Steel Co.

  10. New facilities for the manufacture of these forgings had to be developed by increasing the capacity of the Mesta Machine Co.

  11. The diameters are accurately measured and the forgings assembled into the shape of a finished gun.

  12. Watertown Arsenal, the other contractor, reached quantity production in rough forgings in September, 1918.

  13. The Government itself contracted for these forgings and supplied them to Dodge Bros.

  14. No rapid completion of these intricate mechanisms was possible, however, as the first forgings encountered many delays in their machinings.

  15. May, 1917, orders were placed and appropriations allotted for expansions to this enterprise to enable a rapid output of a larger number of gun forgings and finished guns.

  16. The process of heat-treating steel forgings before they are machined is one of the most scientific and accurate features in the manufacture of this car.

  17. After the required heat has been reached, the forgings are allowed to either cool in the air, be covered with pulverized mica, or quenched in a special solution, as the case may require.

  18. It is into these furnaces that the various forgings are placed for heat-treating.

  19. There is, further, the very important fact that forgings which are produced in dies are uniform and generally of more exact dimensions than anvil-made articles.

  20. Fairly massive forgings are also produced in these presses.

  21. In the second, preliminary drawing down is done under the steam hammer, and bending and welding at the anvil, or under the steam hammer, until the forgings are brought approximately to their final shape and dimensions.

  22. This is seen to be an advantage when forgings have to be turned or otherwise tooled in the engineer's machine shop, since it lessens the amount of work required there.

  23. The system is most successful for the smallest forgings and dies which can be handled by one man without the assistance of cranes; and massive forgings are not required in such large numbers as are those of small dimensions.

  24. Besides, for many purposes such forgings do not require tooling at all, or only superficial grinding, while anvil-made ones would, in consequence of their slight inaccuracies.

  25. Many forgings therefore must be made differently according as they are in iron or in steel.

  26. On the other hand, there is the cost of the preparation of the dies, which is often heavy, so that the question of method is resolved into the relative one of the cost of dies, distributed over the number of identical forgings required.

  27. It has been the large forgings of iron and steel that have made possible the use of large solid masses of those metals in the construction of engines, guns, shells, houses, bridges and ships.

  28. It has been the steam hammer and the ensuing modifications of it that have made possible the making of large forgings of iron and steel.

  29. One of the most inspiriting sights I saw on my tour was in the foundry of a shell factory where the rough forgings were being put through the first stages of their progress to completed six- and eight-inch shells.

  30. This is made of substantial drop forgings having a hinged joint that can be set so that a very wide opening at the jaws is possible.

  31. Four cylinders are contained in each block, which is of built-up construction; the water jackets and valve ports are cast aluminum and the individual cylinders heat-treated steel forgings threaded into the bored holes of the aluminum castings.

  32. This consists of two accurately machined forgings held together by bolts as clearly indicated.

  33. To the Senate and House of Representatives: I transmit herewith a letter of the Secretary of War, accompanied by the final report of the board on gun factories and steel forgings for high-power guns, and appendixes thereto.

  34. This machine has two spindles and a large flat turret which holds a double set of tools, so that two duplicate castings or forgings can be turned at the same time.

  35. Fitchburg Machine Works and is known as the Lo-swing) is designed especially for turning shafts, pins and forgings not exceeding 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

  36. This is a "New Britain" automatic multiple-spindle chucking machine of the single-head type and it is especially adapted for boring, reaming and facing operations on castings or forgings which can readily be held in chuck jaws.

  37. Not only will benefits in machining be found by careful annealing of forgings but the subsequent troubles in the hardening plant will be greatly reduced.

  38. This precaution made it possible to eliminate burned forgings as the test lugs were placed on sections which would be most likely to become burned.

  39. These forgings will be packed in lime and allowed to cool slowly from the residual heat after forging.

  40. The forgings of the rifle barrel and the pistol barrel are exceptions to the above general rule.

  41. Although softer the forgings will not machine as smoothly as when annealed at the lower temperature.

  42. The most important criterion for proper normalizing, consisted in allowing the forgings to cool through the critical temperature of the steel, at a rate not to exceed 50°F.

  43. By careful control of the heat-treating operation and with the aid of the Brinell hardness tester and the microscope it is possible to continually give forgings that will machine uniformly and be soft enough to give desired production.

  44. In heat-treating the forgings were laid on a rack or loop A, Fig.

  45. The forgings will be hard if they are allowed to cool in air.

  46. Solid wrought-iron forgings are not all that could be desired in respect of elasticity and hardness, but their chief defect is want of homogeneity, due to the crude process of puddling, and to their numerous and indispensable welds.

  47. Thin forgings are often made by compression between two rollers, the form of the surface of the rollers, or projections or depressions upon the same, pressing the forging to shape.

  48. An excellent example of forgings in Siemens Martin steel is given in the following figures, being the rope sockets for the Brooklyn Bridge.

  49. Both castings and forgings are found to alter somewhat in shape in proportion as their surfaces are removed by the machine tools, so that the shape of the work undergoes continuous alteration.

  50. Forgings of such large dimensions are built up of pieces or slabs, called blooms, which are themselves forged from scrap iron, which is piled as in Fig.

  51. For large hand-made forgings the swage block, such as in Fig.

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