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  1. The tomb was also damaged by this foolish opening.

  2. He also consulted papers on the subject that have appeared from time to time in various periodicals and MSS.

  3. The aisles of the nave were not only narrower, but were also lower, than those now existing.

  4. A good general view on the north-east may also be obtained from a bridge over the Avon.

  5. In this aisle is also to be seen an ancient chest, not formed as chests usually are, of wooden planks or slabs fastened together, but hewn out of a solid trunk of oak.

  6. The shaft and sub-arches of the second bay from the east on this side is a modern renewal, as here also the old work was destroyed in 1820 to make room for a pew.

  7. There is also some evidence for the existence of a community of monks at Wimborne, as well as of nuns.

  8. The western tower was also a source of trouble.

  9. It is also probable that these aisles did not originally extend as far westward as the nave.

  10. The level of the floors was also rearranged; five steps now lead up from the nave to the choir, seven to the presbytery and one more to the altar platform, the altar itself being raised yet another step.

  11. The prior's and sub-prior's stalls on either side the doorway in the screen looking east are canopied, as also is the precentor's at the east end of the south side.

  12. This most recent impression was also the most vivid, threw all the others into a blurred background where, with a new look of woe, only Madame Vicaud's face glimmered clearly.

  13. Claire, clearly, Damier also saw, had never endangered her certain hold upon Monsieur Daunay's usefulness by confessing to him her expectation of larger achievements.

  14. With the comtesse came sometimes a tall, thin priest, her cousin, also dim, devout, and gentle in these social relations with heretics.

  15. They were bringing in civilians wounded at Ypres and Poperinghe, which place also has been shelled (and yet we say we are advancing!

  16. I have begun to suffer from my chillsome time getting here, and also my mouth and chin are very bad; so I have had to lie doggo, and see an ancient Persian doctor, who prescribed and talked of the mission-field at the same time.

  17. I didn't mind much as I met such a lot of English friends, and also visited some interesting hospitals; but I knew by the thousands of wounded coming in that things must be busy at the front, and this made one champ one's bit.

  18. There is also a place for fuel, and I should like a strong box that would hold vegetables, dried peas, etc.

  19. It also takes up much room, and gives endless trouble for the sake of an inch and a half of space, which is the usual difference in the size of the stretchers, but that prevents them slipping into the sockets on the train.

  20. I also had a flask of Sandeman's port, given me last Christmas by Sir Ivor Maxwell.

  21. It is about two miles from La Panne, and it also is crammed with soldiers.

  22. Captain Rhys Williams was also at the Goodwins; and as he was in very great anxiety to get to Hamadan, I offered to take him in my car, and let Mr. Scott do the last stage of the journey in the Legation car to Tehran.

  23. If I could have a small hospital north of Tehran it would be a good centre for the wounded, and it would also be a good place for the others to come to.

  24. After an hour of waiting these two also went back.

  25. We got some papers to-day dated October 26th, and also a few letters of the same date.

  26. In these days, when men not only demand their right to private opinions, but also the right to express those opinions, it was more than ever difficult to obtain an unanimous opinion as to who was worthy of congratulation.

  27. Your correspondent also states that a leading man of the town of that day had a jolly bargain at the expense of the parishioners, having bought the materials of the old church, which he was to pay for when he fetched the last load away.

  28. Also for one Forge that make Three Tuns of Bar Iron weekly for Fifty weeks, but some Forges make double my Proportion, and spend to Fine and Bar out each Tun three Loads of Coles: To each Tun.

  29. Among other ladies and gentlemen also present at the ceremony were the Rev.

  30. I am also requested to state that such Pupils and Friends as may be desirous of showing their respect to the Deceased's memory, and of accompanying his body to the grave, will assemble at Baylies's School, next Sunday morning at Ten a.

  31. Also the Authour did sell Bar-iron Good and Merchantable, at twelve pounds per Tun, and under, but since Bar-iron hath been sold for the most part ever since at 15l.

  32. While there is a ridiculous side to this business, there is also a serious one.

  33. As potassium sulphate was also found it was concluded that Pix Cresol was a preparation containing a mixture of oxyquinolin sulphate and potassium sulphate, which has also been known in the past under the proprietary name, “Chinosol.

  34. I also treated a young American woman who, since her arrival in London, had apparently been living on Antikamnia tablets by the advice of her physician.

  35. It is interesting to note that pyramidon in the form of Midol is put on the American market by the General Drug Company, which also acts as a distributor of salvarsan (“606”).

  36. The index includes references not only to articles in the book, but also to matter on proprietaries not accepted by the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry which appeared in The Journal of the American Medical Association and elsewhere.

  37. Since Fortossan is a simple preparation of Phytin the Council voted that the rejection of Phytin should also apply to Fortossan.

  38. The preparation sold as “Antikamnia and Quinin” was also analyzed, and it was found that starch had been substituted for the bicarbonate of sodium which is found in the Antikamnia itself.

  39. Breitenbach Company is still trying to mislead physicians; it also aims to make use of them in its direct appeal to the physicians’ patients.

  40. A microscopic examination of the tablets shows the presence of rhubarb and of ginger, but no lupulin, at least not in substance; nor could I locate definitely any ipecac, also stated to be one of the ingredients.

  41. Then it came into the hands of Romaine Pierson, who also owns the Practical Druggist.

  42. He is also the promoter of Campho-Phenique, exposed in The Journal some eight years ago.

  43. I also told you that my feud with you is to the death; so, take that!

  44. The Auld Lichts also did valorous deeds at the Battle of Cabbylatch.

  45. I mind them being driven out of the square, stones flying thick; also some stand-up fights with sticks, and others fair enough with fists.

  46. The Coat of Many Colors also told of the liar who exclaimed, "If this is not gospel true may I stand here forever," and who is standing on that spot still, only nobody knows where it is.

  47. Gavin was also a famous hare-snarer at a time when the ploughman looked upon this form of poaching as his perquisite.

  48. Their great place of congregating is still some country smiddy, which is also their frequent meeting-place when bent on black-fishing.

  49. Sanders Elshioner was also aware of this weakness of Lisbeth's, but though he often made up his mind to knock, the absurdity of the thing prevented his doing so when he reached the door.

  50. The precentor was a cobbler, though he never knew it, shoemaker being the name in those parts, and his dwelling-room was also his workshop.

  51. When there was preaching at night the church was lit by tallow candles, which also gave out all the artificial heat provided.

  52. In m-RNA the sequence of bases is the same as in the parent DNA segment; for this reason, m-RNA is also called DNA-like RNA.

  53. The famous scientist, George de Hevesy, also used beans in conducting the first biological studies ever made with radioisotopes.

  54. We can also identify a third component, m-RNA, with the centrifuge system but only with some difficulty and only after labeling it with a radioactive precursor, because the amount of m-RNA in a cell is very small.

  55. Labeling DNA with a Radioactive Isotope Of the four bases in DNA, three are also found in the other nucleic acid, RNA; but the fourth, thymine, is found only in DNA.

  56. Stable isotopes have no distinguishing characteristic other than their mass; radioactive isotopes not only differ from their brothers in mass but also are characterized by unstable nuclei.

  57. It is also important to remember that a cell that has synthesized DNA is a cell that, with a few exceptions, will divide in the very near future.

  58. Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiations, a term that also describes radiowaves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet light, and X rays.

  59. Special proteins called histones are associated with gene function, and the antibodies that an organism produces to defend itself from bacteria are also proteins.

  60. There are also workers who melt down outworn letters and still other workers who make new letters for further use; these are the enzymes, special kinds of proteins.

  61. But with tritiated thymidine we can obtain not only much more accurate measurements but also considerable information that cannot be obtained by simply counting the number of cells in mitosis.

  62. They would also like to know the mechanism of the drugs’ action at the molecular level so that the knowledge might open the way to the discovery of other drugs more effective against cancer and less toxic against normal cells.

  63. Many cells in an adult organism also have lost the capacity to make DNA and therefore the capacity to divide.

  64. By proper treatment of the tissues, we can make sure that all the radioactivity visible by autoradiography is due to labeled RNA, even though some of the precursor also enters DNA molecules.

  65. Knowledge of the cell cycle has also brought new insight to the control of cell division, as in studies related to the therapy of cancer.

  66. So we beg to change the figure and liken, in all mankind, that part of the brain that handles the subconscious to wax, while granting that in some rare cases parts handling the conscious material also hold impressions, as does the wax.

  67. So our discussion of the subconscious involved also a discussion of memory.

  68. Also the naturally perfect physique can quickly become unfit through neglect or infections or misuse.

  69. The cerebellum, or hind brain, is also divided into two hemispheres, and is situated behind and below the hemispheres of the cerebrum.

  70. We only have a brook as drops of rain combine to make it, but we also have only the drops as we separate them from the steam.

  71. It is with these patients as though not only initiative were lost but also the power to follow another's lead.

  72. But there is another class whose attention also follows in the ways of least resistance; and life for them is a wallowing in the morbid and unwholesome.

  73. We speak of man as adaptable, but also as a being of habits.

  74. Our study of consciousness reveals the normal in the aspects of sleeping and waking, also various abnormal states.

  75. Also he must be brought to apologize, or leave the hospital, perhaps.

  76. But there is also another side to the question.

  77. But there is also another side to the matter.

  78. The difficulty lies in believing that the type of mind which is capable of focussing its devotion upon a statuette is also capable of distinguishing between the idea of a symbol and the idea of a portrait.

  79. If we stand in the Capitol and look at the Dying Gladiator, we must also see "his young barbarians all at play" upon the Danube.

  80. He was undoubtedly also one of the most famous preachers of his time and of the English race, and the death of Wendell Phillips left him the most eminent of American orators.

  81. It was not a well-meaning weakness, but a wise force which helped others to help themselves, but knew also when such self-help was impossible.

  82. Is any conceivable vulgarity greater than the Smasher vulgarity, O Belinda; and shall we continue these exercises by expelling also this essentially vulgar person?

  83. The last striking tribute to him is also most timely, for it is that of Mr. Bryce in his "American Commonwealth," whose publication happily coincided with the opening of this annus mirabilis.

  84. He is the chief illustration in a popular government of a great leader who was not also a great orator.

  85. There is some jealousy also even in academic groves.

  86. The Smasher lineage is not renowned or regal; the Smasher mind is imperfectly educated; the Smasher manners are those of the suddenly rich who are not also suddenly refined.

  87. But he would be right also if he remembered that familiarity breeds contempt, and that he may wisely distrust his feeling for any woman who does not put him upon his good behavior.

  88. That is what Dickens also calls the great art of how not to do it.

  89. And this also showed its familiar features in the talk of the distinguished man as he bewailed the social bareness of American life and descanted upon the charm of an ancient and well-ordered society.

  90. The great cloud that fell upon his life seemed also to darken the country.

  91. It is a book which does one good to read and which is not readily forgotten; for in it are mingled inextricably the elements of humor and pathos and also a strain of generous feeling which uplifts and humanizes.

  92. It would also imitate the squeaks of the saw when the men were sawing wood.

  93. Mrs. Stimpcett took also another summer boarder, a rich lady of the name of Odell.

  94. I would like to know if any other of your correspondents has got a Proteus, and also if any has a cabinet.

  95. The great astronomer Herschel assigned the constellation Hercules as that toward which we are moving, and the calculations of more recent astronomers have also pointed to that same direction.

  96. Grandma, also crying, was wrapping a bottle of the Sudden Remedy in a piece of newspaper.

  97. When the baby was asleep, his parents busied themselves with their duties of the evening, and at an early hour also went to bed.

  98. They are also found in Poland, Southern Russia, and Africa.

  99. Then Theo's mother sends him for a pound of cheese, and he also helps himself.

  100. It is said that wild hogs will not attack a man unless hunted or enraged; but as they are not only daring, but also very cautious and watchful, they suspect the least approach to be offensive, and proceed to defend themselves.

  101. And Mr. Shubrick seemed also to find it the most natural thing in the world to live in the kitchen, and for all that appeared, had never taken his meals anywhere else in his life.

  102. She half wished she had stayed that day also with her father; yet when she asked herself why?

  103. The newcomer excited her curiosity greatly, and provoked her observation; and, if the truth must be told, exercised also a powerful attraction upon her.

  104. Lawrence was also enjoying Rome, after his own fashion; if he was staying for her, Dolly did not know it, and it was not her fault.

  105. Dolly felt the contrast which Christina had also felt, but Dolly went deeper into it.

  106. Dolly considered the matter a little, and also considered her aunt, whose lips were quivering and whose eyes were dropping tears.

  107. Dolly almost forgot her toil, wondering and delighted; though beginning also to question dimly with herself how she was ever to find her way home!

  108. To seventeen years old the first trouble comes hard; albeit seventeen years old has also a great fund of spirit and strength to meet and conquer trouble.

  109. Mr. Copley made no reply; and Dolly went on, feeling that the way was open to her, if it were also a little difficult to tread.

  110. If they received instruction also by the way, Dolly could not tell; the laughing hardly looked like it.

  111. He could not help also contrasting the bright, happy faces of Tim's wife and children with his own.

  112. Mrs. Reston also remembered that on returning home she had found the key of the cellaret, which she had missed, lying on the floor close to the side-board, and the door locked as usual.

  113. She had been visiting with her husband the previous evening, and the housemaid had also been out, thus leaving every opportunity for Jarvis to indulge in the stimulants she had stolen.

  114. In this parcel you will find a little good tea, and a chop for your husband, also a few other things which you may find useful.

  115. She also knew that whenever he returned from visiting his father's home, he was more or less the worse for drink.

  116. The earl had escaped the usual supervision, and he also had partaken of a glass of champagne or two--or three--and he thoroughly enjoyed the doctors story.

  117. Her ladyship put up her eye-glass and stared at the bun; Sir Grantley gave his an extra twist and also stared at the bun, poking at it with his stick; and Maude and Tryphie escaped from the room.

  118. Always speak to your horse on approaching and on leaving him, and also whenever he has tried especially to please you, as your voice will soon come to have a great influence over him.

  119. As this is by no means an easy operation for an unskilled rider, except on a perfectly trained horse, I will give the directions also in detail for the reverse process of wheeling to the left.

  120. The ground also should be no harder than good firm turf.

  121. You will find also that they will have a tendency to improve your seat, by taking your attention from yourself, and with it some of the involuntary stiffness always born of self-consciousness.

  122. Now try to obtain this flexion with the right-hand rein alone, only using the left hand to assist it if he fails to understand or to obey, and also to bring back the head to its original position.

  123. Examine the back carefully after the first ride on a new horse, and also before putting on the saddle the next day.

  124. Also you see that the plans are still there--right where you put them, stuck to the bottom of his wheelchair.

  125. Also it knocks him out of the wheelchair so he's helpless and you get his gun.

  126. His stories reveal not only his ability to tell daring and exciting air episodes but also his first hand knowledge of modern aeroplanes and the marvelous technical improvements which have been made in the past few years.

  127. At Brill the Rovers soon came into contact with the dudish pupil, Dudd Flockley, and also with two bullies, Jerry Koswell and Bart Larkspur.

  128. Remember, we have not only Tad Sobber against us, but also old Crabtree, and one or two unknown men.

  129. They also had a few cookies, made by Mrs. Rover.

  130. The boys aided the man in putting the outfit away and also questioned him concerning Sobber.

  131. Tom, after traveling north from the Gulf, and all of the boys were glad to take it easy for some weeks, and also get ready to graduate from Putnam Hall.

  132. For dinner they had more fish, and also some beans which had been brought along.

  133. They also made a pot of chocolate--something that suited Hans especially--and the cookies were not forgotten.

  134. The treasure was also claimed by two of their enemies, Sid Merrick and his nephew, Tad Sobber, and they did all they could to gain possession of the valuables.

  135. They also passed Peak's Island where there was a big, round-topped structure, which the captain of the tug said was a famous summer theater.

  136. And as he spoke the young man looked not only at the Rovers but also at the captain of the steam tug.

  137. It was also said to be inhabited by numerous snakes.

  138. Sam also came forward to put out the sparks, and so did Dick and some others.

  139. He sent word by the maid that he had called not alone on his own behalf, but also on behalf of Sobber.

  140. Then Fred tried his hand one morning at flapjacks and these they also ate with a relish.

  141. For an angel of the Lord hath also come down to him, and said, The Lord God hath heard thy prayer, make haste and go hence, for behold Anna thy wife shall conceive.

  142. When the woman heard her say this, she also went, and having procured the same water, washed her son with it, whereupon his body and his eyes were instantly restored to their former state.

  143. For as there are two sorts of coins, the one of God, the other of the world, and each of these has its proper inscription engraven upon it; so also is it here.

  144. And I said, Sir, why then were those stones cast away which were rejected, seeing they also were carried through the gate, and delivered by the hands of these virgins into the building of this tower?

  145. But Trifina had sent large sums of money to Paul, and also clothing by the hands of Thecla, for the relief of the poor.

  146. NOW these things, beloved, I put you in mind of, not questioning but that you yourselves also believe that they are so.

  147. And this report is come not only to us, but to those also that differ from us.

  148. Wherefore it will become you to run together according to the will of your bishop, as also ye do, 14 For your famous presbytery, worthy of God, is fitted as exactly to the bishop, as the strings are to the harp.

  149. For I say unto you, he that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much.

  150. The golden part are ye, who have escaped out of it; for as gold is tried by the fire, and is made profitable, so are ye also in like manner tried who dwell among the men of this world.

  151. But she was also aware that she would be distinctly gratified if Miss Hartill should at any time express satisfaction with her and her efforts.

  152. It was piled high with exercise-books, and she corrected a couple before she swept them also aside.

  153. Several forms were studying the period, the Sixths and Fifths were reading the play, politically also it was apropos.

  154. Also she was pressed for time, and Clare, she knew, wanted her.

  155. Also it dawned upon her that Roger was weighed down by preposterous parcels; that the parcels were her own.

  156. She disliked also the obvious sympathy between the child and the girl.

  157. It was exactly half an hour later that Roger's book also grew dull to the point of imbecility.

  158. She suffered as Naboth, forgetting also his greater goods of life and kith and kin, suffered before her.

  159. And Henrietta, amazed at the veiled rebuke of her manner, also lost her temper.

  160. Our river lay so still, so clear, so blue beneath us; she also seemed resting till the heat should pass.

  161. Lavender and thyme that had been plucked in the woods near Coblence were also made into bouquets and presented to the wives and daughters of the principal citizens.

  162. This Archbishop also condemned the Rector of the University of Treves as a sorcerer.

  163. There are also ferry-boats, large enough for carts and oxen, or horses, at nearly every cluster of houses.

  164. Wine will cheer, but also steep Senses in a troubled sleep; Water ever thirst assuages, Cooling us when fever rages.

  165. The casting-net also is much used, but then there must be two men, one to pole the boat into the rapids while the other swings in his net.

  166. Bishofstein (lower down the stream) also claims the honour of being on the site of the Palace of the Thirty Towers, but it does not in any way answer the description.

  167. Christmas and New-year's Days are perhaps the greatest holidays in the year, but Carnival time is also universally kept as a fete, the same as in Italy.

  168. But there was also a tradition of a law of nature which did not at all correspond to a state of license, of equality, and of barbarism, such as the state of nature was conceived to be.

  169. Under these conditions, I think it will be conceded that there was also darkness--and therefore, that the tradition of the precedence of chaos and darkness is confirmed.

  170. Abraham died after the birth of Jacob, and that Jacob saw many who were alive when Moses was born, we see that a few generations connect Moses not only with Noah, but also with Adam.

  171. The evidence in the "Ancient Monarchies" seems to me to decide the point, not only for perhaps the earliest mythology with which we are acquainted, but also for the Grecian mythology, which has generally been the ground of dispute.

  172. But Nimrod is also mixed up with Jupiter in the god Bel-Merodach.

  173. But not only were Saturn, Janus, and Bacchus represented as "bifrons," but so also was Cecrops.

  174. It is true he appears as the planet Mars under the form of "Nerig," and he also figures as the storm-ruler; but can anything well be more human than the rest of his titles?

  175. If he is Enoch, he naturally also falls into his place as second to Assorus.

  176. Lubbock), which need not excite surprise, as it is also said of them that they were incapable of forming any abstract ideas at all (p.

  177. The following passage, also from Rawlinson's "Herodotus," i.

  178. There are, no doubt, also divers astral complications arising out of Saturn's place in the planetary system.

  179. So also as to simplicity of worship: we are sure to be simple, and real, and true, when the divine presence is realized, and the sovereignty of the Holy Ghost fully owned and submitted to.

  180. It is a very common error to view this ordinance merely as a channel through which grace flows to the soul of the individual, and not as an act bearing upon the whole body, and bearing also upon the glory of the Head of the Church.

  181. These words, while they set forth the large-heartedness of the self-denying and devoted apostle, do also furnish a fine model for the evangelist, in every age.

  182. We know all this; but we know also that He who has appointed the end has appointed the means; and if we fail in waiting on Him, He will get others to do His work.

  183. The Christians in the town would know where to go for tracts, not only for their own personal reading, but also for general distribution.

  184. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures" (I Cor.

  185. Furthermore, if by sitting at the table I must identify myself with any one thing, whether it be principle or practice, not enjoined in Scripture, as a term of communion, there also the table becomes the table of a sect.

  186. The word is, "Receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.

  187. She also knew that she was quite courageous, that she had magnificent physical health, and that she could be perfectly content with a life that a good many other people would find narrow and stifling.

  188. She was also aware that he was a Catholic.

  189. It was something utterly different from the face of a dead person, yet also not completely alive, though the eyes turned a little in their sockets, and the young down-curved lips smiled.

  190. She also noticed, to her annoyance, that the cabinet was already in place in the little ante-room and that his eyes almost immediately rested upon it.

  191. And Maggie had her theology also; to her also it appeared quite impossible that Cardinal Newman should frequent the drawing-room of Mr. Vincent in order to exchange impressions with Mrs. Stapleton; but she was more elementary in her answer.

  192. Vaguely he perceived this, conscious only of inexplicability; but he himself also ceased, and watched for developments.

  193. It began also to tilt slightly this way and that.

  194. Here I saw by day-light two very fine pictures in the gallery, that a little while ago I saw by night; and did also go all over the house, and found it to be the prettiest contrived house that ever I saw in my life.

  195. There was also my pretty black girl, Mrs. Dekins, and Mrs. Margaret Pen, this day come to church in a new flowered satin suit that my wife helped to buy her the other day.

  196. Among other things going up into their chamber to see their two pictures, which I am forced to commend against my judgment, and also she showed us her cabinet, where she had very pretty medals and good jewels.

  197. So we staid not to see it out, but went out and drank a bottle or two of China ale, and so home, where I found my wife vexed at her people for grumbling to eat Suffolk cheese, which I also am vexed at.

  198. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "also" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    above; addition; again; also; altogether; beside; besides; beyond; boot; else; extra; farther; further; furthermore; item; likewise; more; moreover; over; plus; similarly; then; too; yet

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    also applied; also does; also employed; also found; also from; also gave; also given; also have; also here; also know; also means; also mentioned; also present; also produced; also provided; also says; also seen; also sent; also similar; also the; also they; also those; also very; also went; also written; also wrote