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claimants; claime; claimed; claimeth; claiming; claires; clairs; clairvoyance; clairvoyant; clairvoyante
  1. Almost immediately after the sitting of the Berlin Congress, and indeed during it, arrangements were come to by which the respective claims of England and Germany in South-West Africa were definitely determined.

  2. Meanwhile Italy had put in its claims for a share in the spoil, and the eastern horn of Africa, together with Abyssinia, fell to its share, though it soon had to drop it, owing to the unexpected vitality shown by the Abyssinians.

  3. Dalrymple, the chief hydrographer of the Admiralty, who had chief claims to the command, was also somewhat of a faddist, and Cook was selected almost as a dernier ressort.

  4. The old historic claims of Portugal to the coast of Africa, on which she had established stations both on the west and eastern side, were swept away by the principle that only effective occupation could furnish a claim of sovereignty.

  5. In this year Russia agreed to limit her claims to the country north of 54.

  6. Lastly, A laxity with regard to the claims of courtship is apt to breed a laxity with regard to the claims of wedlock.

  7. And yet, It is quite impossible to conceive of a Universe of Love, in which all the claims of Heart and Soul and Senses shall be eternally and infinitely satisfied?

  8. But admitting, that the refusal to satisfy the claims for indemnity of our citizens might have been a just cause of war, it is most certain, that those claims were not the cause of that in which we are now involved.

  9. I take it for granted that no claims have been, or shall be sustained by our Government, but such as are founded on treaties or the acknowledged law of nations.

  10. She owns four of Judge Rutherford's books which she claims to have read "from cubber to cubber" many times.

  11. They thought so much of my knowledge of cotton, dat they sent me many times to settle claims wid big men and big buyers.

  12. Austria took the opportunity of occupying portions of Lower Bavaria, and the King of Prussia supported against her the claims of the elector's general heir and nearest male relation, the Elector Palatine of the Rhine.

  13. Mrs. Lee claims a million of repairs which will cost a million of money.

  14. My other occupation, which claims at present the far greater part of my time, is attending my poor friend Clarke, who has just lost a very excellent father by a very sudden and terrible stroke.

  15. He claims that he himself had first pointed out to the French some pearls which he found on Shakespeare's "enormous dung-heap.

  16. Anna Rüling claims that many leaders of the movement, from the outset until today, have been inverted.

  17. This book, from a subjective and scarcely scientific standpoint, claims that homosexual relationships are natural, necessary, and legitimate.

  18. Sadger has especially occupied himself with the psychoanalytic treatment of homosexuality and claims many successes.

  19. It is true that men of unusual ability and strong character strove before his time to adjust the claims of authority in matters scientific.

  20. Those who think that an exaggeration of claims for electrical influence on various diseases is of comparatively recent date, will do well to consult that journal.

  21. In addition to his scientific achievements," says Ozanam, "this brilliant genius has other claims upon our admiration and affection.

  22. He claims a sort of infallibility in deciding upon the precise use of words and the merits of various styles.

  23. I gladly recognised that right and the superiority of his claims to my own.

  24. Prussia puts forward her claims more and more distinctly; France is exasperated and rejects them more and more positively.

  25. I am sorry, for my own sake, that this country is constantly gaining stronger claims on my affection and regard; for am I not born a dweller by our inglorious southern streams and downs?

  26. Nobody else has any memory for infancy, childhood and youth, and no one else has the same claims to dutiful affection.

  27. Philippe as the certificate for her claims on his protection.

  28. All were displayed on the instant, with chattering, laughing, and clamourous claims for rival merits.

  29. To distinguish between the claims of living poets, particularly in an age of new ideas and changing forms, is a task which might test the powers of the most discerning critics, and in which perfection is hardly to be attained.

  30. L'Allegro has done with him, and Il Penseroso claims him for its own!

  31. Herr Pfungst, the reader will remember, claims to prove that all the horse's replies are determined by imperceptible and probably unconscious movement on the part of the person putting the questions.

  32. The important thing for the moment is the accumulation of claims and experiments that go feeling their way farther and farther along all the paths of the unknown.

  33. Decker has come back, we are going into partnership again and work those claims for all there is in them.

  34. He has mining claims here that prove where he got his money.

  35. Only last New Year's someone 'jumped' one of his claims that he had somehow neglected to prove up on.

  36. There is still another test: The civilized man gives to others the rights that he claims for himself.

  37. He claims that Christianity came "in the fullness of time," and it is then admitted that "what the fullness of time may mean is one of the mysteries of times and seasons, that it is not for us to know.

  38. I believe myself to be in a frame of mind to justly and fairly consider the claims of different religions, believing as I do that all are wrong, and admitting as I do that there is some good in all.

  39. As a matter of fact, the claims of Joseph Smith were so preposterous that sensible people did not take the pains to write and print denials.

  40. Of the relative merits of the various denominations, it is sufficient to say that each claims to be right.

  41. Apart from these terrible tests, the more ordinary claims to credibility are not wanting.

  42. Let us suppose that a man has a sword which he claims was made by God, stating that the reason he knows that God made the sword is that it never had been and never could be broken.

  43. The picture of which we have now to speak possesses strong claims upon our interest.

  44. Sismondi also claims a victory for the Angevines, with the loss to their opponents of all their baggage and most of their horses.

  45. The liberality of the latter to the Count of Urbino was but a covert bribe to alienate him from the league, and secure his undivided services, but it was unavailing against the prior and long-established claims of the house of Aragon.

  46. The so much-disputed claims of Sweden imply nothing but an extension of the above hierarchal exceptional conditions, especially in an disciplinary sense, and are therefore within the frame of the Communiqué.

  47. If, at any time, the claims of the Union have been discussed in Norway, they have usually been identical with those of Norway.

  48. As far back as 1835 it was acknowledged, on the part of Sweden, that Norway's position in the Union was not in accordance with the claims of equity.

  49. In 1710, disgusted with the neglect of the Whigs, alike of himself and of the claims of his Church, he abandoned them and attached himself to Harley and Bolingbroke.

  50. He supported the claims of Macpherson to be the translator of Ossian.

  51. A large section of the nation was becoming alarmed at the prospect of the succession of the Duke of York, and a restoration of popery, and Shaftesbury was supposed to be promoting the claims of the Duke of Monmouth.

  52. Harry claims that it was founded on a Latin Life of Wallace written by Wallace's chaplain, John Blair, but the chief sources seem to have been traditionary.

  53. The causes of his fall were partly the miscarriage of the war with Holland, and the sale of Dunkirk, and partly the jealousy of rivals and the intrigues of place hunters, whose claims he had withstood.

  54. His best known work is Aaron's Rod Blossoming, a defence of the ecclesiastical claims of the high Presbyterian party.

  55. London had been a free one, and his secular poems, in which he appears much more at ease than in his sacred, show him to have been a thorough Epicurean, though he claims that his life was not to be judged by his muse.

  56. And after the registrations were closed there would be a "drawing out" up to the number of claims on the reservation.

  57. At the first sign of water shortage more claims were offered for sale, and by that time there were a few deeded tracts put on the market.

  58. Those who took up claims only as an investment either sold the land for whatever price they could get for it or let it lie there to increase in value.

  59. Washington, so the man at Pierre said, was not granting deeds for claims in mid-ocean.

  60. The difficulty lay in finding claims for sale.

  61. But on the whole they eyed with humorous intolerance the settlers who departed, leaving their claims as they had found them.

  62. Letters to Superintendent Witten poured in, asking him to hold back claims for people who were unable to register.

  63. They raised a clamor for it, and the most determined staked out their claims and lived on it regardless of treaty.

  64. With the price of claims soaring, it became a mecca for claim jumpers.

  65. The popes have always conferred titles of nobility, as did the Holy Roman Empire, whose heir in this matter the Pope claims to be.

  66. Every one realized that should our militia push the Indians back and win a decisive victory our claims would be immensely strengthened.

  67. It is also true that claims under Virginia patents would be worthless if Pennsylvania controlled the junction of the Monongahela and the Alleghany Rivers and sustained her claims to the surrounding country.

  68. They also say that this war with the Shawnees is being hurried on for the purpose of establishing our boundary-claims and making good our titles to grants under Virginia patents.

  69. He himself made no claims to philanthropy, but one expected some natural feeling from a woman; and with all his faults, Edgar Charrington had had close claim on her sympathy.

  70. Henry gave huge grants of land with feudal rights to his barons, then returned to his own troubled kingdom, leaving them to establish their claims and settle accounts with the Irish chieftains as best they could.

  71. It was upon the constitutionality of their claims that he threw all the energy of the movement growing out of the American war.

  72. According to the strict rules of hereditary succession, there were two others with claims superior to Henry's.

  73. One of those other claims is as a writer of sea poetry.

  74. It may tend to create litigation, as to claims which are now refused entirely, but if no litigation or less is the grand desideratum, why not establish a dictatorship at once?

  75. Holding examiners responsible will leave the patent office open to the filing of new claims at the same time that it will prevent a world of litigation, favoritism and corruption.

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