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  1. In short, she is rendered harmless by being, in electrical language, insulated.

  2. In short, primitive man believes that what is sacred is dangerous; it is pervaded by a sort of electrical sanctity which communicates a shock to, even if it does not kill, whatever comes in contact with it.

  3. The latter was an electrical wagon for general travel in cities and suburbs, while the By-sigh-kel was a personal carriage for one or possibly two.

  4. In this he is revealed in the full charm of that electrical audacity which had as yet lost none of its sharpness and burning flash.

  5. The electrical connections are given in Fig.

  6. In addition to light, heat has also been found to vary the electrical resistance of selenium in a very remarkable manner.

  7. It comprises two portions, one portion being rotated at a definite speed by electrical means, and the other portion rotated by the driving motor.

  8. It was only necessary to dampen these sponges to ensure a perfect discharge of the electrical current passing through the head-rest and the metal wrist-clips.

  9. Once more the firmament seemed cleft in twain, and the earth trembled under the reverberations of the tremendous electrical discharges.

  10. An expert in electrical engineering would have understood that the broken wire must be in proximity to a mass of metal, and that the powerful current was being visibly hurled across the gap.

  11. Constans had seen its like pictured in his books, and he instantly conjectured it to be an electrical switch-board, designed to control and direct the current generated by the dynamo.

  12. Fix two or three pointed needles into the prime conductor of an electrical machine, and set the glass in motion so as to keep the prime conductor electrified for several minutes.

  13. By the motion of circulating points, we may in some measure imitate the revolutions of the heavenly bodies, forming what is called the Electrical Orrery.

  14. Then put an electrical machine in motion, and present the wax just blown out at the distance of some inches from the prime conductor.

  15. He let them tap and measure and apply electrical gadgets to their heart's content.

  16. And the electrical characteristics of some of them--you wouldn't believe the transistors he's been able to build!

  17. Larchmont has been wont to call 'a very elegant method', produces electrical power directly from the fusion of hydrogen into helium.

  18. The production of caustic soda by an electrical method still remains to be fully developed.

  19. The following is the most successful electrical process for the manufacture of caustic soda yet devised.

  20. At the same time, both processes are in some degree of danger of being supplanted by the newer electrical methods, which will be mentioned in the last chapter.

  21. I entrusted to you gifts of rare scientific interest--electrical devices of such utility that their general adoption by mankind would create a new era in earth life.

  22. I hope you will favor me with another interview," said the king, "for I am much interested in your electrical inventions.

  23. The future advance of civilization will be along electrical lines.

  24. At once Rob saw through the whole plot to kill him and thus secure possession of his electrical devices.

  25. You will then understand something of my electrical powers.

  26. Everything was exactly as he had left it, and he looked at his simple electrical devices with some amusement.

  27. The Master Key An Electrical Fairy Tale Founded Upon The Mysteries Of Electricity And The Optimism Of Its Devotees.

  28. It has power to accumulate and exercise electrical repellent force.

  29. His first act was to transfer the traveling machine to his own wrist and to see that his other electrical devices were safely bestowed in his pockets.

  30. All character sends out certain electrical vibrations, which these spectacles concentrate in their lenses and exhibit to the gaze of their wearer, as I have explained.

  31. See that you employ these powers wisely, in the interests of science, and do not forget your promise to exhibit your electrical marvels only to those who are most capable of comprehending them.

  32. Mrs. Joslyn bent over her son with tears in her eyes and said: "This electrical nonsense has affected your mind, dear.

  33. If my fellow-creatures would have as much trouble with your electrical inventions as I had, I am doing them a service by depriving them of your devices," said the boy.

  34. Others had still further experimented with this curious substance and its interesting electrical phenomena.

  35. As a matter of fact, at the middle of the crystal its electrical power becomes imperceptible.

  36. It remained for Abbe Hauey, however, to demonstrate the scientific properties of tourmaline and the relations which its electrical phenomena bore toward the crystalline structure of the mineral.

  37. His experiments soon showed him, too, that there were a number of other substances, besides tourmaline, which possessed this same electrical property when subjected to heat in the crystalline stage.

  38. In all of these other pyro-electrical crystals, Hauey detected a corresponding deviation from the rules of symmetry in their secondary crystals to that which occurs in tourmaline.

  39. Not long before this, Professor Gordon, a Scotch Benedictine monk who was teaching at the University of Erfurt, constructed the first practical electrical machine.

  40. It is true, others before him had noted that substances like tourmaline possessed electrical properties.

  41. In the electrical testing-room the same watchful activity prevails.

  42. The electricians, or those in charge of the electrical work of the laying, whose duty it is to see that the cable is all right electrically.

  43. During her voyage to the place from which she is to start laying, electrical tests are taken daily of the cables on board, to see that they continue sound, and the machinery for laying is got ready.

  44. See his address published in the November, 1893, Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

  45. When a person goes into a trance there is an embargo on the blood and the soul can leave the spark cells of the nerve substance of the brain and occupy a spiritual body or electrical vapor in the atmosphere or ether.

  46. When we left the Electrical Buildin', it wuz so nigh at hand we jest stepped acrost into the Hall of Mines and Minin'.

  47. Determinations of the electrical conductivity of the diazonium chloride and nitrate also show that the diazonium radical is strictly comparable with other quaternary ammonium ions.

  48. The electrical resistance is about that of ordinary glass, and is diminished by one-half during exposure by Rontgen rays; the dielectric constant (16) is greater than that which should correspond to the specific gravity.

  49. I can get no indications of electrical disturbance during contraction in the way you suggest--at least not with Sarsia; but I intend to try with some of the larger Medusæ.

  50. The effects of electrical stimulation agreed in all respects with those produced on the excitable tissues of other animals.

  51. It only happens in about one case out of ten, and never except in response to either chemical or electrical stimulation.

  52. In that case, it would be worth while to ascertain whether there would be any electrical apparatus at Cambridge which I could get the use of at a lower rate of profit to the owners.

  53. The large electrical plant at Antwerp known as l'Escaut was stripped of its machinery, which was transferred to a German plant.

  54. But the evidence he adduces in support of His early claims is that of persons ignorant of electrical science, and the model shown was not complete.

  55. The latter had nothing to do with the electrical work, his care being the deck machinery for raising the cable; but it entailed a good deal of responsibility, which was flattering and agreeable to a young man of his parts.

  56. Siemens was able to produce a great variety of electrical instruments for measuring and other auxiliary purposes, all of which bear the name of his firm, and have proved exceedingly useful in a practical sense.

  57. At Birkenhead he made some accurate measurements of the electrical properties of materials used in submarine cables.

  58. Otto von Guericke, burgomaster of Magdeburg, invented the electrical machine for generating large quantities of the electric fire.

  59. Other electrical effects were also observed by the ancients.

  60. Jenkin was busy designing and fitting up machinery for cableships, and making electrical experiments.

  61. Many and complete are the adjustments for rendering it serviceable under a wide range of electrical conditions and climatic changes.

  62. We gave them half an hour to convey the end of the wire to shore and attach the type-printing instrument, and then I sent the first electrical message across the Channel.

  63. This fact and hypothesis brought electrical phenomena within the domain of mathematical analysis and, as already mentioned, Laplace, Biot, Poisson, G.

  64. A cloud passed without any electrical indications, and he began to despair of success.

  65. Succeeding Maxwell as Cavendish professor of physics at Cambridge in 1880, he soon devoted himself especially to the exact redetermination of the practical electrical units in absolute measure.

  66. When the incandescent lamp became a commercial article, ship-lighting sets and installations for theatres and mansions constituted the major portion of the electrical work.

  67. If the chemical changes which occur in the cell were allowed to take place in a closed vessel without the performance of electrical or other work, the change in energy would be measured by the heat evolved.

  68. Nevertheless, the remarkable general agreement of the numbers in the four columns is quite enough to show the intimate connexion between chemical activity and electrical conductivity.

  69. Under this head are grouped a number of light phenomena which at first sight may appear to be electrical in nature but in reality are not.

  70. Although still a mystery, it is possible that this light is also of electrical origin or that in some cases large clusters of luminous fungi have been observed.

  71. It is best seen in winter during and after snowstorms and is a purely electrical phenomenon.

  72. His pieces are not so perfect as those of Sophocles, but they are more replete with those exquisite beauties which strike the heart with the electrical fire of poetry, and his language is more soft and persuasive.

  73. So, electrical engineering lost much of its charm and glamour.

  74. Along with my experimenting, I was reading mechanics magazines and in one of them I saw the International Correspondence School advertisement and enrolled in an electrical engineering course.

  75. And I learned that I could touch the two wires just a wee bit with the tips of my thumbs and fingers and enjoy a little electrical tingle.

  76. This electrical energy must then be stored up so that it can be used later when the craft is submerged and it is wanted.

  77. Powerful little motors can be bought at almost any electrical supply house, and you can use one of these by building up the base.

  78. To store up the electrical energy a storage battery (see Fig.

  79. This is an electrical device which is simply a little dynamo.

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