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Example sentences for "electrician"

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  1. If I were a great electrician I should know what to ask," he said.

  2. Now that you know such things to be possible and practical, the hint should be sufficient to enable a shrewd electrician to prepare duplicates of them.

  3. To illustrate: the electrician develops a current of electricity, which to the scientist is a portion of the universal ether moving in a certain definite manner.

  4. Instead, he taught that God is part of nature, and superior to it only in the sense that the electrician is superior to the current that is transmitted along the wire.

  5. The electrician has found that by winding a wire in a certain manner around iron and rotating it near a magnet, electric currents are set up.

  6. The bearded man was known as Arthur Cole, and was an electrician employed at one of the County Council power-stations.

  7. Above the clatter of the Dewey's engines the gunners forward could hear the electrician talking excitedly to Lieutenant McClure.

  8. By adjusting the headpiece of the ship's microphone to his ears Chief Electrician Sammy Smith kept close tabs on the approaching vessel with the underwater telephone.

  9. Hardly had the electrician concluded the report before the Dewey was rocked by another submarine detonation---the explosion of a second depth bomb.

  10. We seem to have landed plumb in the nest of a German raiding party," rattled off the electrician glibly as he passed the receivers to his commander for a verification of his report.

  11. The yacht was considered to be not seaworthy any more, and a W/T transmitter it carried was dismantled completely by an electrician who knew nothing about wireless.

  12. This was a signal for the stage electrician to plunge the house into darkness.

  13. The electrician from the wings was cautiously whispering to Joe to let him know what to do.

  14. Scott, electrician of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.

  15. The signals are everything an electrician could desire.

  16. That the United States government obtain from some eminent electrician specifications for the best description of cable suitable for the great depths and the great lengths required to connect the western with the eastern coasts of the Pacific.

  17. Night and day for a whole year an electrician has always been on duty watching the tiny ray of light through which signals are given, and twice every day the whole length of wire--1240 miles--has been tested for conductivity and insulation.

  18. I had been impressed and somewhat startled by Cellini's story; but I was in no way alarmed at the idea of trusting myself to the hands of a physical electrician such as Heliobas professed to be.

  19. However, some one should be with the electrician at the dress rehearsal and on the evening of the performance to give him the necessary light cues.

  20. He is not indispensable, because almost always the regular electrician attends to the switchboard.

  21. Yet the practical electrician knows as well as the expert that he is dealing with a real force, and may be able to wire the house better than the theoretical electrician himself could do.

  22. I've sent for the electrician to come and rip out everything.

  23. Then he telephoned for Haliday of the prosecutor's office, and also for the chief electrician of the police signal system, and all three spent some time looking at the wires and testing them.

  24. Yes, when I tested them with an instrument I secured from an electrician here in town the wires were dead.

  25. Fred bargained with him to communicate with some competent electrician in some other city and get him to come down to the ranch and stay for one month, saying that he would pay him well for his services.

  26. I am going to see if I can find a good electrician to come out and electrify the wires in this fence, so when they attempt to cut this fence again some of them will get knocked off the face of the earth.

  27. Take a deep jar and inside it place a porous jar of earthenware, which the electrician will provide.

  28. As we cannot make this we must apply to an electrician for it.

  29. The electrician was absent, but had kindly left directions that I was to be received, and I found a most comfortable guest-room quite ready.

  30. It says: 'It is not customary to look at the sun, and not even the most enthusiastic electrician would suggest that naked arcs and incandescent filaments were objects to be gazed at without limit.

  31. All of this information may be obtained by inquiring of a local electrician or of the power station from which the current is obtained.

  32. It cannot be located and on being replaced a second fuse blows, the services of an electrician should be secured.

  33. What the farmer would call a short cut the electrician calls a short circuit, and a short circuit is often a more convenient way of cutting off a current than a switch which interposes resistance.

  34. Darrin saw me, and he glanced swiftly at the chief electrician to draw attention to me.

  35. But the chief electrician stepped over, halting in front of the hapless one, and said: "This is the young gentleman, sir.

  36. The chief electrician was now summoned, and to him the section was turned over.

  37. Good-by," he said, "and watch that electrician at twelve.

  38. I am counting on you to stand by and see that that electrician is on his toes at twelve o'clock.

  39. The electrician who works at this problem has to begin almost de novo, and his task is an immensely difficult one, although on every ground of analogy success certainly looks possible.

  40. Why, he had talked with Tim Toyer that very morning on his way to work and Tim had breathed no word, although he was the head electrician and had charge of the dynamo which generated the current both for Aldercliffe and Pine Lea.

  41. Now Mr. Holmes knew Tom Watson well for the young electrician had done a great deal of work for him in the past; moreover, the New York man was a person who kept well abreast of the times and was always alert for novel ideas.

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