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  1. So it appears more and more certain that the deviations are a result of the presence of electrically charged components in the solutions, the amount of deviation depending on their concentration.

  2. This is electrically equipped and will maintain an even temperature at all times.

  3. That during south winds and in damp weather, glass and crystal, which collect moisture on their surface, are electrically more interfered with than amber, jet and sulphur, which do not so easily take up moisture on their surfaces.

  4. If the ends of the active conductor are electrically connected to two collecting rings fixed upon, but insulated from, the shaft, two stationary brushes bb can be pressed on the rings so as to make a sliding contact.

  5. A second pencil electrically connected to a clock traces a time line on the diagram with a kick at every thirty seconds.

  6. I next employed thermal radiation as the stimulus; the source of radiation was a length of electrically heated platinum wire.

  7. Thermal stimulation was caused by the proximity of electrically heated platinum wire.

  8. The large-sized starch-grains, normally observed in the endodermis, are found to disappear in specimens which have become geo-electrically insensitive.

  9. Direct stimulation under light induces excitatory reaction, which is mechanically exhibited by contraction, and electrically by induced galvanometric negativity.

  10. When you dissolve it in water it becomes ionized, which means that each molecule of salt splits up into two ions one of which is electrically positive and the other electrically negative.

  11. At some distance away, say one hundred yards, there is a similar frame also electrically connected to an electro-magnet in the same instrument house.

  12. Mines of this kind can, of course, be fired electrically by the tilting of a cup of mercury or similar device as already described.

  13. In each end compartment is a stick of graphite, both being electrically joined together and so connected up that they form anodes, while in the centre compartment is the cathode.

  14. In cold weather, or for high-flight work, this headgear was augmented by a silk helmet of double thickness, having between its layers an electrically heated pad connected by copper wire to the electric generator on the plane's engine.

  15. Over the electrically heated moccasins were worn leather moccasins extending well up the calf of the leg and lined with heavy sheep wool.

  16. The meat choppers would cut up 20 pounds of meat or vegetables in five minutes, and the electrically operated potato peeler would peel 40 pounds of potatoes in three minutes.

  17. It consists of a globular bottle with a rather long wide neck, in which are placed two long narrow graphite plates, electrically connected to each other and to one of the binding screws on the top.

  18. The modern burglar, electrically educated as regards common practise in such matters, would naturally make a point of cutting all wires that fall in his path.

  19. Note the shelter which contains thermometers and also the electrically equipped instruments to record the direction and velocity of the wind 90 Figure 30.

  20. Note the shelter which contains thermometers and also the electrically equipped instruments to record the direction and velocity of the wind.

  21. In most cases air is compressed by steam or electrically driven compressors, and in such machines the heat due to compression is a serious matter.

  22. But, another Crusoe chancing upon the footprint of another man Friday, his nose, not his eyes, shocked him electrically alert as he smelled the fresh contact of a living man's foot with the ground.

  23. In a little while heating and lighting and the supply of power for domestic and industrial purposes and for urban and inter-urban communications will all be managed electrically from common generating stations.

  24. Our landlord sits down at table with us for a moment, and seeing we do not understand the electrically heated coffee-pot before us, shows us what to do.

  25. They are also arranged so that they may be exploded electrically by contact with passing vessels.

  26. Amber is one of the most electrically excitable of all known substances; in fact, the name electricity itself was derived from electron, the Greek name for amber.

  27. Enrico Fermi, an Italian physicist, seized upon the idea of using the newly discovered neutron (an electrically neutral particle) and showed that bombardment with neutrons also could induce radioactivity in a target substance.

  28. Alpha and beta particles ionize gases through which they pass, thereby making the gases electrically conductive.

  29. These pulses can be counted electrically and recorded on a meter at rates up to several thousand per minute.

  30. Another kitchen accessory is a rotating table on which are mounted various household machines such as meat choppers, cream whippers, egg beaters and other apparatus all electrically operated.

  31. As he enters an electrically operated door mat cleans his shoes and if he is aware of the equipments of the house, he can have his clothes brushed by an automatic brush attached to the hat-rack in the hall.

  32. There is now no longer any use for chimneys on electrically equipped houses, for the fires have been eliminated and all heat and light drawn from the electric street mains.

  33. Let us take a glance at the laundry in the electrically equipped house.

  34. Many charges can be electrically fired at the same time.

  35. The latter is equipped with an electric range provided with electrically heated ovens, broilers, vegetable cookers, saucepans, dishes, etc.

  36. Certain types of meteorograph are connected, electrically or otherwise, with some of the instruments at meteorological stations; others are sent aloft attached to kites and balloons.

  37. The gauge is connected electrically with registering apparatus indoors, so that every tip of the bucket is recorded.

  38. Obediently the stranger knocked and the door opened through an invisible agent, much to the man's surprise, though there was nothing more magical about the phenomenon than there is about any electrically controlled office door.

  39. It was unlike the average trolley in that it was obviously electrically driven.

  40. Electrically controlled," said the doctor; "and you can neither move it one way nor the other.

  41. In front of the moving glass plate a tuning-fork is fixed, also a lever actuated by the muscle to be electrically stimulated.

  42. Bashforth, the time markings were made electrically from a standard clock, and fractions of a second were estimated by interpolation.

  43. Now as the particles are fixed in the mass, and as the direction of the induction through them must change with its change relative to the mass, the constant effect indicates that they can be polarized electrically in any direction.

  44. The place had been electrically lighted, but owing to the destruction of the power-house the lamps were extinguished.

  45. He told me most emphatically that a torpedo exploded electrically alongside her extended torpedo-nets did no material damage to the hull.

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