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  1. I am forbidden by my compact with the other Electors to see Prince Roland or to hold any communication with him.

  2. We three Electors hope to avoid all commotion by having our plans prepared and acting upon them promptly.

  3. Mayence answered indifferently: "I do not agree with you, but we are here three Electors of equal power, and two can always outvote one.

  4. But they overlooked the fact that a majority of the Electors themselves, and probably the Archbishops also, benefited directly or indirectly by the piracies on the Rhine.

  5. Inform him that we three Electors wish to review your troops from the northern balcony, and bid them file past from the hills to the river road.

  6. The meeting was brought about by the Electors themselves, who, stupid matchmakers, attempted to coerce each into a marriage with the other.

  7. I need hardly tell you that the Earl himself succeeded where the seven Electors failed.

  8. Even though his bombshell had not exploded, and the two other Electors were apparently greater friends than ever, Cologne had achieved his immediate object, and was satisfied.

  9. The Court of Electors is not convened for the purpose of securing your consent, but with the duty of imposing upon you a command.

  10. Now the second, third, and fourth orders of electors doing exactly after the same manner, it comes to pass that one competitor to every magistracy being chosen in each order, there be in all four competitors chosen to every magistracy.

  11. The like is done by the rest of the electors of the first order, till one competitor be chosen, and written to every magistracy in their list.

  12. The Parisian electors now sent to the Hotel de Ville a council in which the majority were Nationalists, in general sympathy with the anti-Semitic and plebiscitary movements.

  13. It was provided that the senatorial electors in each department should be the deputies, the members of the conseil general and of the conseils d'arrondissement, and delegates nominated by the municipal councils of each commune.

  14. In India the franchise is exercised without distinction of colour or nationality; in Senegal the electors are the inhabitants (black and white) of the communes which have been given full powers.

  15. Fothergill, too, in an address to the Electors of the County of Durham, in 1826, indulges in a fling at the river which pays its tribute to the Harbour of York.

  16. The new House, which embraced many persons who had been members of the previous Parliament, was persuaded to vote the Address to the electors of Halton a libel, to exclude its author from the House, and to commit him to prison.

  17. It is "to the free and independent electors of the County of Durham, the East Riding of the County of York, and the County of Simcoe.

  18. It is addressed to the Free and Independent Electors of the East Riding of York.

  19. There being a vacancy, the king chose to take the appointment out of the hands of the fellows, the legal electors of a president, into his own hands.

  20. The only two electors of Westminster who attended, besides Mr. Birt, were Mr. Nicholson and Mr. Bowie.

  21. As soon as the Parliament was dissolved, I addressed a public letter to the Electors of Bristol, promising them to be at my post on the day of election; which promise, as will hereafter he seen, I scrupulously observed.

  22. I gained great credit for the manner in which I did this, in an address to the electors from the hustings, declaring that my only object was to expose the delinquency of their former Member, the new Welch Judge.

  23. The chair was taken by Sir Francis Burdett, who briefly stated the purpose for which the electors had met.

  24. A public meeting was called by the electors of Westminster, to take into consideration a petition to be presented to Parliament, against renewing the war for the purpose of forcing a ruler upon the people of France.

  25. I was sorry to hear, that the Number of Votes returned, the last Time, did not amount to a Quarter of the Number of qualified Electors in the Commonwealth.

  26. The electors were divided into a Gothic-Roman and a national-Roman party.

  27. The electors subscribed the decree of election which in the meantime had been prepared, and laid it up for future record in the archive.

  28. It is quite possible, however, that these electors may not desire the public good, and that even if they do, they may be deceived as to the manner of realizing it.

  29. Now the practical point to secure against these false Liberals at present is, that our electors should not divide their votes.

  30. No man had greater reason to feel secure than Carbo, who had so lately tested the suffrages of the people as electors and as judges; yet no man was in greater peril.

  31. Confidence of the electors in the ancient houses.

  32. Yet his electors could have no idea of giving hereditary right to his descendants, because such a perpetual exclusion of themselves was incompatible with the free and unrestrained principles they professed to live by.

  33. The electors met in the audience-chamber, which was splendidly decorated for the occasion: all the dignitaries of the State, and the great nobility were assembled, presenting a very imposing spectacle.

  34. After a short conference, the electors reported that they had chosen Arthur of Britain and the Princess Edith to be their lawful sovereigns.

  35. All Frenchmen aged thirty years complete, who exercise political and civil rights, who dwell in the electoral division, and who pay a direct tax of two hundred francs in principal, are electors for the division.

  36. If the number of Deputies to be named to complete the deputation of any department, does not exceed that which the electors of the department ought to elect, they will all be elected by these electors.

  37. The Deputies to Parliament are named partly by the electors of the department, and partly by the electors of the divisions into which each department is divided, in conformity with the table annexed to the present law.

  38. Amongst the electors by whom I am surrounded here, I have met with nothing but moderate, patient, and loyal dispositions.

  39. The Deputies nominated by the electors of departments may be selected from all who are eligible throughout the kingdom.

  40. No Deputy can be elected by the first series of votes, except by an absolute majority of the electors of the district and department, who have voted during the three days.

  41. We should thus pay a compliment to the electors by summoning those who appear to hold the most distinguished places in their confidence.

  42. The electors of each electoral divisions nominate directly the number of Deputies fixed by the same table.

  43. The electors of departments exercise their rights as electors of division, each in the division in which he dwells.

  44. This rule applies to the electors of each department.

  45. The "gay and illegitimate creditors" are like false electors admitted into the electoral college.

  46. As to what had been urged of the disadvantage to which Electors were subjected in large districts, of not knowing the characters of their Representatives and candidates, Mr. B.

  47. The Electors chosen in the different States gave the same number of votes for Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr; there being a tie, it devolved, by the direction of the constitution, upon the House of Representatives to make an election.

  48. On this day, being the day by law appointed for counting the votes of the Electors of President and Vice President, there were present the following Representatives, respectively, that is to say: From New Hampshire.

  49. There are two classes of electors; each group of about five hundred electors of the first class selects an elector of the second class, and the electors of the second class nominate and elect the Deputies.

  50. In the meanwhile, people, prejudiced against all outward form of government and wholly ignorant of the elements of economics, suddenly found themselves the free electors of a representative assembly.

  51. We lead very quiet lives here--Dilke is at present in Greek histories and antiquities, and talks of nothing but the electors of Westminster and the retreat of the ten-thousand.

  52. There is a letter to-day in the Examiner to the Electors of Westminster on Mr. Hobhouse's account.

  53. With these names as watchwords, the party leaders went into the contest for presidential electors in November.

  54. The letter of the constitution was adhered to, and the people were called upon to choose electors only, who, when they should meet at the time specified by the constitution, should ballot for whomsoever they pleased for president.

  55. The Kentucky electors voted for Jefferson for the same office, and one vote was cast by a South Carolina delegate for Aaron Burr.

  56. The electors were therefore chosen in reference, first, to their partisan character, and secondly, to their partiality to some particular man prominent in the political field.

  57. The woman knew at once with whom she had to do, and ejaculated: "God be atween you an' me!

  58. A fisherwoman in the north-east of Scotland was once left alone in bed with her baby, when in came a little man dressed in green, and proceeded to lay hold of the child.

  59. A few nights after a woman had been delivered of her first child a cry of fire was raised, and every one ran out of the house to see whence it proceeded, leaving the helpless mother alone with her babe.

  60. A committee of magistrates and electors of the city were appointed by those bodies, to take upon them its government.

  61. The electors have done great credit to themselves by appointing you, and not a little by rejecting the ultra-liberal Archbishop, and that by so decided a majority.

  62. But, if there be a deficiency, the fault must lie with the Electors themselves.

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