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hardily; hardiment; hardiness; hardinesse; hardlie; hardned; hardness; hardnesse; hardpan; hardshell
  1. Ethel and her companions were below air the time and hardly knew what was going on.

  2. Fifteen miles, perhaps; I really hardly know; we've been interrupted so much.

  3. She had never quite understood her own attitude toward that taciturn young Japanese whom she had seen daily for two years without hardly making his acquaintance.

  4. A liquid filler or a japan simply spread over the work in one or two coats can hardly be called filling, yet this will serve the purpose very well for cheap furniture.

  5. When Churchill nettled him, however, it is certain he felt the sting, or that poet's works would hardly have been left out of the edition.

  6. I did think that story too dreadful to be credited, and can hardly yet persuade myself that it was true to the full extent we all of us have heard.

  7. The newspapers of the day dealt hardly with her.

  8. First there was a thick luxuriant green turf, which, even in the hottest days of the year, had hardly a single sunburnt patch.

  9. If one of this strange pair of lovers must perish, it will hardly be my friend Fara.

  10. She can hardly move under the weight of her jewels.

  11. Hardly could two great armies ever before have lain for months' within sight of each other as these two did in almost amicable relations.

  12. He had hardly been taken from his horse when two aides, Lieutenant Morrison and Lieutenant Smith, arrived.

  13. Artillery could hardly be used, because of the mixture of the lines, but nowhere in the war was such rifle fire known.

  14. Nothing could be more creditable to a young colony than the way everything was arranged, for the difficulties in one's culinary path in Natal are hardly to be appreciated by English housekeepers.

  15. Here it is particularly acceptable, for without its sustaining qualities one could hardly survive the slow movements of those most deliberate of all mortals, the Turkish officials.

  16. During the day they sleep, lying about the streets so stupid that they will hardly move; in fact, horses and donkeys step over them, and pedestrians wisely let them alone.

  17. His reply was: "I was just fourteen, and I played the soubrette characters in an amateur company--a line that I could hardly assume with any degree of vraisemblance now.

  18. I thought David would be vexed, but I could not have expected what really happened, I had hardly finished my story when he burst into the most ungovernable rage.

  19. Who would believe that twenty-four hours ago one could hardly endure a white muslin dressing-gown?

  20. It would be hardly possible to name a corner of Italy that has not by deputation or special official message sought to associate itself with the task of doing him honor.

  21. This further step seems, when we view within the camera the image in perfect panoply of all its hues, so very slight in comparison with the original discovery of Daguerre, that we can hardly refer it to a distant future.

  22. Latkin answered by kissing in the air and winking his eyes: he evidently hardly knew what he was doing.

  23. It could hardly have been a recognition of carriage-making as one of the fine arts that caused the placing of an immense receptacle for such vehicles in so prominent a position near Memorial Hall.

  24. The romantic reader will be disappointed with his meagre statements here, which hardly bring these two people more distinctly before us than are Solomon and the queen of Sheba.

  25. And after she had kissed her frequently she thanked her again effusively, as if she had received some signal grace that could hardly be repaid.

  26. I called him aside, and, hardly waiting to take breath, I stammered out that my parents were very angry with me for giving the watch away, and that if he was willing to give it back to me I would gladly pay him for it.

  27. I whisper hardly above my breath, and leaning over her and over my aunt, I take hold of the watch.

  28. It must be quite needless to remind those who have ever seen it of the features of that most poetically suggestive spot, and I can hardly hope to enable any who have not seen it to form an adequate idea of its exceeding beauty.

  29. It is one of which we can hardly be said to have a specimen in our literature.

  30. Now however good counsel seemed scarce, and an expedient hardly possible.

  31. Still closer, still brighter grows the throng, more and more melodious their lispings; then with garlands and solemn triumph they lead the Genius along, who with his dark eyes can hardly peep through his luxuriant flower-wreaths.

  32. The mother could hardly conceal her embarrassment.

  33. Miss Erhard too was in high spirits, and Michael, who was a spectator, could hardly conceive how she could move so nimbly in the Scotch reel.

  34. They say you have hardly opened a book during the four terms you have been at the University.

  35. And they had hardly said the words before Ingrid said that it was very likely, and wanted to set off at once.

  36. This is not as in a town, where people hardly turn round when you are carried past.

  37. The old woman hardly knew what to think of Ingrid.

  38. She could hardly lift her feet sufficiently to walk up the steps.

  39. And whilst I gazed upon Him my heart was filled with such a love and holy joy that I could hardly bear it.

  40. And Ingrid had hardly told of how she had been lying in the grave, and that a Dalar man had come and saved her, before old Miss Stafva grew red and quickly bent down to hide it.

  41. Yes, it was a hard wind, but not a storm by any means; there were hardly any waves.

  42. Gently and tenderly he lifted up the trembling form, and whilst lovingly supporting her, who was still sobbing and who could hardly stand upright, he and Astrid went back to the King's Castle.

  43. There was a bridge leading on to the island, so shaky that they hardly thought it would keep together until they were safely over.

  44. This year the Colonel had hardly got to the great highroad before he met his old friend Ensign von [:O]rneclou.

  45. As he sat there and played at the edge of the grave it did not sound amiss; he did not play a wrong note, and he played so softly and gently that it could hardly be heard at the next grave.

  46. They took small, tripping steps, and whirled round in a small circle; they hardly went outside the carpet, and their faces beamed with joy and delight.

  47. What sentence will he pronounce over me when he one day finds out my sin,' she thought, 'he who punishes himself so hardly for so slight an offence?

  48. He felt so tired that he could hardly hold the oars.

  49. It hardly contains more than half the oxygen necessary for its complete combustion.

  50. Barbara could hardly compass the unfamiliar word.

  51. Next morning the minister rose at daybreak, and was found wandering through the fields in such a state of excitement that he could hardly be induced to look at breakfast.

  52. He's lifted abune the body a'thegither, an' can hardly keep himsel awa frae the Hebrew at his breakfast.

  53. The missiles of the assailants are to be very soft snowballs, hardly more than mere clots, so that nobody can be hurt in the assault, but the defenders may repel the assailants with harder snowballs.

  54. She impulsively added, "She ain't hardly strong enough to be doing what she is, I tell her.

  55. I have been looking, as I need hardly tell you, to that invention to secure me a very large fortune, and I shall be ruined, indeed, if the design is taken abroad.

  56. He's had so many disappointments, that he'll hardly believe his luck.

  57. If you like you can keep it, or as it is hardly worth mentioning, keep it for some months, or even years if you like.

  58. The whole thing, I need hardly tell you, is a profound secret, and you may judge of my present state of mind when I tell you that one set of drawings has been stolen.

  59. Martin Hotteterre was hardly the first to introduce the second chaunter for the bag-pipe, since [v.

  60. During the greater part of the year this sea is frozen, but, while hardly ever free of ice, there are normally navigable channels along the coasts from the beginning of June to the end of September connected by transverse channels.

  61. The cessation of the trade was marked, however, by hardly any disturbance; there were no local failures, and in a few months the steamers and their crews departed, and New Providence subsided into its usual state of quietude.

  62. Agag, in verse 7, can hardly be the Amalekite king of 1 Sam.

  63. It need hardly be said that the exact accuracy of such narratives is not an essential part of the Christian faith; no such doctrine is laid down by the creeds and confessions.

  64. The observation, of course, is that of a type of business man in the city to which Ricardo as well as Bagehot belonged, though Ricardo could hardly look at it from the outside as Bagehot was able to do.

  65. This distinction admits of a useful elasticity in the administration of the law, having regard to the comparative importance of the case, which is hardly possible under the English act.

  66. But at least three ladies, all of a rank higher than his own, figure as his "Egerias" to such an extent that it is hardly extravagant to say that Balzac would not have been Balzac without them.

  67. But that cannot be, for I see iron and brass in this room which would hardly remain there could you convert it to gold.

  68. Hardly time for him with his small staff of officers to enrol his men and divide them into regiments.

  69. The first and second I let pass, for I hardly realised that they so completely overlooked us.

  70. As we approached this lonely gibbet we saw that a dried-up wisp of a thing which could hardly be recognised as having once been a human being was dangling from the centre of it.

  71. In all their preachments they so highly pretended to the Spirit, that some of them could hardly spell a letter.

  72. It is he who slew my youngest born,' cried the old woman, casting a malignant look at the mummy above her, and shaking a clenched hand at it which was hardly more fleshy than its own.

  73. He would swear when he was happy or when he was sad, when he was angry or when he was loving, but this swearing was so mere a trick of speech, without malice or bitterness, that even my father could hardly deal harshly with the sinner.

  74. Petersfield had always been a great stronghold of the Church, having hardly a Nonconformist within its bounds.

  75. I had hardly spoken before the folding-doors of the town-hall were thrown open, and a procession of the city fathers emerged into the market-place.

  76. He has much need of more soldierly advisers, for since Fletcher hath gone there is hardly a man about him who hath been trained to arms.

  77. They had hardly passed through the opposite door into the Duke's own room, when the gentleman with the list called out a name, and the guests began one after the other to file into the great man's presence.

  78. If I did not make the course of events clear to you, you would hardly understand the influences which had such an effect upon my whole history.

  79. There was a short silence, during which the naturalists stared at Migo, hardly knowing what to say.

  80. Hardly that," laughed Mr. Lewis, "though it might be used as a club.

  81. Hardly five minutes had passed when Bob caught the arm of the policeman, who was nearest him.

  82. Joe could hardly believe what his chum said.

  83. I can hardly wait to get into that Forest of Mystery," said Joe, stopping for a moment to glance toward the west.

  84. The youths hardly knew what to do with the carcass.

  85. I hardly know," returned Bob, who was somewhat disappointed at sight of the vessel.

  86. The chums could hardly tear themselves away from the window.

  87. For Hirsko it was hardly well; for Lord Grazian, when he had read the letter, in his first outburst of anger, had him bound and scourged to the full value of a woman's kiss.

  88. When brought before Idalia, his face was hardly recognizable, it was so blue with frost and pain, and its features were so distorted.

  89. And the little fellow would hardly wait to be asked, but spring up on the table and recite what he had learned; and the ladies would blush to the very roots of their hair; some would laugh, but the more prudish would go away.

  90. Hare and hounds can; but man could hardly do it.

  91. Grazian Likovay's gouty leg really was a good weather-prophet; they had hardly reached the middle of the Waag when the ice crowded around them, and the boat was held firm amid the blocks.

  92. She had hardly waited half an hour when there was a shrill whistle.

  93. She was gentle and condescending to every one; and the mistakes of her household were hardly noted, while formerly her eye was wont to spy out everything and rebuke it at once with voice and hand.

  94. In case anybody understood English, it was hardly probable the Arabic text would be familiar too.

  95. When it was hardly dark, Grazian gave orders for all to go to their night's rest, for the next morning they must rub their eyes open early, for there was to be a wedding in the house.

  96. The walls were already as black as a scaffold, with the underground mould, which had so covered everything over that objects lying on the ground could hardly be recognized.

  97. It has been done times out of number, and this in ways which have been hardly noticed.

  98. If Philidor had been an Englishman he would hardly have sold a copy of his book.

  99. I hardly dare flatter myself with the hope of its taking place; but I believe it, tho' itself not easy to be accomplished, to be the only solution for other and greater difficulties.

  100. There is hardly a part of the Budget that is not too stupidly wrong even for the doctor's dullness and ignorance.

  101. Her charm and tact warranted the belief that in the near future the Prime Minister would dominate the social sphere hardly less than the political.

  102. I need hardly tell you that every step you have taken has been exactly what we should have desired.

  103. The oldest specimens, which are hardly glazed at all, are coated with an excessively thin slip.

  104. The speech frightened poor Mr. Peaslee, and he was hardly reassured by the skeptical smile of Squire Tucker, and his remark that he would believe that Lamoury was hurt when he saw him.

  105. Not a sound came from the grand jury; the members sat and stared at him in blank wonder, hardly able to credit their ears.

  106. I hardly know if we can discover exactly Antoninus' notion of the free will of man, nor is the question worth the inquiry.

  107. Then turn to the morals of those who live with thee, and it is hardly possible to endure even the most agreeable of them, to say nothing of a man being hardly able to endure himself.

  108. For substance is like a river in a continual flow, and the activities of things are in constant change, and the causes work in infinite varieties; and there is hardly anything which stands still.

  109. But the motion of virtue is in none of these: it is something more divine, and advancing by a way hardly observed, it goes happily on its road.

  110. All things are implicated with one another, and the bond is holy; and there is hardly anything unconnected with any other thing.

  111. Musonius Rufus, while he was still a slave, but he could hardly have been a teacher before he was made free.

  112. Such a body of teachers distinguished by their acquirements and their character will hardly be collected again; and as to the pupil, we have not had one like him since.

  113. So there is hardly any similarity between a stationary boiler stoker and a locomotive stoker, except keeping the steam up perhaps; the loco.

  114. How would you account for the great agitation in the open caldron while the steam boiler had hardly any, although both vessels had fierce fires under them?

  115. I saw that Cecille was hardly satisfied with her grandmother's views of Clara, and yet they were so true that she could not oppose them.

  116. That may suit you just as well, but your father would hardly be willing to pay his money if you were left to get your lessons by yourselves.

  117. Since that, I have hardly thought of any thing else, and I am more and more convinced that it all comes from my bad temper; but that is no comfort, since I cannot help it.

  118. Because it was such a little village that I could hardly get any work there.

  119. She was an active, industrious woman, and had always taken good care of them, but as their father was far from rich, they fared hardly after her death, and were often sadly neglected.

  120. I could hardly see any thing at all, grandmother, and what I did see looked black and ugly.

  121. Hardly was the door closed--he would have given the world to have locked it--when he begged her to listen to him a few minutes on a subject of the greatest importance.

  122. The other missionaries, we need hardly say, were as active as the Americans.

  123. He could hardly believe that the intense affection she felt for another, was compatible with love towards her parent.

  124. We should hardly say that he does better this year than usual, but we should certainly not say that he does worse.

  125. Now, there is not left in it hardly a trace of Roman civilization; certainly fewer, at all events, than the Arabs have left in Spain.

  126. Even the learned gentleman himself could hardly maintain his professional gravity when informed of the ingenious contrivances adopted for defrauding the revenue.

  127. The servants were hardly sufficient to supply the thirst of the guests.

  128. It will give me, however, a clue which perhaps may lead me to the end of the labyrinth, though as yet I hardly see my way.

  129. The servants are at a game of dominos, from which his entrance hardly disturbs them, and fortunate is he if any one conduct him with a careless lazy air to the "salon.

  130. Strictly, then, the volumes are so exclusively subordinate and ministerial to the poetry they illustrate, that apart from the latter they possess hardly any interest.

  131. A native of Marseilles would hardly have named the Canebiere with greater satisfaction.

  132. It seemed also, both to her and Marlow, that a part of the prohibition was removed, and though they might not perhaps be permitted to walk out together, Lady Hastings could hardly for the future forbid them to ride.

  133. We'll hardly find that, I think," said Bud.

  134. Well, I may have creased him," admitted the boy, using a word to denote a grazing bullet wound, hardly more than a scratch.

  135. What could we do with a boat in that stream, which is hardly three feet wide in places?

  136. It was just their picturesque, western manner of talking, and hardly had the echo of Old Billee's words died away on the hot, dusty air than he was gently patting the neck of the pony he rode.

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