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Example sentences for "serve"

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servat; servaunt; servauntes; servaunts; servd; served; serven; servent; server; servers
  1. He asked if she had forgotten the wars of Albracca, and all which he had done to serve her, that thus she supposed him afraid of another battle.

  2. He tells us, that he would gladly have had no new master, could he have helped it; but that, if he must needs serve, he would rather serve the master of every body else than a subordinate one.

  3. Get out of my way now, honey, and let me serve de supper.

  4. He measured Fred with his eye from head to foot, and what he saw did not serve to increase his confidence.

  5. That date may serve for the commencement of the third period of his adventure.

  6. Why didn't you and a maid serve the dinner yourselves?

  7. Decorative pattern on magic comb worn by women to serve as a charm against venomous reptiles and insects, similar design for similar reason sometimes painted on the breast (i.

  8. It will, I think, serve as a good example of the kind of research that is required in each case, and it will illustrate in a rather special manner the value of these traditions to history.

  9. They serve to show that the fight was an historical event.

  10. She is skilful to use the results of science up to the point where they serve her purpose, and to use the terms of science in order to build up her shattering position.

  11. These two examples will serve as warning against the too general acceptance of the custom and belief of savage and barbaric races, as identical with the custom and belief of early or primitive man.

  12. If, meanwhile, there is any way that I can serve you, believe me that I shall be glad to do so, for I heard you sing "Ah!

  13. But if the time ever comes when I can serve ye--" He choked.

  14. Sacrifice, then, this head, which years will soon remove, and preserve for yourself the arm which can serve you.

  15. This just punishment of impertinent language will serve as no small embellishment for it.

  16. My arms, in order to serve you, battling against my passion, by this [otherwise] glorious deed have deprived me of my love.

  17. I watch over mine; my [watchful] care protects them, as the head takes care of the limbs which serve it.

  18. Take courage, my daughter, and know that from to-day thy king will serve thee as a father instead of him.

  19. After opening the door, Balthazar laid his wife on a sofa, and left the room to stop the frightened servants from coming up by giving them orders to serve the dinner; then he went back to Madame Claes.

  20. To-morrow, if you give consent, a lawyer acting in the name of Monsieur Conyncks, who will not disavow the act, will serve an injunction upon them.

  21. Adieu, cousin, I shall endeavor to serve you in spite of yourself; I will prove my love by protecting you against your will from a disaster which all the town foresees.

  22. The servants of Monsieur Conyncks and of Pierquin, as well as those of the Claes household, were assembled to serve the repast.

  23. Congress desired, after Polk's election in 1844, to serve a year's notice on Great Britain and bring joint occupation to an end.

  24. Commonly regiments of local volunteers were used in these movements, or returned captives who were on parole to serve no more against the confederacy.

  25. Cheyenne, too, remained a city of some consequence because the Denver Pacific branched off at this point to serve the Pike's Peak region.

  26. It was ordered in 1716, "that the Sheriff for the future do not return any freeholders within the burrough of Bewdley to serve on jurys for the County Sessions, they having Sessions of their own.

  27. The Birmingham giant had done suit and service to the Dudley giant for many years, but growing fat he began to kick, and refused to serve the Dudley giant longer.

  28. Unquestionably these little ants are tool-using animals, because they make their larvæ serve as spinning spindles and also as weavers’ shuttles.

  29. It consists of a large central turntable flanked on each side by a pair of broad and long tread plates which serve as feet.

  30. However, air plays another and highly important part in transportation and here it is employed not to deliver energy stored in it, but to serve as a cushion.

  31. The tractor belt is driven by spur wheels at each end and the rollers serve merely to distribute the weight of the machine along the belt.

  32. A big air-filled bag hangs from the stern of the balloon and serves as a rudder while two other horizontal bags serve as stabilizing fins.

  33. Thus Edison made the ear of his machine serve the double office of hearing and talking.

  34. The ordinary pneumatic percussion drill will not serve for deep holes.

  35. The teeth on the matrices are variously cut away and serve as keys to the different channels of the magazine.

  36. I pledge myself to account the good of the Order as my own, and am ready to serve it with my fortune, my honour, and my blood.

  37. They would reign, though in hell, rather than serve in heaven.

  38. Henceforward you are citizens, all equal in rights--equally called upon to rule, to defend, and to serve your country.

  39. I shall therefore press the cultivation of science, especially such sciences as may have an influence on our reception in the world, and may serve to remove obstacles out of the way.

  40. Mirabeau was, as I have said, at the head of this democratic party, and had repeatedly said, that the only use of a King was to serve as a pageant, in order to give weight to public measures in the opinion of the populace.

  41. Equally ineffective are the declamations of Cosmo-politism on a mind filled with selfish passions;--they just serve it for a subterfuge.

  42. In his oath of allegiance he declares, "That the interests and the object of the Order shall be rated by him above all other relations, and that he will serve it with his honour, his fortune, and his blood.

  43. Nobles are represented as "a race of men that serve not the nation but the Prince, whom a hint from the Sovereign stirs up against the nation, who are retained servants and ministers of despotism, and the mean for oppressing national liberty.

  44. I will powerfully oppose superstition, slander, and despotism; so that, like a true son of the Order, I may serve the world.

  45. In the former, these adventures caused by Peredur's cousin serve apparently as tests of the hero's strength and courage.

  46. And her son went to serve King Pelles, their relative, and since two years she only knows of him that he is following tournaments throughout Great Britain.

  47. On the morrow Galahad rides forth accompanied by Melians, a youth who had begged to be allowed to serve him, and whom he had knighted.

  48. The question, "Whom serve they with the Grail?

  49. The knight bound himself to serve a particular lady, matron or maid.

  50. However, the first Lutheran minister to serve a Lutheran colony in America was Reorus Torkillus.

  51. They admonish the congregations to show their brotherly love in permitting their ministers to serve their forsaken and needy brethren.

  52. Upon request of the New York congregation the Lutheran Consistory of Amsterdam, in 1724, called him to serve the Dutch congregations in the Hudson Valley.

  53. The Germans therefore are under no obligations to the good will of such sirs, when they serve them in their language and according to their order.

  54. Many entrust their money to the Newlanders, who remain in Holland, and on their arrival in this country they must either serve themselves, or sell their children to serve for them.

  55. As soon as they are well, they must serve in payment of their freight, or pay, if they have property.

  56. She has yet to serve for four and a half years.

  57. The second objection asserted that the General Synod was a yoke of commandments of men, hence could not serve the purpose of true peace.

  58. When a spouse dies on the ocean after one-half of the voyage is completed, the remaining spouse must not only pay or serve for himself, but also for the freight of the deceased one.

  59. A wife must bear the freight of her husband if he arrives sick; in like manner the husband is held for his sick wife; thus he must serve not only for himself, but, in addition, five or six years for his sick spouse.

  60. Pale, yellow bananas, with satiny pulp That tastes like some dainty of sugar and cream; Blithe-kernelled pomegranates, just gathered to help A feast fit to serve in the bowers of a dream!

  61. Mark the word of Christ, Who calls it vain worship to serve God after the doctrines of men.

  62. Although these two theses seem to contradict each other, yet, if they should be found to fit together they would serve our purpose beautifully.

  63. To symbolize this fellowship, God has appointed such signs of the sacrament as in every way serve this purpose and by their very form incite and move us to this fellowship.

  64. These feathers serve to distinguish capons from other fowls in the market.

  65. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

  66. He has no personal interest in the pecuniary advantages attendant on any situation; and his only question is--whether it be one in which he may best serve and glorify his Master.

  67. Tis a trifle; five guineas a piece; but it will serve to pay travelling expences.

  68. On being informed of these, he professed a great desire to serve me; and added that a thought had struck him, which perhaps might be agreeable to me.

  69. Not but he assumed all his civility; was vastly glad to hear his Oxford friends were in good health; should be exceedingly happy to do any thing, that lay in his power, to serve a gentleman of their recommendation.

  70. I thought of it some time since, and gave him fair notice; and more than that, I got him another man in my room; which is all he could demand: and I hope he will serve him as honestly as I have done.

  71. My heart melted when I heard him; I burst into tears, and replied, 'I would willingly die to serve him.

  72. And, if it would serve a friend to put another name to the work--?

  73. Impediments serve but to rouse the man of genius.

  74. You have spirit and generosity; I will tell you how you can serve me.

  75. I am not yet too old to serve my Queen and country.

  76. Yes; I am now pledged to serve him to the best of my ability.

  77. For a time, sir; so long as I can serve under Mr. Henley, or a man like him.

  78. I tried to bring that out, the suggestion as to the fact that I thought maybe the State Vice-president would serve on a perpetual committee, if he lived into perpetuity, to get these zones within his state.

  79. The Association can serve its members in a number of ways, but I would place special emphasis on our reports carrying from year to year a progressive report on varieties.

  80. If the offices of Secretary and Treasurer are combined, the three past presidents shall serve on the Board of Directors.

  81. The three hundred supers would then serve as wedding-guests in the biggest church wedding ever pulled off.

  82. In an action brought to obtain a divorce on the ground of adultery, the plaintiff or defendant may serve a copy of his pleading on the co-respondent named therein.

  83. This would serve a double purpose: Kedzie would get to see more millionairishness, and the rebuke would be more--more "scatting.

  84. The powder-puff would serve temporarily for a wash-basin.

  85. Skip Magruder, dragged from his slumbers to serve the meal, found Charity and Jim in the room where he had left them.

  86. But it was too late to change, and she caught up a scarf of gossamer and twined it round her neck to serve as a mitigation.

  87. On her shelf she found an uncut volume, a present from some one who had never read it, but had bought it because it cost several dollars and would serve as a gift.

  88. There are, however, one or two little histories of the Mint which will serve to show us at once the public spirit, the courage, and the immunity with which the people of the later Sanctuary lived and acted.

  89. The only way to find out what the palace really was in the thirteenth or fourteenth century is to compare it with another palace built under much the same conditions, and intended to serve the same purpose.

  90. Why should Cnut make a semicircle when an arc would serve his turn?

  91. Europe is done in a style that must serve as an invaluable guide to those who go 'over the ocean,' as well as an interesting companion.

  92. When a number of scholars are waiting for a drink at recess, we sometimes see them crowd and push one another, each trying to serve himself first.

  93. Sidenote: neither of which can serve as an ethical standard.

  94. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "serve" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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