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Example sentences for "chunk"

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  1. From behind me a chunk of hurtling spittle joined its fellows.

  2. They had given me a chunk of war-bread in place of blessing when I left Noyon.

  3. I felt pretty well when I got up, and a chunk of my last night's prize which had been toasted for me was eaten with a relish, for it was the best of meat and I, of course, had a first class appetite.

  4. It was not very long before each had a chunk of meat in his hand, and many a one did not stop from eating because it was not cooked.

  5. The Indian we left here the evening before had gone and left nothing behind but a chunk of crystallized rock salt.

  6. A chunk of the shell had ripped open the left breast to the heart.

  7. It was a chunk of the skull of one of the horses.

  8. An' ef you don't want to chunk me, chunk your mammy fer ole acquaintance' sake.

  9. He's a little chunk of a man, but he's monst'us peart.

  10. You wouldn't believe it skacely, but this yer great big chunk of a gal wants her ole pappy to pick her up an' tote her thes like he useter when she was er little bit of a scrap.

  11. Kohokumu picked up a squirming, slimy squid, with his teeth bit a chunk of live bait out of it, attached the bait to the hook, and dropped line and sinker overside.

  12. And, so saying, he picked up a chunk of lava-rock and tossed it into the water, with a big splash, twenty feet to one side.

  13. And again the Water Baby tossed in a chunk of lava, this time twenty feet away off to the other side.

  14. There is a chunk about the size of this shack gone out of it--dropped into the river, I suppose.

  15. He craned his neck and saw; it was a great chunk of bear meat--he could see bits of the hide still on it!

  16. But Cyrus' acquirement of the chunk of hair was his last triumph.

  17. It wouldn't be so bad if he'd only taken a little, but he cut a great big chunk right off the end of one of the braids.

  18. The Mexican nodded slowly, and walked to the kitchen door, where Miss Holmes gave him a chunk of bread and a fish, and he went his way.

  19. And here was a great chunk of butter on the edge of her plate, and the room was fragrant with the smell of broiled ham.

  20. He paused, and with the hatchet broke pieces of ice from the large chunk beside him.

  21. Just a case of raising hell and putting a chunk under.

  22. He comes prowling around the icebergs when we are sealing to see what he can pick up in the shape of a dead or wounded seal, a chunk o' blubber, or a man's leg.

  23. Did he have the chunk of johnny-cake in his meat-trap?

  24. One of the gunmen said to me that he hoped there would be "a lively chunk of a fight" although he and his friend had only one charge of powder apiece.

  25. Davis, because a man of family and more conservative, insisted it would be a "pretty tough chunk of a fight.

  26. If you turned a chunk over in de fire, bad luck wuz sho' to come to you.

  27. Us had plenty of dem good old collards, turnips, and dem sort of oatments, and dar was allus a good chunk of meat to bile wid 'em.

  28. If the chunk is short and large the person will be short and fat, etc.

  29. If a chunk of fire falls from the fireplace a visitor is coming.

  30. That's for Mike," it shouted and a great chunk of coal thrown from the train bounded across the potato patch and struck against the back of the house.

  31. When one of the brakemen threw a chunk of coal he shouted and his voice could be heard above the rumble of the coal cars.

  32. Carefully, first feeling about him in the darkness to know that the full swing of his arm was clear, he raised the chunk of wood and threw it.

  33. One of his hands was resting on a chunk of dead wood.

  34. Cade sliced off a chunk of meat and ate it, then said, "I think so, too, also of course.

  35. A great jagged chunk of it runs out from Cuxhaven in a north-westerly direction for fifteen miles or so, ending in a pointed spit, called the Scharhorn.

  36. Now look at this one, which cuts right through the big chunk of sand and comes out near Cuxhaven.

  37. The first day they put a chunk of something sort of blue into a mortar, and told me to pulverize it, and then made it up into two grain pills.

  38. They cooked their last chunk of deer's flesh, after having first prepared some bread and put it in the baking pot among the embers, and made some tea from the water in the skins.

  39. The sawbones will be looking solemn and saying: ‘That chunk of shrapnel went deeper than we thought.

  40. Cold air still poured in from the open bomb doors; a chunk of flak must have damaged the jacks that raised them.

  41. It's a big chunk of money, and a little thing like killing a man or two won't trouble them.

  42. Why, there was a peasant ploughing; and I knew he had brought only a chunk of bread with him, and had nothing else to eat.

  43. Takes the chunk of bread and sits down behind the bush watching to see what the Peasant will do.

  44. I've brought the chunk of bread away with me.

  45. Enter the Peasants' Imp with the chunk of bread.

  46. It was a good idea to bring that chunk of bread with me.

  47. Once Russ tried to use the net himself, but he was not quick enough with it, and the crab let go of the chunk of meat and swam quickly away.

  48. Page 120] Laddie's father dipped the net down into the water, shoved it under the crab, chunk of meat and all, and lifted it suddenly out of the water.

  49. Out dropped Mr. Crab, letting go of the chunk of meat, which Laddie pulled out by the string.

  50. Russ had the crab net and a chunk of meat tied to a string.

  51. The crabs, swimming along, or crawling sideways on the bottom of the inlet, as they more often do, will smell the chunk of meat.

  52. But you can't catch soft-shelled crabs on a string and a chunk of meat.

  53. Or, if the water is clear, you can see him as he takes hold of the chunk of meat.

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