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Example sentences for "icebergs"

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  1. On the power of icebergs to make rectilinear uniformly-directed grooves across a submarine undulatory surface.

  2. So that I felt the keenest delight when I first read of the action of icebergs in transporting boulders, and I gloried in the progress of Geology.

  3. Giants were the first beings who came to life among the icebergs that filled this vast abyss.

  4. Huge icebergs crept silently towards or past us, and continually we were observing these formidable objects with range finder and compass to determine the relative movement, sometimes with misgiving as to our ability to clear them.

  5. Evans saw two icebergs far on the port beam; they could only be seen from the masthead.

  6. Oh yes, Mrs. Harris, icebergs that float down the Atlantic are born on the west coast of Greenland.

  7. Icebergs float much further into the warm sea on this side of the equator, before they dissolve.

  8. That is an iceberg, and in that way are all icebergs formed.

  9. Rocks split on the Greenland coast with loud explosions, and more icebergs fall.

  10. Icebergs are seen about us now which rise two hundred feet above the water's level.

  11. Towards evening, as the sun went down, dark clouds covered the sky, the thunder rolled, and the flashes of lightning glowed red on the icebergs as they were tossed about by the heaving sea.

  12. The sea looked quite green, and large icebergs were floating about, each like a pearl, she said, but larger and loftier than the churches built by men.

  13. The drift received its name when it was supposed that the formation had been drifted by floods and icebergs from outside sources,--a theory long since abandoned.

  14. Thus snows which fell in the interior of this northern land, perhaps many thousands of years ago, are carried in the form of icebergs to melt at last in the North Atlantic.

  15. Icebergs transport on their long journeys whatever drift they may have carried when part of the glacier, and scatter it, as they melt, over the ocean floor.

  16. By this means a surface of rock, well scored and polished by ice, is now slowly subsiding beneath the sea, and is becoming strewed over, as the icebergs melt, with impalpable mud and smoothed and scratched stones.

  17. No gloomy dread of his long summer's absence; no fear of the cold, glittering icebergs bearing mercilessly down on the Urania, nor shuddering anticipation of the dark waves of evil import, crossed her mind.

  18. The sounds of these rolling masses, together with the rending of the icebergs floating near, and the vast floes, produced a din like the discharge of a thousand pieces of ordnance upon a field of battle.

  19. Icebergs of all dimensions came bearing down from the Polar seas like vast squadrons, and the roar of their rending came over the waters like the booming of the heavy broadsides of contending navies.

  20. Some hours of a scorching sun and south wind swell the torrents with melted snow; the icebergs fall thundering from cliff and crag, and the sporting waterfall once more dashes over the precipice.

  21. In addition to these strange spectral objects, the air was filled with loud reports, and deep, rumbling noises, caused by the icebergs breaking to pieces, or masses splitting off from their sides and falling into the sea.

  22. These noises came at first from the icebergs in front of us; but when we had got fairly into the wilderness of ice which covered the sea, they came from every side.

  23. The atmosphere was somewhat foggy at the time, and it seemed as if the icebergs chilled the very air we breathed.

  24. Of icebergs there was practically none; a few quite small floebergs were all we met with in the four days we took to cross Ross Sea.

  25. The number of icebergs increased during the afternoon and night, and with such neighbours it suited us very well to have daylight all through the twenty-four hours, as we now had.

  26. A coast full of submerged reefs and a sea strewn with icebergs was what the Frenchmen had to contend with.

  27. A violent storm took the Gauss by surprise, collected a mass of icebergs around her, and filled up the intervening space with floes, so that there could be no question of making any way.

  28. The icebergs are monotonous—when you have seen one, that is enough.

  29. Neither words adequately describe the beauty of many of the icebergs seen.

  30. Icebergs of enormous size were encountered; several of three miles in length and two hundred feet or more in height were seen one day, all close together.

  31. These icebergs were all stratified, at more or less regular distances, with blue lines, which before they capsized or canted from displacement of their centres of gravity, were always horizontal.

  32. The gloomy caverns underneath this mount, And those which in the hearts of icebergs lie, And many by the sea, are filled with those Who work their ransom out with tedious toil.

  33. A child of fragrant airs and sunny skies, Enervate with the South's soft luxuries, These icebergs burst upon me like a sense Newly received, revealing God anew.

  34. All around the rocky, frozen shores break the white waves of the Northern Ocean, and in the summer one may see the great icebergs sailing past, and hear the voices of the birds that have come northward for a little visit.

  35. It was still early in the season and icebergs were plentiful enough, as, indeed, they are the whole summer long.

  36. From the high places he could look out over the sea, where icebergs glistened in the sunshine, and sometimes he could see the sail of a fishing schooner that had come out of the mysterious places beyond the horizon.

  37. The little English schooner follows us bravely; bounding in our track, and avoiding only by a constant watchfulness and incessant attention to the helm the icebergs that we have cleared.

  38. Eda rested her fair cheek on the shaggy brow of Chimo, and accompanied him to the land of nod, until the sun began to sink behind the icebergs on the seaward horizon, where a dark line indicated an approaching breeze.

  39. Ice grated on the pebbles of the shore; ice floated on the sea; icy hummocks and mounds rose above its surface; and icebergs raised their pinnacles on the far-off horizon, and cut sharply into the bright blue sky.

  40. So the three largest of the icebergs broke away from their brothers and sailed away with old North Wind, who blew her chilling breath on them as they went along.

  41. The Icebergs believed old North Wind, for they had never been away from North Pole Land and did not know anything about the warm South Wind, or how warm and melting Mr. Sun could be.

  42. The boys recognized in the speaker the man whom they had heard discoursing of icebergs on the previous evening.

  43. She's hit one o' them small icebergs out o' Glacier Bay," they heard a man say on the deck below them.

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