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Example sentences for "breath"

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breastplate; breastplates; breasts; breastwork; breastworks; breathable; breathe; breathed; breather; breathers
  1. The memory of a great preacher dies as soon as his breath leaves the body--often before.

  2. His deferential air as he stood bareheaded before her, the languid correctness of his manner, even the aristocratic English drawl, pierced that atmosphere of vulgarity like a breath of clean air.

  3. Ash littered the fireless stove; the floor was unswept; the air gave back her breath in a steamy cloud.

  4. Alone in the quiet ward, bent so low that her breath moved the hair on his temples, the occasion vividly recalled the night, long ago, when she had watched the moon etch with line and shadow the promise of the future upon his face.

  5. But she still stood, eyes wide, breath issuing in light gasps from her parted lips.

  6. Unstable as water, she veered like a shuttlecock under the breath of emotion, yet, withal, grasped speedily at such straws as the winds of opportunity brought within reach.

  7. Death's cold breath chilled resentment, expunged the memory of her months of weary waiting.

  8. Pale thief, the frost stole in under the reek and breathed his cold breath on the wheat.

  9. While the girl caught her breath they were in to the hubs, the thills; then the green waters licked up through the buck-board staves.

  10. The vitiated atmosphere caused her a feeling of suffocation, and in the midst of her sick revulsion Leslie dropped a remark that came to her like a breath of ozone.

  11. Both held their breath till the manager's pen made a rough scratch on the silence.

  12. Iron-workers, miners, operatives in a hundred branches of industry would shiver under the cold breath of the frost.

  13. This at once sets aside all that materialists have said in order to show that spirit and breath are one and the same.

  14. In later times it lost its physical currency, and no longer signifies, in its general currency, breath or air.

  15. So life and breath are both effects, which find their ultimate or cause in spirit.

  16. Just as the breath we breathe out flies to the sun and back, before we breathe it in again.

  17. All things, in their oneing, their unification into the pure, universal oneness, evaporate and fly like an imitation breath towards the sun.

  18. War belongs To man; to all men; and of all who first 600 Drew vital breath in Ilium, most to me.

  19. To whom Patroclus, mighty Chief, with breath Drawn faintly, and dying, thou didst thus reply.

  20. Fat flocks and beeves May be by force obtain'd, tripods and steeds Are bought or won, but if the breath of man Once overpass its bounds, no force arrests Or may constrain the unbodied spirit back.

  21. Ordain'd by Jove for me, is to resist 760 All importunity to quit my ships While I have power to move, or breath to draw.

  22. I thought to have beheld, this day, the dead In Ades, every breath so seem'd my last.

  23. You do not see that curtain shaken by the breath of Him who is behind!

  24. One writer has said that 'Victor Hugo's own strongest influence is but a breath of the influence of Rousseau.

  25. Alphonse Daudet also wrote: 'He arrived just as the circle of investment was closing in around the city; he came by the last train, bringing with him the last breath of the air of freedom.

  26. And then he fell back again, weak, and the breath going from him.

  27. The handsome, tall young workman before her took away her breath somewhat, and she wished she had written what Nellie Lyon had particularly asked her to impress upon Jim.

  28. Pattie had quite held her breath as she imagined her hand with that ring on it!

  29. The aeronaut gasping for breath above the clouds offers only a sad spectacle of the imbecility of science and man's shattered hopes.

  30. Kobo was restless, his eyes wide open with a look of strained eagerness, his breath coming and going in quick feeble pants.

  31. But he had escaped unhurt, and safe in the fissure he paused to take breath and to light his torch, reflecting that he would run double danger in coming out, for the Russians would doubtless be on the watch for him.

  32. Down the slope, then, he rode, the horse's breath leaving a trail of vapour in the cold air.

  33. With a determination and a hope that were themselves prayer he set his lips, pulled the rope taut, and dropped, his companions holding their breath as they watched him.

  34. He stooped to lift him, and though he husbanded his breath the deadly fumes lying low over the deck made him gasp and turn sick.

  35. Immediately afterwards he saw other forms appear upon the crest, and he drew in his breath sharply as he recognized that these were men on horseback.

  36. Ray bowed low over the white hand which Mona mechanically offered him, and which he clasped in a way to send a thrill leaping along her nerves that made the violets upon her bosom quiver, as if a breath of wind had swept over them.

  37. By the word of Yahwe were the heavens made, And by the breath of his mouth all their host.

  38. By the word of Yahwe were the heavens made, And by the breath of his mouth their host.

  39. And after our queer, yet not unpleasant, dinner, in which we remark no meat figures, we go out of the house for a breath of air and for quiet counsel one with another, and there it is we discover those strange constellations overhead.

  40. At last we should draw the deep breath of resolution and arise and ask for the Public Office.

  41. They were headed straight down, and Zuzu and Lulu caught their breath as the coach dived off and began to drop as fast as lightning, down and down.

  42. At least these are the words which he wished to say, although all that he could hear were several sharp whistles as the breath came out of his mouth.

  43. And as I spoke, I felt myself turn pale; for I could see the brown monsters crowding to shore, and the red glitter of their cruel eyes and the hot breath steaming from their open jaws.

  44. My father laid down his pipe, and drew a long breath expressive of astonishment.

  45. On a sudden, Ali held his breath and listened.

  46. In this, the breath of expiration and that of inspiration are alternately obstructed, constituting the act twofold; and the suppression of both modes of breathing produces a third.

  47. In their first capacity they are daily created by GOD'S breath out of a stream of fire that rolls its waves under the supernal throne.

  48. Nature seemed to lend her aid to enhance the impression of horror; there was not a breath in the air, and the half subdued light in that hall of death revealed every object with unusual distinctness.

  49. My terror was so great that her voice made me tremble, and at the sight of her I caught my breath and gasped from alarm.

  50. And like a wave the maggots rose and fell, The murmuring flies swirled round in busy strife: It seemed as though a vague breath came to swell And multiply with life The hideous corpse.

  51. My senses into one sense flow-- Her voice makes perfume when she speaks, Her breath is music faint and low!

  52. Benicia drew a tremulous breath and forced a smile, as though she were relaxing from strain.

  53. Huh" of breath expelled as Hawkins swung his chair in a wide sweep downward.

  54. He heard a sharp intake of breath behind him and, turning, caught the stamp of terror on the giant Indian's face.

  55. A shuddering intake of breath from the Indians as each man underwent trial.

  56. She finished with just a breath of melody, the song of the boatmen dying in the distance.

  57. The breath of the Catholic Church, so deadly to the freedom of the people, has passed over this unhappy country also.

  58. What foul coalition circumvented you, and whose pestilential breath is now whispering in your ear?

  59. In the same breath they admit that Fillmore will labor to perpetuate the Union, and that his election will have the effect to prolong its existence a few brief years!

  60. If the arm or the leg of a sleeper be stroked or touched, or a cold breath of air blows thereon, it will be withdrawn, and such withdrawal is what we call a reflex action.

  61. Wordsworth, it is true, said that "poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge; it is the impassioned expression which is in the countenance of all Science.

  62. It is the "breath and finer spirit" of our knowledge of sex and parenthood that we must seek to impart to her.

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "breath" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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