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essayist; essayists; essays; esse; essem; essences; essendo; essent; essentia; essential
  1. Continuing to correct these errors, or to make clear equivoques, we will note that the symbol has sometimes been given as essence of art.

  2. The essence of his book is contained in the negation that it is possible to separate form and content in music.

  3. If this deduction of lyricism from the intimate essence of pure intuition do not appear easily acceptable, the reason is to be sought in two very deep-rooted prejudices, of which it is useful to indicate here the genesis.

  4. His argument is in essence the following.

  5. This philosopher finally proceeds to the unification of epic and lyric poetry, and from their union he deduces the dramatic form, which is in his view "the supreme incarnation of the essence and of the in-se of every art.

  6. This arises from his inexact idea of the essence of the aesthetic faculty or of art, which, as we now know, is pure intuition.

  7. Schelling says that aesthetic production is in its essence absolutely free, and Hegel that art does not contain the universal as such.

  8. Taine himself removes all doubt as to this, by saying that this characteristic is what philosophers call the essence of things, and for that reason they declare that the purpose of art is to manifest things.

  9. The spirit which desires itself, its true self, the universal which is in the empirical and finite spirit: that is the formula which perhaps defines the essence of morality with the least impropriety.

  10. It touches the real essence of poetry and opens to thought the whole of the philosophy of the beautiful.

  11. Aesthetic truth is without method and without control: it leaps at once from the subjective appearance to the essence of the ideal.

  12. Ideas are Gods, considered from the point of view of reality; for the essence of each is equal to God in a particular form.

  13. The passover corresponds with the firstlings of Abel the shepherd, the other three with the fruits presented by Cain the husbandman; apart from this difference, in essence and foundation they are all precisely alike.

  14. The Hasmonaeans had no hereditary right to the high-priesthood, and their politics, which aimed at the establishment of a national monarchy, were contrary to the whole spirit and essence of the second theocracy.

  15. If in this passage the novelty of the institution is so strongly insisted on, the reference is less to the essence of the thing than to the manner of celebration as enjoined in Deuteronomy.

  16. Action is the essence of political parties, and the members of the League had the ink barely dry on their telegrams of condolence before they despatched others, summoning a special meeting for the consideration of future steps.

  17. In fact, sir, is not that the very essence of the Church's teaching?

  18. It contains the essence of my philosophical opinions, and some of my poetical reveries.

  19. He had inherited the nature of his father, and he exemplified the saying that the child is the secret essence of its sire.

  20. Siyyid Manshadí was the essence of virtue and intellect.

  21. The making of this essence was held a profound secret, and often sold for a considerable sum to the younger trappers, by the older proficients in the mystery of beaver hunting.

  22. If there was a prospect of rain, or it was raining at the time of setting the trap, a leaf, generally of sycamore, was placed over the essence stick, to protect it from the rain.

  23. It is said by old trappers that they will smell the well-prepared essence the distance of a mile.

  24. The aroma of the essence having attracted the animal into the vicinity of the trap, in his attempt to reach it, he has to climb up on to the bank where it is sticking.

  25. It is spontaneous and irrepressible and overflowing, and loses the extraordinary essence that makes it truly love when it weighs and measures and inspects too closely the quality of its return.

  26. It was as though all that was most sentimentally lovely in the essence of the nineteenth century had concentrated its strength to subdue the daring spirit of the twentieth, winning a decade of success.

  27. Very essence of it that it shouldn't last.

  28. Appearance, what is seen (as distinguished from its essence or substance).

  29. Potential, in essence or effect though not in fact.

  30. The essence of a proper engagement is reverence, distance, and mystery; the essence of marriage is familiarity.

  31. And this intellect is separate, unmingled, and impassive, since it is in its essence energy; for the efficient is always more honorable than the patient, and the principle than matter.

  32. The truth is, if the All be regarded as a whole, essence is its first (or highest) part.

  33. Also, if we consider the natural order of the categories, essence stands at the head of the list; then comes quality; then quantity.

  34. This is attested by the procedure of the older philosophers; for it was the principles, elements, and causes of essence that were the objects of their investigations.

  35. It is mystery, on the other hand, which the religious instinct demands and pursues: it is mystery which constitutes the essence of worship, the power of proselytism.

  36. The essence of a propositional sign is very clearly seen if we imagine one composed of spatial objects (such as tables, chairs, and books) instead of written signs.

  37. It belongs to the essence of a proposition that it should be able to communicate a new sense to us.

  38. To give the essence of a proposition means to give the essence of all description, and thus the essence of the world.

  39. The general propositional form is the essence of a proposition.

  40. And that is generally so in philosophy: again and again the individual case turns out to be unimportant, but the possibility of each individual case discloses something about the essence of the world.

  41. It is clear that something about the world must be indicated by the fact that certain combinations of symbols--whose essence involves the possession of a determinate character--are tautologies.

  42. This derives from the essence of notation.

  43. But the subject of this rallying was the very essence of good humour.

  44. Time was now the essence of the contract these men had with life.

  45. Hollis looked fixedly at Karain, who was the incarnation of the very essence of still excitement.

  46. It penetrated, it stirred without informing; it was the very essence of anguish stripped of words that can be smiled at, argued away, shouted down, disdained.

  47. Few men realize that their life, the very essence of their character, their capabilities and their audacities, are only the expression of their belief in the safety of their surroundings.

  48. There is an intellectual side to it, but its essence is what is the essence of trust always, the act of the will throwing itself on that which is discerned to be trustworthy.

  49. For the essence of the whole is not the intellectual process of assent to a proposition, but the intensely personal act of yielding up will and heart to a living person.

  50. And so faith, which is discipleship, has in it for its very essence the personal element of trust in Jesus Christ.

  51. Now although, of course, there is no kind of correspondence between the mere prejudice of this man Nathanael and the rooted intellectual doubts of other generations, yet 'Come and see' carries in it the essence of all Christian apologetics.

  52. The essence of His life and of His death lies in the two things, entire suppression of personal will in obedience to the will of the Father, and entire self-sacrifice for the sake of humanity.

  53. The essence of it is an act of the will and of the heart, not of the understanding at all.

  54. Now, further, let me remind you that this brief, crystallised commandment, the essence of all practical godliness and Christianity, makes the blessed peculiarity of Christian morality.

  55. The old woman replied: "Thou art a liar, thou deniest the essence of faith, the One Only God, beside whom there is no other god.

  56. But I add, that it could not be otherwise; for the essence and material of the work are themselves rhythmic.

  57. All three make-up the true Unseen World, as figured in the Christianity of the Middle Ages; a thing forever memorable, forever true in the essence of it, to all men.

  58. To him the essence of history was to be found not in the blind striving of the dull, but in the lives of great men.

  59. It is of the inmost essence of his genius, this sort of painting.

  60. For the intense Dante is intense in all things; he has got into the essence of all.

  61. The Annals indeed present in their curiously epitomized and synchronized pages the concentrated essence of thousands of the confused MSS.

  62. To cry,' Abba, Father,' is the essence of all prayer.

  63. The relation between earthly faithfulness and heavenly service is the same in essence as that between the various stages of our work here.

  64. The other point of difference between the two parables, which belongs to the essence of each, is that while the gift in the one case is identical, in the other case it is graduated and different.

  65. We are always in the double danger in parables, of taking that for drapery which was meant to be essence, and taking that for essence which was meant to be drapery.

  66. That is a picture for which in its essence many a man and woman among us might have sat.

  67. This book, the now famous "Nature" of 1836, contains the essence of Emerson's message to his generation.

  68. Who can explain what is the essence of the attraction of gravity?

  69. It is no valid objection that science as yet throws no light on the far higher problem of the essence or origin of life.

  70. This may not be a cheering prospect; but we shall at least be freed from the vain search for the undiscovered and undiscoverable essence of the term species.

  71. The national, or rather the dynastic and warlike, animus of this people is of the essence of their social and political institutions.

  72. Henry James in his paper on “The Art of Fiction,” says very truly that every descriptive passage is at the same time narrative, and every dialogue is in its essence also descriptive.

  73. I think that the real reason why Michelangelo separated himself from Ghirlandajo was that after a year of feeling his way he had just discovered the essence of his genius and was drawn toward sculpture with irresistible force.

  74. The very essence of the gangman's duty lay in the leg-work he did.

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