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  1. After the banquet every man, woman and child received a present in money, the oldest and those who had remained longest in the employ of M.

  2. True child of Alsace, he revelled in local folklore and legend.

  3. Alike the child of the millionaire and of the small official wear the same simple dress.

  4. Professionally, if not artistically speaking, Doré passed straight from child to man; in one sense of the word he had no boyhood, the term tyro remained inapplicable.

  5. The only child of the eleventh Earl of Northumberland was a daughter, Elizabeth Percy.

  6. Child and wife called this evening, also Mrs. Hunt and Morse; no mail.

  7. It's delightful to have perfect faith--the faith of a child in such a way.

  8. Child and wife dined with us to-day; had a nice time.

  9. Child was present and sang, a rich treat, for it has been a long time since I've heard a lady's voice at church.

  10. She seems to herself to love him even better than the child who has been living under her roof, and has been daily in her view.

  11. O Lord Archbishop, Thou hast made me now a man; never before This happy child did I get anything.

  12. This oracle of comfort has so pleas'd me That when I am in heaven I shall desire To see what this child does, and praise my Maker.

  13. Pearl and Clara looked down, with scorn, upon any child of twelve.

  14. That other child is still finding things to put on that tree.

  15. Mrs. Fairchild was like a child with a new toy.

  16. Her only other farewell had been given to the mirror-child in her closet door.

  17. Jeanne learned that she had been a very wicked child and that it wouldn't have happened if her father hadn't been "a common fishman.

  18. Her comfortable little open car often stopped in the road above the Captain's old freight car to honk loudly for Jeanne, and she often carried the Cinder Pond child home with her, and kept her to meals.

  19. A blind child could have seen that she was unwelcome.

  20. For thirteen blissful mornings, the Cinder Pond Savage did something that made Harold seem, to his mother, like a little white angel, compared with "that dreadful child from Bancroft.

  21. She felt that she owed a large debt of thanks to the tall, mysterious young woman who had saved her only child from certain death.

  22. Between you and me, she's a sight better child than them other three put together.

  23. And pretty Miss Wardell had been very fond of Jeannette; she knew that the child was shy, and the considerate young woman managed frequently to shield her from embarrassment, and to help her over the rough places.

  24. Roger," said she, "who was that pretty child and what did she mean?

  25. That child is moping," said Mrs. Fairchild, one day.

  26. We know it, as we know by the ominous stillness of a child that some mischief or other is going on.

  27. Others beside ourselves have had pictures;-and this child knows its own better than you.

  28. He had parted from my mother before my birth and either died soon after, or has never deemed his child of sufficient worth to make him the subject of interest sufficient to excite a single inquiry into his fate.

  29. You have seen your child enter on the last of her great earthly engagements, Nanny, and I know you pray that they may prove happy.

  30. I have taken the child with me to get the picture from the jeweller, who has mended the ring, and the little urchin knew it at a glance.

  31. What could a child of mine do that is worse than dancing?

  32. It was a proud family, and Mildred being dead, the concealment of the birth of her child was resorted to, as a means of averting a fancied disgrace.

  33. Mr Effingham folded his child to his heart, pressed her there tenderly for near a minute in silence, and then kissing her burning cheek he permitted her to look up.

  34. I could have no curiosity about a child of whose existence I was ignorant.

  35. Nothing can make us not one's father's child however, and the advantages of blood, such as they are, may surely be deemed indeprivable.

  36. The famous Virgin and Child too, so often engraved and copied.

  37. She looked into Sir Percy's eyes with an appealing air, like a child who knows not whether it is to be rebuked or praised.

  38. My baronetcy will descend to my eldest son, if I be blessed with a son, and there are moral obligations in such a case to give a child something to maintain the rank to which he is born.

  39. One girl alone he reckoned strictly beautiful--Eleanor Chantrey, the only child of the lady like the lighthouse, but totally unlike her.

  40. I am like a child who has got hold of some pretty, shiny thing, which turns out to be a jewel, and the child weeps and struggles when the jewel is taken away.

  41. Very well; all women have something of the child in them.

  42. She played with the children and danced about the room with them as if she were a child herself.

  43. It has been a long time since I have seen my poor child so like her earlier self.

  44. I am an old man, and at my death my child would be unprotected in the world; she is one of those delicate creatures unfitted to stand alone, and what I most desired for her was the protection of a good man's arm.

  45. She was frightened at the impulse, and would have restrained it, but her will power, usually so strong, was as feeble over this impulse as the hand of a child over a maddened horse.

  46. But I have also been told that during all this time he has refused to see his son, the child whose birth cost the life of its mother.

  47. Go--leave me, minister of death, commencement of sin, and child of treason!

  48. Hubertine had just taken off her hat and gloves, and he at once told her of his having found the child on the floor in a dead faint, that she was now sleeping on her bed, overcome with weakness, and almost lifeless.

  49. In a tone of entreaty the poor child exclaimed: "Do not send me back to those dreadful people!

  50. Hubertine had already placed the child close to the fire, and they both looked at her as she slowly regained consciousness.

  51. Were not the Huberts, too, sad, as they stilled their tears and thought of the child they had lost long ago, whose place, alas!

  52. She wished to reappear in the children of their child for ever.

  53. From the depths of the earth, after more than twenty years, the obstinate mother had forgiven them, and sent them the child of pardon so ardently desired and longed for.

  54. She seemed to see herself as if in a vision, a stranger in reality, very little, very cold, and kneeling like an obedient child in the humility of renunciation.

  55. A nurse had left the child there, "Angelique Marie," without naming the mother.

  56. On the other side, the Administration agreed to pay him all indemnities, and to give the child certain stipulated articles of clothing, as was their custom.

  57. While I sat there a child came wandering along the path--a little girl of four or five, very fantastically dressed in crimson and orange.

  58. Rowland passed for a child of ordinary parts, and certainly, during his younger years, was an excellent imitation of a boy who had inherited nothing whatever that was to make life easy.

  59. A mother can't nurse her child unless she follows a certain diet; an artist can't bring his visions to maturity unless he has a certain experience.

  60. But Mrs. Light told me, in Florence, that she had given her child the education of a princess.

  61. The child turned away slowly, but looking back with its eyes fixed on me.

  62. Other thoughts have come to me as time has gone on--thoughts that seemed to grow first when I knew that the child was to be born.

  63. When the woman had settled the bed-clothes about the child she turned away quickly, and came back to where Paul stood, and handed him the candle.

  64. The old woman, standing fearfully within the door watching her, understood for the first time what this child was; seemed to look for the first time upon a new being that surprised and held her silent and dried her tears.

  65. I set out so well; I meant to do such big things; and here, for ever hung round my neck like a millstone, are a wife and child who are nothing to me, and can be nothing.

  66. The word is advisable, seeing that for the moment Moira did not recognise, in this radiant appearance, the short-skirted child of the tumbled curls she had known a few years before.

  67. And set against that the woman who had come to him in his rooms, and had not been ashamed to speak of the child and of her love for it--to speak of the little hands that held her own and wound themselves about her heart.

  68. Paul set down his cup, and twisted the child about, the better to look into her eyes.

  69. Truth to tell, the child was a little impatient of what she regarded as a mere parading of grief.

  70. Of the younger, fairer child he seemed a little afraid, as though not quite understanding her.

  71. Patience had said that the child would draw her surely, and Patience should know.

  72. You took away the poor nurse's child when you thought you had stolen your brother's.

  73. The poor child is so distracted by the late extraordinary events, that she is unable to see any one--not even you.

  74. Doubtless you know better than I can tell you, that in all men's lives certain dark hours occur, in which the brave man trembles without apparent cause, like a child afraid of its own shadow.

  75. It will make me happy to sacrifice it for the poor father, pining for the child who has been torn from him.

  76. For ere the sleep that care redeems, My soul such visions had, That never child in childhood's dreams Was more exulting glad.

  77. And all the answer the poor child could make Lay in the tightened grasp of her two hands; She felt as if she lay mouldering awake Within the sepulchre's fast stony bands, And cared not though she died, but for his sake.

  78. Better a death when work is done, Than earth's most favoured birth; Better a child in God's great house Than the king of all the earth.

  79. Upfolded in a spirit bud, The child appeared in space, Not born amid the silent hills, But in a busy place; And yet in every hill we see A strange, familiar face.

  80. A sorer travail-pain, Before the spirit of thy child Is born in thee again.

  81. She is God's child all the time; On all the hours the child must climb, As on steps of shining stairs Leading up the path of prayers.

  82. So we may share their blessedness with them; So may the snowdrop time be likewise ours; And Earth smile tearfully the spirit smile Wherewith she smiled upon our holiday, As a sweet child may laugh with weeping eyes.

  83. The child was recovering; Clotilde was running into danger: he argued with the senseless woman, opposing reason to the feminine sentiment of the maternal, and of course he was beaten.

  84. She had, but personally she was obliged to go; with her child lying ill she could not remain.

  85. She had up the whole angry pride of the man in arms, and could discern that she had struck the wound in his history; but he was terrible to look at, so she made the charge supportable by saying: 'You have stolen my child from me!

  86. Make black brows at your child for choosing the man, of all men alive, to worship and follow through the world.

  87. Her child lay recovering from an illness in the town below, and she could not stay.

  88. Remembering her generous considerations in their interests, she thought he should have known that the creature he called a child would have yielded upon supplication to fly with him.

  89. She was really a child compared with him in years, and if it was an excuse for taking her destiny into his hands, she consenting,--it was also a reason why he dared not press his whole weight to win her to the step.

  90. Beneath its calm and infinite light, all human troubles fade to the brief complaining of a child in the night.

  91. When it was gone the Hen arose, called a child of hers, and said: "Go and ask the Cat at what time we shall go to the neighbouring town?

  92. The Hen's child said, "My mother said I must come and ask thee how early shall we go to the neighbouring town?

  93. When the child had already started, she called it back again, saying, "Come back, I will tell thee something.

  94. From the ardour of my greediness I closed my teeth upon it, and the child died on the spot.

  95. The child went to the Cat, and saluted her, and when the Cat arose and came out to it, the Hen's child was standing there.

  96. The child arose, went to the Hen's house and saluted her.

  97. JOHN GAY The Hare and Many Friends Friendship, like love, is but a name, Unless to one you stint the flame; The child whom many fathers share Hath seldom known a father's care.

  98. The Cat's child replied, "I come in peace; my mother has sent me to thee.

  99. The child of the Hen obeyed her mother, went and lay down, and also her mother lay down.

  100. We took leave of him; I caressed for a moment his child who stared at me with his large, frightened eyes.

  101. We had come to Venice in a moment of expectation, during a respite in the struggle, to derive from these memories the strength to accomplish our undertaking, now almost wholly matured in my mind and become the favored child of my imagination.

  102. I know that is a foolish question to ask any child who lives with his eyes open.

  103. Papa pulls my ears, and calls me a sad rogue; brother Tom asks me every night what new mischief I have been up to today; and poor mamma sighs, and says I am the most troublesome child she ever saw.

  104. There was something of the child about him to the last.

  105. What was it that one of their own poets meant, if it was not this, when he cried out upon the day in which he was born, and the night in which it was said there is a man child conceived?

  106. It is the beginner who can help the beginner, as it is the child who is the most instructive companion for another child.

  107. This gentleman is always invited on these occasions, for the very fact of intrusion into a peaceful family shows a depravity on the part of the child which requires his professional services.

  108. The friend then inscribes the signature of the child at the foot of the parchment, which is held to bind the child as much as though he had signed it himself.

  109. It seems there had been a confirmation at Ravenna, during which he had accidentally forgotten to confirm the child of a certain widow.

  110. He felt his heart spring forward to meet them all, from the old woman who wiped a chair with her apron to the little child that held out its arms to him.

  111. His thoughts returned to the long ago when his only child was the same age as the little one he held so fondly clasped in his dear old arms.

  112. In the rear car of the six coaches which seemed to follow the monstrous iron horse with dizzy speed, sat an aged man holding a pretty child of four summers, who was fast asleep.

  113. The farmers about found her work on their farms at haymaking or milking, and their wives took the child home with them while its mother was busy labouring in the harvest fields.

  114. He drew them as an ordinary child almost always does draw--one goose after another, in profile, as though they were in procession, without any attempt at grouping or perspective in any way.

  115. Before the child was three months old, his father died; and Janet Telford was left alone in the world with her unweaned baby.

  116. The child admired these pictures immensely, and asked leave to be permitted to copy them.

  117. How quiet the child is with you, Capsina.

  118. She waits for you impatiently content," said he, "and the child waits.

  119. The child slept soundly, one creased little hand lay on the wicker side of the cradle, a pink little nose pointed absurdly to the roof.

  120. Surely he would not have taught the child my name if he was not my friend.

  121. The child thrust out an aimless, fat-fingered hand and pawed the Capsina's face.

  122. She handed back the pistol to Suleima, with her case of powder and bullets, while the child crowed with delight at the flash of the fire.

  123. It is as safe as a tower of bricks that a child builds.

  124. Like Garelli, Don Bosco's first pupil and follower, regular Sunday-school children could take such a child to their own Sunday-school.

  125. Even the young children who go to Sunday-school often know, or could easily learn, of some neglected child that has perhaps no parents, or has parents who have no faith, and which therefore hears nothing of religion and of right.

  126. The children of the Paulist Sunday-school in New York City, for instance, are constantly encouraged to bring with them any child they know which does not go to Sunday-school in any other place.

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