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Example sentences for "dupe"

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duodenum; duologue; duorum; duos; duoviri; duped; dupery; dupes; duping; duple
  1. This is what La Rochefoucauld means when he says that “the head is always the dupe of the heart.

  2. At the appointed hour Bonaparte's agent arrived, and was completely the dupe of these adventurers, who plundered him of twelve hundred thousand livres.

  3. Nothing was wanting to Raoul Nathan but to be the dupe he now is to a parcel of intriguing sharpers," replied the count.

  4. Only so shall we escape becoming the dupe of some more aggressive personality.

  5. The culprit, who violates and suffers the vengeance of the laws, is not the dupe of ignorance, but the slave of passion, the victim of habit or necessity.

  6. He is not the dupe of the prejudices of others, nor of his own.

  7. She overheard enough that night to make her believe that the young man was making a dupe of her.

  8. And as those pearls in your hand once adorned an Aztec basaltic statue similar to those of Dupe and Humboldt, I have chosen to call them the 'Pearls of Isis.

  9. Dupe thought that this statue represented one of the temple virgins, while, as I have said, Humboldt concluded that they had no religious connection.

  10. Anyhow, she immediately began to look round for a suitable dupe there.

  11. Undeterred by previous experience, she sought for another victim of the Borradaile type, and, finding one, swindled her with cynical effrontery until the dupe turned against her.

  12. One of the commissioners was notoriously the dupe and tool of the foreign monopoly in our midst, as his own history before and since has proved.

  13. They knew that the sub-agent of the United States government was the dupe of their worst enemy, and had betrayed them.

  14. Lee was too strongly American in his sentiments, and too intelligent to be a dupe of the influence of which T.

  15. Ay, ay, she keeps her room if you will, Don Wan, but she is not about to make a dupe of me by any such tricks.

  16. A quarrel on her behalf between these two men, one of whom had begun to bore her while she wished to dupe the other, was perhaps exactly what Lady Shrewsbury most desired to complete her evening's amusement.

  17. But while it was easy to hoodwink Protestant England, whose idol he was, it was not so easy to dupe Louis XIV.

  18. The name of this dupe was Roger Palmer, and he was a young fellow of respectable means and family studying law at the Temple.

  19. Baschet was convinced that he had been deceived, that he had been the dupe of an illusion.

  20. The lady is unwilling to be thought a dupe and refuses.

  21. Believe me, madame, the little coterie which you represent is already the dupe and victim of this terrible Internationale.

  22. The artist wondered if Kate had guessed her brother's secret, or if she were still the dupe of his stoicism.

  23. He had been her tool and dupe like the others; if he imagined that he was serving Hermione, it was for her mother's ends that he had worked.

  24. And tell her that I know she forswore herself in the court; and that she was the innocent dupe of that villain--never his consenting companion.

  25. How far is she the dupe of her own deceptions?

  26. To give a greater credence to the mission, it was necessary that the Cardinal York should be also included in the deception; but nothing was ever easier than to make a dupe of his Royal Highness.

  27. The wretched Monckton, dupe of his own cunning and artifices, still lived in lingering misery, doubtful which was most acute, the pain of his wound and confinement, or of his defeat and disappointment.

  28. He spared neither the Delviles for their insolence of mutability in rejecting or seeking her at their pleasure, nor herself for her easiness of submission in being thus the dupe of their caprices.

  29. Can we suppose that he designed to dupe Henry into submission by a promise which he had predetermined to break?

  30. He is always a victim, and he illustrates the unvarying truth of the maxim that a dupe is a rogue minus cleverness.

  31. It is all so easy, that the deluded dupe never thinks that anything is far wrong until he finds that his friends are somehow beginning to fight shy of him.

  32. I was at first surprised to find Gray and his dupe smoking and chatting as gayly as any of the party.

  33. I was much Surprised and much pleased, yet not without some perplexity and some embarrassment, as his knowledge of the excellent Kitty was from her being the dupe of the mistress of his aide-de-camp.

  34. He is a cheat because he wants things for less than their value; and a dupe because, as a matter of course, he does not get what he wants.

  35. A man who looks for bargains must be a dupe or a cheat, and is probably both.

  36. The alauda pratensis of Ray was the poor dupe that was educating the booby of a cuckoo mentioned in my letter of October last.

  37. The dupe of a dam appeared at a distance, hovering about with meat in its mouth, and expressing the greatest solicitude.

  38. The poor dupe who gives twopence for a pound of cherries of a costermonger in the street, only obtains half a pound; and the housewife who thinks that she can save a hundred per cent.

  39. Perhaps you think that I am fool enough to be the dupe of your miserable and flimsy artifices, Cecilia?

  40. Thus was he made the dupe of some designing villains, at his very outset upon life.

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