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Example sentences for "hundred thousand"

  • Wish for a hundred thousand a year for me!

  • An income of a hundred thousand livres a year is a very nice beginning of the catechism, and a wonderful assistance to putting morality into our actions," he said, sighing.

  • There are a hundred thousand situations to be had in France, but I have only one life.

  • Presently des Grassins gave a start of astonishment; probably Grandet was then instructing him to invest the sum which was to give him a hundred thousand francs a year in the Funds.

  • A month after the latter's departure from Saumur, Grandet, became possessed of a certificate of a hundred thousand francs a year from his investment in the Funds, bought at eighty francs net.

  • It is love that prompts her to treat him so; and if she feels great love for him, he feels a hundred thousand times as much for her.

  • A hundred thousand times he raises them to his eyes and mouth, to his forehead and face: he manifests his joy in every way, considering himself rich and happy now.

  • Then she salutes him with these words: "Welcome a hundred thousand times to the King, my lord, and blessed be his nephew, my lord Gawain!

  • Yet, when he has left the Queen and is by himself, he kisses it more than a hundred thousand times, feeling how fortunate he is.

  • Thereupon Lancelot at once takes comfort, and if his grief for her death had before been intense and deep, now his joy for her life was a hundred thousand times as great.

  • First, we borrow a thousand francs or so from the cash account, then ten thousand, then a hundred thousand.

  • Granville, a rich man with a hundred thousand francs a year, belonged to one of the first families of Normandy.

  • In a week more Walker would have raised a hundred thousand pounds on His Highness's twenty per cent.

  • Wilhelm Schwab, but lately left in possession of a hundred thousand francs by the death of both parents, opened his arms, his heart, his house, his purse to Fritz.

  • The Neolithic Age, which preceded civilisation, is usually believed to be about four or five times as long, though estimates of its duration vary from about twenty to a hundred thousand years.

  • There is a risk in venturing to give figures, but it may be said that few authorities would estimate it at less than a hundred thousand years.

  • Sometimes he thought of turning dentist, or of trying to find some capitalist who would join him in manufacturing one of those patent medicines which are warranted to yield their promoters a hundred thousand francs a year.

  • In less than a month Mademoiselle Marguerite will be the Marquise de Valorsay, and I shall have a hundred thousand francs a year again.

  • With you it is quite a different matter--this trash, as you very justly call it, will save you at least a hundred thousand francs.

  • No doubt, it is grand to be honest; but in my case it is so impossible, that I prefer to be dishonest--to commit an act of shameful infamy which will yield a hundred thousand francs a year.

  • Paris, that is Paris proper, is a small city of a hundred thousand souls, and this small city is invaded more and more, by strangers who come here to seek pleasure or fortune.

  • During two entire minutes he forgot that she had an income of a hundred thousand livres, and that, according to all probabilities, M.

  • While James was King it was inevitable that there should be exclusion; and the only question was who should be excluded, Papists or Protestants, the few or the many, a hundred thousand Englishmen or five millions.

  • Great quantities of gold, not less, it was said, than a hundred thousand guineas, came to him from England.

  • You would, no doubt, have saved a hundred thousand francs or so by letting her go to prison.

  • Well, by that act the woman proclaims herself your mistress; she has advertised herself to the eyes and knowledge of all Paris: A hundred thousand francs.

  • You must then invest a hundred thousand crowns in Treasury bonds, so as to lose no interest; you may safely leave it to Desroches, he is as honest as he is knowing.

  • Daddy," added he, slapping Peyrade on the shoulder, "you may get more than a hundred thousand francs to settle on Lydie.

  • That woman owes a hundred thousand crowns," said the judge, as he stepped into his nephew's cab.

  • More than a hundred thousand francs," replied Madame d'Espard, who could not help smiling at the lawyer's vulgarity.

  • In the time of the Empire such a set would have cost another two hundred thousand francs!

  • He always spends something like a hundred thousand francs a year, and no creature can discover that he has an acre of land or a single dividend warrant.

  • That's about a hundred thousand on what we've got left.

  • We expect a hundred thousand ought to do the trick," replied Orde.

  • You told him it would be a hundred thousand dollars, didn't you?

  • We'll make a stock company--say a hundred thousand shares.

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