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Example sentences for "hundred pound"

  • And there's a hundred pound note to be divided among you.

  • I'd give a hundred pound an hour to have got the start of the present time.

  • Eight or ten hours, worth, as I tell you, a hundred pound apiece at least, have been lost since Lady Dedlock disappeared.

  • Yet heare me speake: assist me in my purpose, And (as I am a gentleman) ile giue thee A hundred pound in gold, more then your losse Host.

  • What if a man bring him a hundred pound or two to make merrie withall Ped.

  • Wigsby would give a hundred pound for 'em," Bows said, with a sneer.

  • I can show a hundred pound, where you can show a fifty, or your damned supersellious nephew either.

  • Assist me in my purpose, And, as I am a gentleman, I'll give the A hundred pound in gold more than your loss.

  • What if a man bring him a hundred pound or two to make merry withal?

  • I had a hundred pound on't; and then a whoreson jackanapes must take me up for swearing, as if I borrowed mine oaths of him, and might not spend them at my pleasure.

  • Did her grandsire leave her seven hundred pound?

  • Much, if thou mean'st to get a hundred pound, Present us to the Shrieve of Nottingham.

  • The scraping of trenchers you think would put a man to no charges: it is not a hundred pound a year would serve the scullion in dishclouts.

  • Such another match, and I'll give thee a hundred pound.

  • I had liefer nor a hundred pound,’ said the sheriff, And sware by the Trinity, ‘ .

  • This traitor name is Robin Hood, Under the greenwood lynd; He robbëd me once of a hundred pound, It shall never out of my mind.

  • The sheriff had liefer nor a hundred pound He had never seen Robin Hood.

  • The sheref sware a full grete othe, Bi him that dyed on rode, He had lever than an hundred pound That he had Robyn Hode.

  • Forth then went Little John, And Scathelock went before, He told out fo-ur hundred pound, By eighteen-e score.

  • Would ye take mine, sir, says I; my hundred pound?

  • My hundred pound that I'd toiled so hard for!

  • You have given him a note upon Fondlewife for a hundred pound.

  • Say fifty or a hundred pound; perhaps more; no matter.

  • He had done so, and Brocard had given him the two one-hundred pound notes in exchange for a note of hand, at six months' date, for two hundred and twenty pounds.

  • It was you, I say, who brought my uncle the one-hundred pound notes by which your friend, Martin Travers, has been entrapped!

  • Carter died soon afterwards; and from that time, at several payments, I have by threats extorted above a hundred pound more.

  • I would riot have taken a hundred pound to have used her so.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hundred pound" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    cannabis and opium poppy; dare well; dense thicket; hundred acres; hundred and fifty pounds; hundred different; hundred eyes; hundred florins; hundred fold; hundred guineas; hundred knights; hundred louis; hundred million; hundred millions; hundred pounds; hundred roubles; hundred sons; hundred talents; hundred things; hundred times; hundred ways; hundred weight; hundred yards from the; much alike; small groups; tight place