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  1. It is neither to be chilled by selfishness, nor daunted by danger, nor weakened by worthlessness, nor stifled by ingratitude.

  2. He was stricken suddenly in the midst of his work, while apparently in perfect health, and has not regained consciousness since; nor will he ever on earth.

  3. My brave-hearted, wise little sister, the delay will be to you neither sorrowful nor long.

  4. I never fully understood till now the meaning of that sublime passage, 'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

  5. They came several times before the work was completed, for the flowers do not wither here, nor fade, but were always fresh and perfect.

  6. Filled with disdain, with rage inflamed Both of herself and sex ashamed, The nymph stood silent out of spite, Nor would vouchsafe to set them right.

  7. Be witness for me, nymph divine, I never robb'd thee with design; Nor will the zealous Hannah pout To wash thy injured offering out.

  8. The Dutch from hence shall no more millions drain: We'll bring on us no more debts, Nor with bankrupts fill gazettes; "And the Queen shall enjoy her own again.

  9. True poets can depress and raise, Are lords of infamy and praise; They are not scurrilous in satire, Nor will in panegyric flatter.

  10. The clouds build castles in the air, A thing peculiar to the fair: For all the schemes of their forecasting,[9] Are not more solid nor more lasting.

  11. Three morning hours you toss and shake The bottle till your fingers ache; Hard is the toil, nor small the art, The butter from the whey to part: Behold a frothy substance rise; Be cautious or your bottle flies.

  12. I see her taste each nauseous draught, And so obligingly am caught; I bless the hand from whence they came, Nor dare distort my face for shame.

  13. But he did not know who was President of the United States, and did not consider it the business of the poor man.

  14. So long as this system of education prevails, the appearance of a candidate for local office who does not bear the "hall-mark" of the neighborhood will be resented.

  15. They were two-story, dormer windows and basement frame houses, built without an area, the door to the basements opening like a cellar door on the street.

  16. Every child in the alley was ready to do anything that would earn money from the time he could walk.

  17. It was then a neighborly kindness to let children thus serve a neighbor; it was a source of revenue to the children.

  18. When hunger and loneliness and nakedness forced them to reconsider their first conception of what America was, resentment, recklessness, or adaptability developed.

  19. He was allowed one year and a half to accomplish this work, and meantime was to reside not in Leyden, nor the Hague, but in some other town of Holland, not delivering lectures or practising his profession in any way.

  20. It needed but slender logic to reduce such a policy on his part to absurdity, but neither kings nor governments are apt to value themselves on their logic.

  21. And so they parted in a mutual rage; Winwood adding on going out of the room, "Whatsoever I propose to you in his Majesty's name can find with you neither goust nor grace.

  22. I stand amazed," he said, "at the partisanship and the calumnious representations which you tell me of, and cannot imagine what is thought nor what is proposed.

  23. They had nothing to do with his affairs nor with general politics.

  24. Infanta on the condition that Henry should renounce all friendship with your Mightinesses, and neither openly nor secretly give you any assistance.

  25. At the same time he did not like to lose his hold upon the place, nor to have it known, as yet, to the world that his power was diminished.

  26. No change was to be made in the liberty of Roman Catholic worship, nor in the city magistracy.

  27. The course of the propositions does not harmonize with what I have myself heard out of the King's mouth at other times, nor with the reports of former ambassadors.

  28. But she won no prize, nor did she expect to.

  29. She wore no hat, nor other head covering.

  30. I just wanted to show Jack Kimball that I didn't have to wear a life preserver nor be anchored to the shore!

  31. But for that we never would have known of Nancy Ford, nor how important she was in this puzzle.

  32. We don't know who the girl is, nor what's the matter.

  33. She did not mention having spoken about thinking she had met the keeper of the light before, nor about the insistence of the name Margaret.

  34. Packed in a box and securely sealed, and is fully warranted to stand the test, of a full game without ripping nor losing its elasticity or shape.

  35. From the 22d of April to the close of the season, the Baltimore and Boston clubs were never out of the ranks of the first division clubs; nor were the Chicago, Washington and Louisville clubs ever out of those of the second division.

  36. Must not weigh less than five nor more than five and one-quarter ounces avoirdupois, and measure not less than nine nor more than nine and one-quarter inches in circumference.

  37. No club shall allow open betting or pool-selling upon its ground, nor in any building owned or occupied by it.

  38. Neither a "Ball" nor a "Strike" shall be counted or called until the ball has passed the Home Base.

  39. He shall not raise either foot, unless in the act of delivering the ball, nor make more than one step in such delivery.

  40. A Fair Ball is a ball delivered by the Pitcher while standing in his position, and facing the Batsman, the ball so delivered to pass over the Home Base, not lower than the Batsman's knee, nor higher than his shoulder.

  41. The sport was conducted with dishonest methods and for dishonest purposes, and had neither the respect nor confidence of the press or public.

  42. From these, for example, cattle could never have been produced of the class that the freezing works now demand, nor the valuable wool that is characteristic of the day.

  43. He has not, for instance, found it necessary to undergo an outward treatment of badges and blue ribbons nor to devote himself to a special era of self-protection from the like of which the chastened Anglo-Saxon is only just emerging.

  44. Thus he remained, immutably fierce, alternately winning and losing the endless fights, but never conquered nor enslaved for three centuries.

  45. The majority of crimes that occur to the east of the River Plate are neither those brought about by dishonesty nor drink.

  46. They neither worshipped a benevolent divinity nor endeavoured to propitiate a malignant spirit.

  47. Neither argument, mode of government, nor the vicissitudes of state are among the considerations by which they are affected.

  48. It is obvious enough that when the Government is in need of recruits the claims of neither the pastures nor the shearing-shed can rival those of the cause.

  49. It is a fairly extensive department containing comparatively few inhabitants, but the precise figures of neither the one nor the other seem available.

  50. But neither priest nor magician was in their midst to stimulate their wonderings on the point.

  51. Neither commands nor threats would ever have induced him to give up his secret against his will.

  52. But Dannie was not to be deterred nor swayed from his purpose.

  53. He had no aunt, nor uncle either, for that matter.

  54. The yellow glow of the late afternoon sun rested on his bronzed face, but it left there no look of joy, nor even of content.

  55. Not ef the court knows herself, he don't, nor through his gap nuther.

  56. Neither abuse nor ridicule nor the power of the storm was sufficient to alter his determination to do all that lay in his power to right the wrong he felt he had committed, before it should be forever too late.

  57. The law won't help you, an' compensation for the right o' way is nothin' more nor less than an insult.

  58. Your grandfather will never yield to argument, nor to pleading.

  59. While Dannie's life was hanging in the balance he could neither work nor eat nor sleep.

  60. It's none of David Brown's business what I got for the right o' way, nor yours, either.

  61. But the trespass was so audacious that, looking on it as he did, he could neither move nor speak.

  62. I don't know what they mean, nor anything about them, but just that they're here.

  63. She did not once raise them; nor did they tremble, as lids will tremble, if only partially closed.

  64. After that there wasn't a man of us would stir aloft, not for love nor money.

  65. That night neither my wife nor myself closed an eye, the house so resounded and re-echoed with the blows of unseen hammers, fists, logs, and knuckles.

  66. However that might be, that October morning ushered Sharley upon battle-ground; nor was the struggle the less severe that, she was so young and so unused to struggling.

  67. She thought how she would like to shut and hide herself away in a place where she could never see the frescoed frost or brightening day, nor hear the sound of chirping birds, nor any happy thing.

  68. You didn't catch any of us voting your new-fangled tickets when he had meant to go up on Whig, for want of knowing the difference, nor visa vussy.

  69. I had never asked her, nor had she proposed, to use it herself for my benefit.

  70. I broke into a laugh, from which neither my politeness nor the woman's heightened color could save me, bought the cat and ordered the rat-trap without delay.

  71. I've seen them as is betther nor that in the ould counthree.

  72. Four or five antediluvian ladies declared at once that we were nothing more nor less than a family of "them spirituous mediums," and seriously proposed to expel mother from the prayer-meeting.

  73. She had done what many women do daily; the thing is common and sensible and universally commended; but in her own eyes, the draggled trollop of the pavements was neither better nor worse than she.

  74. V They talked for a matter of a half-hour in the fashion aforetime recorded--not very wise nor witty talk, if you will, but very pleasant to make.

  75. I hope she is not very rich, nor very high-born.

  76. Since then, not the slightest notice has been taken of these reports, nor any effect given to the recommendations of the Commissioners--a circumstance which we can only attribute to the utterly unrepresented state of the universities.

  77. They do not, however, appear to meddle much with the ordinary internal administration, nor is their military force maintained in the country large.

  78. If it means that he neither played, nor dressed, nor was a member of any of the fashionable clubs, I believe it may be true.

  79. I did not judge it necessary to acquaint you with this circumstance, nor did it much affect me.

  80. But as neither the satyr of the fable, nor the ventilating Dr Reid, can compete with Lord John Russell in the art of blowing hot or cold as occasion requires, we need hardly dwell upon this evident self-contradiction.

  81. Certain we are of this, that the House of Commons would neither have shown nor felt any weariness at listening to statistics which could satisfactorily establish that the people of this country were rising in the scale of intelligence.

  82. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor give him thy victuals for increase.

  83. In the court of judgment, slander is not to be uttered nor listened to.

  84. He shall not alter it, nor change it, a good for a bad, or a bad for a good: and if he shall at all change beast for beast, then both it and that for which it is changed shall be holy.

  85. No idolatry, nor anything likely to be associated with it, was to be tolerated from any one in the holy camp.

  86. And she shall continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days; she shall touch no hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary, until the days of her purifying be fulfilled.

  87. Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling-block before the blind, but thou shalt fear thy God: I am the Lord!

  88. Hence he must never forget this himself, nor allow others to forget it.

  89. For so it is still; God has not abdicated His throne in favour of the people, nor will He waive His crown-rights out of deference to the political necessities of a party.

  90. The effect of his mere name upon his prisoner answered the robber chief's own question, nor had the latter any reason to feel disappointed over the method of its reception.

  91. He had not troubled his head much about what lay beyond the grave, nor had he ever shrunk from death when duty or dangerous sport had brought him within gazing distance of it.

  92. Infidel or not, to act thus towards him would not be pleasing to Allah, nor could it be justified out of the teaching of His Prophet.

  93. Of what was going on beneath Raynier could see nothing, nor did he care to turn his back--for longer than the briefest of glances--upon the fanatical mullah.

  94. I can't help thinking that the man belonged to one of these tribes--but I never saw him again, nor yet the stick I armed him with.

  95. Raynier, with a promptitude and decision for which she had not given him credit gave Cynthia to understand that he did not consider himself in the very least bound to her, nor had he since that last interview in the Vicarage garden.

  96. There--the thought has gone, nor can I pick up the thread of it.

  97. It wasn't a thing to bukh about, he declared, nor could he understand how that fellow Haslam could bukh about nothing else.

  98. Her father had forwarded it, without comment, and although its burden caused her a little temporary annoyance it neither surprised nor disconcerted her, for of it she there and then resolved to take no notice at all.

  99. Raynier could hardly repress a start, as his hand went instinctively to his pistol pocket nor did he feel any the easier because, by some inadvertence, it was empty.

  100. The man on the camel did not dismount, nor did he cause the beast to kneel.

  101. He was fond of sport, though not aspiring to anything beyond the average in its achievement, and was not lacking in ideas nor in some originality in the expression of the same.

  102. She could never, in her right mind, have placed that paper snake about her own neck, nor would she have allowed any one else to do it, without screaming out in horror.

  103. No, Mr. Stone, nothing could have made her take that dose of her own accord, nor could any one have persuaded her to take it, consciously.

  104. The heavy blow fractured the skull, but left no bruise or mark, nor was there any blood from the cut scalp.

  105. Now, look here, Mr. Stone, neither Miss Frayne nor I did this thing.

  106. The blow smashed the big comb she was wearin' but she didn't move nor fall over.

  107. Moreover, my patient was not of the temperament or disposition to seek death for herself, nor had she any reason to do so.

  108. That bracelet, however, is not genuine, nor of great value.

  109. And neither Miss Stuart nor Miss Frayne can be thought of for a moment in connection with that piece of brutality.

  110. If you do not want to think Miss Stuart implicated in this matter, your words and actions are unintelligible to me, but they are equally unimportant, and I have neither time nor thoughts to waste on them.

  111. But I don't know when he will get it, nor when we'll get a response.

  112. This papyrus is authentic, and it's nothing more nor less than an account of a great hoard of jewels and gold sunk, purposely, by an old Egyptian king to save them from seizure.

  113. I want neither his thanks nor his excuses.

  114. She was by no means handsome, and had certainly never been pretty; but her carriage was not without grace nor her manner without fascination.

  115. Miss Ley's visit to Barnes seemed welcome neither to Jenny nor to Basil, who looked harassed and unhappy, and only with a visible effort assumed a cheerful manner when he addressed his wife.

  116. He added that no soldier should accompany him who was inclined to abandon him; nor was it necessary that any one should desert; for any man could, if he desired, have a pass and be sent to join his regiment in winter quarters.

  117. They had sometimes had no bread for six days; sometimes for two or three days they would have neither meat nor bread.

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