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  1. A little extra regularity, advantageous for the saving of wax and labour, would produce the symmetrical comb of the hive-bee with its two layers of hexagonal prisms.

  2. Half an hour passed in this way, and then the old woman said: 'As you did not think yourself too good to comb me, I will show you where you may take service.

  3. The door was opened and he entered, but paused when he beheld an old man lying on a bench by the fire, while seated opposite him was a maiden combing out the locks of her golden hair with a comb of silver.

  4. Stop and comb my hair for a little,' said the old woman, 'and I will help you to get a place.

  5. The mediaeval progress of the comb exhibits, like that of every thing else of its class, much curious elaboration with but little improvement in utility.

  6. In modern days the comb probably reached its most costly and ornamental state at the court of Louis XIV.

  7. We come now to treat of the grand era in the comb trade--of the time when it was destined, like the great staple manufactures of our country, to undergo a revolution.

  8. He glanced at the chest of drawers; the comb lay still, between the collar he had removed and a pair of gloves.

  9. That which was being combed was still not to be seen, but the comb did not stop.

  10. The sweeping, minutely electric noise filled the whole bedroom, and had Oleron altered his point of observation he could have brought the dim gleam of the moving comb so into position that it would almost have outlined his grandmother's head.

  11. He took his own comb and smoothed out all the tangles in the wild woman's hair until she was comfortable and happy.

  12. She will hold out a comb to you and ask you to comb her hair.

  13. That isn't the way to comb your hair," the Youngest Brother said.

  14. Others find that the varo rests uneasy within them, as though each claw or tooth of the comb grasped a vital part of their anatomy.

  15. Pompey laid aside his curry-comb and brush and folded his toil-worn hands.

  16. Her elbow, as she ran the comb through her fluffy hair, struck Grandmother's delicate shoulder.

  17. Rhodora came up behind her, stooped to peer over her shoulder, and seized upon the ivory comb which lay on the dressing-table.

  18. You may assemble a crowd of them at any time by fixing a comb of scarlet cloth on the head of a sparrow, and glueing a few scarlet hackles into its tail.

  19. Each comb in a hive is composed of two ranges of cells, backed against each other.

  20. If you discover moths too late for the bees to build comb in a new hive, take the queen from the hive infested with moths, and place it where the bees will unite with another colony, and feed them all the honey from the deserted hive.

  21. We counsel to plane the inside of the hive smooth, and draw a fine saw lightly length wise of the boards, to make the comb adhere.

  22. The best preparation is to fasten a piece of new white comb on the top of the inside of the hive.

  23. Comb is usually regarded better for not being more than two or three years old.

  24. The blossoms yield to the honey-bee very large quantities of honey, much inferior to that made of white clover; it may be readily distinguished in the comb by its dark color and peculiar flavor.

  25. This is done by dipping the end of a piece of comb in melted beeswax, and sticking it to the top.

  26. I 'll soon trim the comb of this loud-crowing cock, and then we shall see how the sons of Thor keep faith.

  27. But Olvir caught up from a bench an ivory comb and smilingly led the girl to the seat.

  28. Now if you mean to comb my wig, comb it from the right parting--I know you will comb it well.

  29. You see, young Master, the comb is cut close so that there shall be no mark for t'other bird's bill.

  30. In the canon, where the waters are most narrowly constricted, they heap themselves up into a longitudinal ridge or bore, a comb perhaps four feet higher than the general level.

  31. Curiously she examined the comb and brush.

  32. She was now sitting motionless, comb and brush in hand, when 'Poleon came into the tent for a second time and aroused her from her abstraction.

  33. The back of the comb is fastened into a piece of wood, which is plated with tin in front, and above is attached a plume of feathers from a cock's tail.

  34. They have a rather more than usually savage appearance, owing to the greater amount of ornaments they use--the most conspicuous being a large horseshoe-shaped comb which they wear over the forehead, the ends resting on the temples.

  35. On Sundays Mammy would comb my hair and put a clean dress on me, and den take me to de white folkses' church at Salem, whar dere was two rows of benches in de back for slaves.

  36. When dem jim crow combs got stuck in dat tangled, kinky wool, damn if dem chillun didn't yell, and Marster would laugh and tell Granny Rose to comb it good.

  37. You dah to say they shayn't and I'll comb you with this varmint from head to foot!

  38. She got the comb and brush, and smoothed his thin gray hair after he had washed.

  39. And then watch him comb his tail with his fingers, and wash his face with his hands, and catch your watch-chain when you dangle it in front of him.

  40. Throughout the world there is not a comb or scissors with which I can arrange my hair, on account of its rankness, except the comb and scissors that are between the two ears of Twrch Trwyth, the son of Prince Tared.

  41. But from one difficulty to another, the comb was at length obtained.

  42. Thad said they meant to strike straight for the place where we landed, and then comb the ground as they came along.

  43. After all, this old island is only of a certain size, and with eight of us in line we ought to comb it from top to bottom.

  44. Yes," added Thad, "we can comb the island from one end to the other.

  45. When you comb a thing you get everything out, even the tangles; and if the tramps are hiding somewhere on the island they'll be found.

  46. Then she took a comb and began to do his fair hair, talking to herself the while.

  47. Have you ever seen a “comb bearer” or as it is often called, a “marble bleb?

  48. The most interesting feature about the legs of this creature is the wonderful double comb with which it teases out the threads of its web as they are formed.

  49. This comb takes the form of a double row of minute, curved spines on the last joint but one of the hind legs; it must certainly be examined under our microscope and we should try to see the combs being used by the spider.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "comb" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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