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comaund; comaunde; comaunded; comaundement; comb; combatant; combatants; combate; combated; combating
  1. A furious combat is the consequence, in which Perseus gives signal proofs of his valor.

  2. Unseen of men, the great spirits of History combat by the side of the people of Kansas, breathing divine courage.

  3. Error is harmless, while reason is left free to combat it.

  4. The tradition of single combat went back into the very mists of time in the Highlands; and merely the form varied.

  5. A spirit of the love of combat for combat's sake, shone in their expectant eyes and echoed in their suppressed, excited talk.

  6. When I saw how nearly they were matched in physique, the spirit of primitive combat in me began to be interested, to calculate who would win.

  7. All men of Highland degree were brought up to believe that honest disputes could be settled better by combat than anyhow else, and, indeed, they almost have a traditional reverence for the broad-sword of their country.

  8. One thing, however, tell me candidly, is it from love of justice, or is it for your happiness you combat thus ardently for the integrity of this young man?

  9. The indiscretion of her first surprise, she knew, he must forgive, though she blushed at its recollection; but a solicitude so pertinacious, an indulgence so repeated of feelings he had enjoined her to combat .

  10. It will tell you, that where allowed only a negative choice, it is your own best interest to combat against a positive wish.

  11. Terrible combat between the Thebans and Spartans; on the whole, the result is favorable to the Thebans.

  12. But on a sudden, the Grecian hoplites charged with their accustomed pæan, upon which the Karduchians took to flight,—having no arms for close combat on the plain.

  13. But whatever may have been the dreams and visions of the armies then encamped over against one another near the river Guadelete, the result of the combat was never doubtful.

  14. He was the fifth lord of his line who died in combat with the infidels.

  15. From Charleston we learn that we lost in yesterday's combat some 300 men, killed and wounded--the enemy quite as many.

  16. Samuel Jones has had a small combat with the enemy in Western Virginia, achieving some success.

  17. Wise had a combat yesterday on the Peninsula.

  18. Behold these Renneponts, who, by the will of their heretical ancestor, were to unite their forces to combat and crush our Society!

  19. Such a struggle was too unequal to last long; but despair redoubled the Colossus's strength, and the combat was for a moment terrible.

  20. It must have needed all your admirable and irresistible eloquence to combat the detestable counsels of this Abbe Gabriel, who had taken it into his head to persuade M.

  21. But this certainly seemed so horrible to the young girl's truthful and generous soul, that she still tried to combat the idea by the recollection of the confiding friendship which she had always shown this man.

  22. She did not seek to combat her love; to what purpose should she do so?

  23. May he still be spared in the combat of to-morrow!

  24. As soon as the combat had begun between Agricola and the blaster, the general fight became terrible, ardent, implacable.

  25. I will not combat your resolution; but I will prove to you that you do not know to what you expose yourself.

  26. And, then, such a beneficent association would be able to combat the fatal conspiracy of which I am the victim, and which, in a century and a half, may have lost none of its formidable power.

  27. And swift as lightning to the combat flies.

  28. Nor neither of them both had thought, That e'er they each had other sought, Much less that they a combat fought, But such a dream were lothing.

  29. When darkness suspends the fight, they feast together with the greatest amity, and then renew the combat with the return of light.

  30. Fingal and Swaran combat each other all day, with the greatest fury.

  31. In such a case, the medicine first excites a combat between the morbific force and the conservative reaction.

  32. To accept the combat is in itself, is it not, to believe that one is the stronger?

  33. He now discovered that he might play his own Odwar into personal combat with Gahan; but he had already lost one Odwar and could ill spare the other.

  34. There was no honor that could accrue to him from engaging in combat with slaves and criminals, or an unknown warrior from Manataj, nor was the stake of sufficient import to warrant the risk.

  35. Then Hrungner, who felt that there was nothing more for him to do or say in Asgard, took his departure; and, returning to his own country, spread the news that there was to be a mighty combat between himself and Thor.

  36. Let this mighty fighter meet me in single combat on the plains of Jotunheim, and then I will prove that the frost-giants are stronger than any of the timid dwellers in Asgard.

  37. The noise of the combat was like the crashing of many mountains together.

  38. Odin engaged in a deadly combat with the Fenris wolf, and was at last torn to pieces by Fenrer's terrible teeth and claws.

  39. Labour, I believe, is sometimes difficult to obtain in that portion of our colonial possessions where it will be our lot to combat with the teeming soil.

  40. The moment they met, the combat was opened, and for a time nothing was heard but the thunderous clashing and clamor of blows, now and then beating intermittently, now and then pausing.

  41. A longer and more continuous interval of combat followed this last assurance, during which Myles drove the assault fiercely and unrelentingly as though to overbear his enemy by the very power and violence of the blows he delivered.

  42. And, O lord, my wish is even for a single combat with Arjuna.

  43. I have seen before many mighty Rakshasas of huge bodies engaged in combat with my heroic son and killed too by him.

  44. Between that Gandharva and that foremost one of the Kurus, who were both very powerful, there occurred on the field of Kurukshetra a fierce combat which lasted full three years on the banks of the Saraswati.

  45. Let not the ire of the assembly be provoked by this combat of Bhima and Duryodhana.

  46. Madri, having in the presence of the whole army engaged in single combat with the son of Drona and showing himself equal to him drove his chariot in circles around, then, O Sanjaya, I had no hope of success.

  47. Then, O king, the combat with trees between that human being and the Rakshasa, became so terrible that the region around soon became destitute of trees.

  48. For just an instant a gleam of anger showed in the visitor's eyes under this questioning, and his glance, leveled straight at his host, was that of a man who would prefer open combat to veiled hostility.

  49. The fervency of combat came with his words.

  50. Upon the recent combat of their wills there seemed to have succeeded a calmness of aftermath.

  51. I know that you must," he countered, and because he had keyed himself for this combat of wills he spoke more categorically than he realized.

  52. He did not know it, but the combat was raging fiercest then around the little church, which should have been sacred.

  53. They realized now that they were only the segment of a circle extending forward practically within the Union lines, and that the combat was going against them.

  54. And still the combat raged without the Union commander, Grant, although he was coming now as fast as he could with the increasing roar of conflict to draw him on.

  55. The great artillery combat went on for some time.

  56. Again the combat was hand to hand, and to the right and left the supports of the indomitable Northern general were being cut away.

  57. Putting it up to me like this, I couldn't combat him or even rebuff him.

  58. Same case," I agreed, knowing better than to combat him.

  59. There are no dangerous physical complications to combat now.

  60. But you must realize that when the tongue of scandal touches my son, it becomes a personal matter with me, and I must look well for a weapon to combat it.

  61. He opened his hand, and two blood-stained clasp-knives rolled out; he winked knowingly, and indulged in humorous reminiscences of the combat while he was being examined.

  62. I have endeavoured to combat this impression by a series of Studies of Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist.

  63. In the case of Macbeth the judicial blindness is maintained to the last moment, and he pauses in the final combat to taunt Macduff with certain destruction.

  64. This was not a man, but one of the forces of nature: something like a torrent or an avalanche; nothing human could withstand him and it took an element to combat with him.

  65. Pitou groaned at such a determination but he did not combat it.

  66. He was, moreover, impelled to combat an antagonistic principle.

  67. On the other hand the learned bishops of the East in the third century used their utmost efforts to combat and extirpate chiliasm.

  68. However far I may go in my belief that idleness is the greatest vice of all, hardly any one here would attempt to combat the general view that it is a vice and a very bad one.

  69. What is the duty of Christians, and how shall they combat this evil?

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