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Example sentences for "fray"

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fraught; frauleins; fraus; frawg; fraxinella; fraye; frayed; fraying; frayle; frays
  1. A fight had, in the meantime, taken place between the attendants on either side, and so many of the men of the French party were killed, that the fray was termed the Little Battle of Châlons.

  2. A fray took place, and Wallace killed the foremost Englishman with a blow from the butt of his fishing-rod, took his sword, and put the rest to flight.

  3. When Otho, the legate, was passing through Oxford, and lodging at Osney Abbey, a terrible fray occurred.

  4. And woe for the issue, The fray that ye fought, The doom of a mutual slaughter whereby to the grave ye are brought!

  5. Thou too, O daughter of Zeus, who guidest the wavering fray To the holy decision of fate, Athena!

  6. Twas hardly midnight when that fray begun, 990 For Conrad's plans matured, at once were done, And Havoc loathes so much the waste of time, She scarce had left an uncommitted crime.

  7. Dan and his three brethren sat at the bottom of the board around the old man, who had been plying at the beef with no ordinary degree of perseverance, nor did he cease when the fray began.

  8. Upon this three of his associates ran away, and the two others, Marshall and Kingshell were likewise taken, and so the fray for the present ended.

  9. This fellow's practice was to wear a long sword, and then by jostling the gentleman whom they designed to rob, first created a quarrel, and while the fray lasted, gave his companion the opportunity of rubbing off with the booty.

  10. The Franciscan here mentioned was Fray Martin Ignacio de Loyola, a relative of the Loyola who founded the Jesuit order.

  11. Apparently a reference to Fray de Vascones, whose letter to the king follows this.

  12. But be it not mine to wage the fray Where matters are ordered the other way, For that is a different thing.

  13. Even while she was down the fray went on.

  14. But that's not all; since that fray the other night we Northmen have found friends.

  15. Breast to breast they hewed and thrust, and so fearful was the fray that Irene, forgetting her rage, clung to me to protect her.

  16. Now appeared witness after witness who told of the fray which I have described already, though for the most part they tried to put another colour on the matter.

  17. Each ship fought without heed to the others, for as the fray went on they drifted apart, grappled to their foes.

  18. Between Ragnar's ship and that of Athalbrand himself the fray was more even.

  19. Their confederate also joined the fray in a skirmishing mode of attack, and although it was now three against one, they were rapidly getting the worst of it.

  20. Again the filly was struck, and the fray began in earnest.

  21. It so chanced that I had been upon the spot alone, and without arms; and I had done my best to get my brother out of the fray by calling to him: “Make off; you have done enough.

  22. Then we each of us drew our swords with spirit; but the fray had hardly begun when a crowd of persons intervened, who rather took my part than not, hearing and seeing that I was in the right.

  23. But delay spoiled all; for Bertino received some ugly wounds and fell; at the same time, Anguillotto was also hit in the right arm, and being unable to use his sword, got out of the fray as well as he was able.

  24. As the direct route over the plain is entirely destitute of water, we took the precaution to fill all our kegs at Fray Cristobal, and late in the afternoon we finally set out.

  25. We arrived at Fray Cristobal[103] in the evening, but this being the threshold of the famous Jornada del Muerto, we deemed it prudent to let our animals rest here until the following afternoon.

  26. Fray Cristobal was long an important station in New Mexico; but, as Gregg says, never a town of any size, merely a camping place at the beginning of the Jornada del Muerto.

  27. About the time the fray began, 105 I trow it lasted but an hour, Till many a man lay weaponless, And was sore wounded in that stour.

  28. From a manuscript obtained in Santa Fe of New Mexico, describing the labors of the missionaries Fray Augustin Ruiz, Venabides, and Marcos, in the year 1585.

  29. One evening Fray Augustin sat upon an adobe bench, under the fig-tree shadowing the porch of the Mission.

  30. Fray Augustin reappeared on the roof, gave them his blessing, advised them to give no quarter, and, with slight misgivings, saw them ride off to the conflict.

  31. To war he incited His friends and fellows, in the fray to join.

  32. Then fled from the fray those who feared to remain.

  33. Spanish priests, however, were ready to risk everything for the sake of their religion, so Fray Ramirez calmly continued to climb up.

  34. Eye, But more cheer is when] May Mells blue with snowwhite through their fringe and fray Of greenery and old earth gropes for, grasps at steep Heaven with it whom she childs things by.

  35. May Mells blue and snowwhite through them, a fringe and fray Of greenery: it is old earth's groping towards the steep Heaven whom she childs us by.

  36. Fray Pedro Mejia was born in La Mancha, and professed in the Augustinian convent at Valladolid.

  37. Two, Fray Miguel and Fray León, are holy men.

  38. Its prior was father Fray Francisco de Ortega, and his companion was father Fray Diego Mójica.

  39. Fray Alonso Jiménez was a native of Málaga, and took his vows in the Augustinian convent at Mexico in 1558.

  40. He left his vicar in the Filipinas, namely father Fray Francisco Manrique.

  41. Three of the fathers remained in the island, namely, father Fray Martin de Rada, father Fray Diego de Herrera, and father Fray Pedro de Gamboa.

  42. Fray Alonso Gutiérrez professed in the province of Castilla, and was a conventual in Cebú in 1573.

  43. Among those destined to become famous in the world's history were Saint Dominic, Ignatius Loyola, Fray Luis of Leon, and Calderon.

  44. Many a bloody fray or revolution upset the city during the middle ages.

  45. Fray Juan Alvarez de Toledo, famous for the many edifices which he erected and among them S.

  46. When prisoned in the Rowan Hold, Of gratitude your words once told, When the white teeth were wounding your limbs, and your breath Came quick, for the fray brought you near unto death.

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