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Example sentences for "conservative"

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  1. I'm surprised to find you, with your strict Conservative principles, coming out to encourage such a low entertainment as this.

  2. He was anxious, later in the week, to run down to Coventry and persuade the conservative Bilston to extend official recognition to his offspring.

  3. If you only knew it, Kirk, you've capsized the political calculations of the Panama Conservative Party.

  4. I'm conservative, I am, and what he needs is a good, conservative man to manage his investments.

  5. We are told that a few of these ghouls were summarily dealt with; and under the circumstances the most conservative find it hard to condemn the grief-crazed men.

  6. But they aroused the utmost hatred in the conservative gentry and also in the moderate reformers among the gentry.

  7. These men had entirely given up the old conservative traditions of Confucianism; they were the first to make their peace with the new social order.

  8. Yüan Shih-k'ai and his supporters represented the conservative view, with the unexpressed but obvious aim of setting up a new imperial house and continuing the old gentry system.

  9. But the England of the eighteenth century had remained very conservative in music, and had devoted itself to cultivating the masters of the past.

  10. Current is led into the rings by means of carbon brushes, the number of brushes being such that the current density at the rubbing contact is kept within conservative limits.

  11. This is conservative practice, and a belt so proportioned will do the work in practically all cases.

  12. Suppose they turn out to be only glass,” put in the skeptical Billy, on whom Frank’s conservative manner had had its effect.

  13. So, English Conservative Politicians of the higher order, being worked upon by external circumstances of a similar nature, have perhaps a certain similar expression.

  14. The members of the Senior Conservative Club Camp had left him unimpressed, and the wild beast Voles had bequeathed to him a lively contempt for the mental powers of the man he had succeeded.

  15. Never again would he have luncheon at that Conservative Caravanserai, so he told himself.

  16. I'll give you a sample: I belong to the London Senior Conservative Club and yet I don't.

  17. Here he washed his hands and brushed his hair, and looking at himself in a glass judged his appearance to be conservative and all right.

  18. At this stage friction developed between the progressive commission and the conservative Sonorenses, which ended in the expulsion of the scientific commission by the State government.

  19. Now and then I was favoured with a dissertation on the evil of party, but I could always cut that short by the remark, "Oh, I see you are going to vote for the Conservative candidate!

  20. But the Cardiff of that time was too Conservative and Churchified for such a paper to pay, and as Mr. John Cassell offered me a berth on his paper, The Standard of Freedom, my connection with Cardiff came to an end.

  21. In 1837 it returned one Liberal and one Conservative, Milner Gibson, whom Sir Thomas Gooch, of Benacre Hall, recommended to the electors as a promising Conservative colt.

  22. According to this conservative estimate capital is upon the whole and in the long run robbing labor of four-fifths of the value of its productive power.

  23. The persistent statement of principles and the union of all true conservative forces are absolutely necessary, if we wish to bring the nation safe through this agonizing period and make the world safe for democracy," as President Wilson said.

  24. May it not be that a new condition has come about in our day by the possibility that there are more who exhaust their environment in the country before habit with its conservative tendency is able to hold them on the farm?

  25. Public opinion has more to do with actions than law, and at present the general attitude toward the granting of divorce is more conservative in the country than in the city.

  26. In the sixteenth century Luther's relatively conservative teaching regarding the scriptural grounds of divorce is adopted in the main by the theologians Brenz, Wie yn Ehesachen .

  27. The Fathers of English Protestantism as a body are more conservative than their brethren across the channel.

  28. On the other hand, it constitutes a stage in the development of a more conservative policy.

  29. According to Goodwin, they averaged one a year; and this appears to be a conservative estimate.

  30. When the Conservative Government fell after the Boer War he was not only a Cabinet possibility but a necessity.

  31. There are those who see in the new Lloyd George a Conservative in evolution.

  32. The great bulk of the supporters of the principle of women's suffrage were then and still are Liberals and Radicals, but from the outset we have always had an influential group of Conservative supporters.

  33. The Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Association is working as keenly as any of the other suffrage societies.

  34. The Conservatives were not slow to see that their immunity from attack was only temporary; when their turn came to have a Government in power the cry would be changed to "Keep the Conservative out.

  35. This sex is more conservative than the male--slower to change.

  36. Indeed, it is hard to believe that the author of this essay is the same Mr. Balfour whom we know as the leader of the Conservative party.

  37. I am not accusing him of any real inconsistency in thus alternating between conservative and revolutionary dogmas.

  38. As long as the world was conservative, a conservative Church could keep pace with it.

  39. And it is assuredly interesting to examine the argument for anarchy as stated and defended by a Conservative statesman.

  40. In this respect the Radical and the Conservative are alike, that it is the perception of change which determines them, though it determines them in different ways, the one being affected by hope, the other by fear.

  41. If one could apply the terms of politics to history writing Bassett's book is conservative and West's progressive.

  42. On the Conservative side, there is the party now in power, the aristocratic party, who believe in electing one of their own order as President, and think the common people should have nothing to do with politics.

  43. The finances were so handled as to show a substantial surplus each year instead of the era of deficits in Conservative days.

  44. Herein lies the difference between the Conservative and Liberal attitudes on the tariff.

  45. It will be generally admitted that Sir Wilfrid’s graceful words, spoken in reference to the great Conservative leader, are singularly applicable to his own case.

  46. In some respects, he was the most conservative of men.

  47. On one occasion Sir Adolphe Chapleau, who was a member for many years of successive Conservative Cabinets, was relating his experience as a captain in the Union Army at the Battle of Antietam.

  48. I was no longer a Conservative or a Liberal.

  49. Another indication of his conservative inclination in matters of dress may be pointed out.

  50. The Conservative who answered him by dwelling upon the ignorance of the lower classes was in some respects preaching to a convert.

  51. As, in our days, Darwinism has been claimed as supporting both individualist and socialistic conclusions, the theory of his predecessor, Malthus, might be applied in a Radical or a Conservative sense.

  52. But even the more intelligent Conservative drew the line at such a measure.

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