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  1. In order to enhance the usefulness of this work, extensive and varied historical matter has been included in the appendix for reference.

  2. At the foot of the rocks, the space of several streets in width has been stolen from the river.

  3. Queen the beautiful Anne of Austria; his astute Premier the Cardinal of Richelieu; his pious niece la Duchesse D'Aiguillon; his land surveyor and engineer Jehan or Jean Bourdon.

  4. Louis XIV," says Parkman, "commanded that eighteen thousand unoffending persons should be stripped of all they possessed, and cast out to the mercy of the wilderness.

  5. I sit ordinarly by a common hearth which gives me the thermometer at 71 or 72, nearly summer heat.

  6. In the last and in the present century, St. Louis Street was inhabited by many eminent persons.

  7. Plants of the dwarfer varieties may also be used with very decorative effect in conservatories and greenhouses during the summer and autumn months.

  8. Such specimens are magnificent ornaments in conservatories and corridors, and cannot fail to arrest attention at the back of herbaceous borders, or when used as isolated plants on lawns.

  9. The early-flowering varieties are of especial value for decorating greenhouses and conservatories during spring and early summer.

  10. The flowers available for winter and spring blooming are naturally few in number compared with those which fill gardens and conservatories during the summer months.

  11. For the decoration of conservatories a number should be specially reserved.

  12. The Conservatories and Greenhouses, are the erection of Mr. T.

  13. The Botanical and Horticultural Society have extensive gardens and conservatories at Edgbaston, situated on rising ground, and commanding a beautiful and richly-wooded expanse of scenery.

  14. I never entered the conservatories for months together; I care little about flowers.

  15. I never used any such thing as a solution of arsenic, or ever allowed the men working under me to use it, in the conservatories or in the garden at Gleninch.

  16. The fine residences, Broomhall, Fordell, and especially the conservatories at Donibristle, fell one after the other into the petty and insignificant.

  17. Years ago he gave beautiful conservatories to the public parks of Allegheny and Pittsburgh.

  18. In this year the following Conservatories of Music were established: The Boston Conservatory, Julius Eichberg, director, Boston, Mass.

  19. American readers should understand that the full course at the leading Russian conservatories is one of about eight or nine years.

  20. This may perhaps be the reason why our conservatories turn out so many bright and proficient young people who in a few years are buried in oblivion.

  21. Many conservatories now conduct classes for teachers, which are excellent in their way.

  22. His appointment as Supervisor General of the Imperial conservatories of Russia was one of the highest distinctions that could be conferred in the land of the Czar.

  23. This forcing method to which some conservatories seem addicted reminds one of those men who in bygone ages made a specialty of disfiguring the forms and faces of children, to make dwarfs, jesters and freaks out of them.

  24. The work in the leading Russian conservatories is almost entirely under supervision of the Imperial Musical Society.

  25. In this one thought Liszt embodied a kind of a pedagogical sermon which should be preached every day in all the schools, conservatories and music studios of the world.

  26. Its habitat is peculiar, but it possibly finds its way into conservatories and mushroom beds through the introduction of manure or soil, or leaf mold from the woods.

  27. Mushroom beds, manured soil in conservatories or in plant pots.

  28. With them would go the singing conservatories and the bad teachers who, for a living, teach everybody that comes, and promise to make everybody a great artist.

  29. But such ignorance of the subject is disheartening, and speaks ill for the conservatories in which the players were trained, whose performances naturally are likely to give art a black eye.

  30. On the inside it is forty-three feet long and twenty-five wide, excluding conservatories and front and back projections.

  31. Several cottages have been built thus, so that the ground floors and conservatories are nearly on the same level; and all agree that they are pleasanter than when raised higher.

  32. The conservatories in winter, protected from frost by double sashes, would contribute agreeable moisture to the larger rooms.

  33. The conservatories are appendages not necessary to housekeeping, but useful in many ways pointed out more at large in other chapters.

  34. All the merchants throw open their conservatories for the vicar to take his choice of their flowers, and the pulpit, the lectern, the choir, and the communion rails and table present a scene of great beauty.

  35. As a conservatory subject it is fine in flower, and it will be often seen in large conservatories after a few years.

  36. Where the climate is too cold to put it out of doors in summer, it should be grown in all conservatories in which it is desired to establish the noblest type of vegetation.

  37. This morning Humboldt came of his own accord to suggest that before going to lunch with the Princess of Prussia I should see the Island of the Peacocks, with its beautiful conservatories and curious menagerie.

  38. It was the first time I had seen in the open air this majestic plant, which forms one of the principal ornaments of the extensive conservatories of Schonbrunn.

  39. Bredemeyer, whose travels have so much enriched the fine conservatories of Schonbrunn and Vienna, in the valley of Caucagua, three days journey east of Caracas.

  40. As he crossed the hall, the entrance to the conservatories stood open; he looked through, paused a moment, and then went in.

  41. Literature divided his attention with his conservatories and his menagerie.

  42. He spoke to first one and then another in a short business-like way, and then went on with me to one of the great conservatories up by the house.

  43. In answer to your musical questions, I don't know that there is much to be told about conservatories of which you are not aware.

  44. He lives some way out of Berlin, and has the largest conservatories here.

  45. All large conservatories have an orchestra, composed generally out of the scholars themselves, with a few professionals hired to eke out deficiencies.

  46. He meant that it was not at the student but at the conservatories that he had been angry.

  47. I think that in all conservatories they have at least six lessons a week, two solo, two in reading at sight, and two in composition.

  48. The mechanical practice in vogue at Leipsic and other European conservatories often fails because the subject of aesthetics and tone beauties are neglected.

  49. Rochaigue is quite capable of taking you to a session of the Chamber of Peers, under pretext of showing you beautiful conservatories and flowers and picture-galleries.

  50. We had visited the conservatories and the magnificent rose gardens, when we met a friend of M.

  51. The boudoir was not a particularly sacred apartment, as it formed one in the suite of rooms and conservatories which communicated along the whole length of the house.

  52. Such is the case in Germany, and in a much higher degree in America, while in the various conservatories of Europe there is now required a period of from four to seven years for education in the art of singing.

  53. And have these conservatories a means of exit?

  54. Yes, he is no doubt going to the conservatories to join his companion?

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