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  1. We see that darts projected are so inflamed, that their leaden appendages are melted; and, these being thus inflamed, the air around them must be modified in the same manner.

  2. But all of them, essential or unessential, are alike constituents or appendages of the First Substance or Particular Subject, and have no reality in any other character.

  3. Small size of body and appendages permit this species to use a variety of nesting sites and hiding places even though it is restricted, by its anatomy, to life on the ground.

  4. Figure 19 reveals that the appendages of young maniculatus attain most of their length about a week earlier than those of truei.

  5. With regard to tails, no breed has these appendages so developed as the broad or fat-tailed sheep.

  6. The Bleek-boc, or Ourebi, is one of those antelopes which have the curious appendages upon the knees called brushes.

  7. It is not known for what purpose these appendages exist.

  8. Respecting Schools and Universities he did, indeed, hold that they were not to be regarded as the nurseries of a clergy, the appendages of a Church, or the depositaries and supports of any religious creed.

  9. His Janua Linguarum (1631), and one or two appendages to it, were contributions to the theory and practice of "The Latin School.

  10. These, sir, distant free cities, are now the appendages of mighty France, and have no political existence.

  11. Is this great continent and the free millions who inhabit it, again to become appendages of the British Crown?

  12. These appendages differ from one another only in shape and in degree of expansion, stem-leaves being expanded, sepals contracted, petals expanded, and so on alternately.

  13. The first memoir dealt with the mouth-parts of insects; the second with the anterior appendages of Articulates generally.

  14. So, too, it is through function-change that certain of the ambulatory appendages of Arthropods have become transformed into jaws--their function as graspers of food has gradually prevailed over their main function as walking limbs.

  15. At first sight there seems here a contradiction of the principle of connections, for the appendages in Arthropods are lateral, whereas the paired bones of the vertebra are dorsal and ventral.

  16. The exact way in which Geoffroy homologised the parts of the appendages in Arthropods with the paired pieces of the typical vertebra is best shown by the reproduction of his figure of an abdominal segment of the lobster (Fig.

  17. In following out the development of the appendages he noticed how much alike were jaws and legs in their earliest stage, and how this supported Savigny's contention that the limbs of Arthropods belonged to one single type of structure.

  18. The appendages of Articulates and Vertebrates were thought of as the members of as many separate organisms.

  19. It was probably suggested to him by his studies on the Crustacea, among which the principle is so beautifully exemplified in the concentration and specialisation of the appendages and the ganglionic chain.

  20. The best example of Geoffroy's insistence upon the priority of structure to function, and so of his purely morphological attitude, is perhaps his interpretation, already alluded to, of the appendages of Articulates.

  21. These appendages he homologises with the seven pairs of legs of Cyamus, so that the first appendage in Nymphon corresponds to the seventh appendage of Cyamus.

  22. If the skeleton of the segment in Articulates corresponds to the body of a vertebra and is here external, then the appendages of the Articulate must correspond to ribs (p.

  23. The same degree of dryness which admits of the clay being turned on the lathe, also suits for fixing on the handles and other appendages to the vessels.

  24. These appendages may be readily conceived, and are therefore not exhibited in all the drawings.

  25. The lungs, or gills, are formed by those fringe-like appendages popularly known as the 'dead men's fingers.

  26. Still, they are only the appendages of the noble seed, and the more thoroughly they are got rid of, the better the kernel is supposed to become.

  27. Colonnades and dark passages were first-rate appendages of a fashionable man's habitation.

  28. In order to attract it, they make use of cutaneous appendages attached to their spines, which they are able to elevate, and of filaments situated near the mouth.

  29. Upon the ventral surface of each of the rings thus sketched out, a pair of bud-like prominences made their appearance--the rudiments of the appendages of the ring.

  30. So that I can represent a transverse section of the ring and its appendages upon the diagram board in this way.

  31. The ring is essentially the same as in the other divisions; but the appendages look at first as if they were very different; and yet when we regard them closely, what do we find?

  32. If a person is disposed to hysteria by neurotic inheritance, idleness, sedentary habits, vicious practices, excessive development of the emotions, any affection of the uterus or its appendages will greatly aggravate the outbreaks.

  33. In the neuralgic form the uterus and its appendages are normal in appearance, but the pain recurs monthly, and it may have degrees from mere discomfort to agony.

  34. The books will tell you that these bats are distinguished by "complicated nasal appendages consisting of foliaceous skin processes around the nostrils," which is quite true and utterly futile.

  35. The books suggest that these foliaceous appendages are the organs of some special sense akin to touch.

  36. Plate III, represents the uterus and its appendages removed from the body, so that their connections with each other may be seen.

  37. The appendages of the body are reduced to branchiae, present in certain forms.

  38. Appendages of body reduced to branchiae, present only in four species, and to the ventral copulatory appendages of Alma and Criodrilus.

  39. The thin winged appendages to the tree, or its supporting walls, as they may justly be termed, partake more of the nature of root than of trunk, though altogether out of the earth.

  40. I allude more particularly in the present instance to a remarkable and very obvious disposition in the roots and lower part of the stem of the larger trees, to form winged appendages of great magnitude.

  41. These tabular compressed appendages are generally three or four in number.

  42. The regular disposition of these beams (in certain equatorial axes of the disk) is probably of great importance, as determining the later development of characteristic radial appendages of the margin in the more highly developed Porodiscida.

  43. The variety of these radial marginal appendages is in the Porodiscida much greater than in the Coccodiscida.

  44. Cortical shell without polar appendages (neither solid spines nor hollow tubes at the poles of the main axis).

  45. Porodiscida# with simple circular disk, composed of several rings (without radial appendages or peculiar oscula on the margin of the disk).

  46. Spongodiscida# with a simple circular disk, without radial appendages and without an equatorial girdle on the margin.

  47. Artiscida# without peculiar polar appendages (without strong solid spines or hollow fenestrated tubes on the poles of the main axis).

  48. Porodiscida# without radial appendages of the concentrically annulated disk, but distinguished by one single or two opposite large marginal oscula, or wide openings on the margin of the disk, armed with a coronet of spines.

  49. Porodiscida# without radial appendages of the disk (solid spines or chambered arms on the margin), and without peculiar oscula on the margin of the disk, which is composed of two to four or more concentric rings.

  50. Margin of the disk quite simple, without radial appendages (spines or chambered arms), without peculiar oscula.

  51. Ellipsoidal shell with polar appendages (either solid spines or hollow fenestrated tubes) at the poles of the main axis.

  52. Spongodiscida# with a simple circular disk, without radial appendages on the margin (neither solid spines nor chambered arms).

  53. Ellipsoidal shell without polar appendages (neither solid spines nor hollow tubes at the poles of the axis).

  54. This is the highest number of these articulated marginal appendages which is reached in any #Discoidea#.

  55. In the majority peculiar polar appendages are developed at both poles of the main axis, these being prolongations of them, either in the form of hollow fenestrated tubes (Pipetta, Pipettaria, Pl.

  56. Coccodiscida# with simple circular disk, without any radial appendages of the margin (either solid radial spines or chambered arms).

  57. Spokes of some regularity fix the diameter of the mouth; a swaying walk and the guiding aid of the caudal appendages have laid lozengy meshes across these spokes.

  58. At the tip of the belly, two small, mobile appendages form a sort of tail, a rather curious feature in a Spider.

  59. But the appendages of the thorax are terminal feet, not lateral wings; their number is commonly six or nine, rarely more.

  60. The number of the lateral, solid, or latticed appendages is six in Artophaena, nine in Stichophaena.

  61. In Stichopera the three radial appendages are either solid lateral ribs or longitudinal combs of spines; the closed basal part of the shell is rounded, not pointed.

  62. The terminal appendages of the radial spines exhibit a striking similarity with those of the Aulacanthida (Pls.

  63. Usually lateral or terminal appendages are developed in great variety, a selection of which is figured in Pls.

  64. The genus Theocapsa, and the two following genera, represent together the small subfamily of Theocapsida, or of those Tricyrtida in which the mouth is closed by a lattice-plate, and external radial appendages are wanting.

  65. Free appendages not on the thorax, only on the abdomen.

  66. The size of the nine appendages is in this common species rather variable; sometimes they are rudimentary, at other times much stronger than in the good figure of Buetschli.

  67. These appendages are usually green and tipped with pink, but sometimes pale yellow or red, and are of such a length that they cover a circle of five or six inches.

  68. They will soon open the inner cone of their many-valved shell, and slowly protrude six pairs of gracefully curved and delicately-feathered appendages which, as previously stated, are attached to the thoracic portion of the body.

  69. In these the eyes are mounted on movable pedicels, the head and thorax are generally covered by a large shield called the carapace, and the appendages are adapted partly for seizing and masticating, and partly for locomotion.

  70. A sheet of blotting-paper may be placed on cork or soft wood, the specimens placed on this, and the appendages kept in the desired positions when necessary by means of pins placed beside, but not thrust through them.

  71. It is very common near low-water mark, where it may be seen crawling over the rocks on its broad foot, from which project two hornlike appendages in front and two narrow tails behind.

  72. And again, the offices of Elder and Bishop are necessary appendages belonging unto the High Priesthood.

  73. And again, the offices of Teacher and Deacon are necessary appendages belonging to the lesser Priesthood.

  74. Elders and Bishops are appendages to the High Priesthood, while Teachers and Deacons are appendages to the lesser, which lesser is an appendage to the higher or Melchizedek.

  75. Both Elders and Bishops are appendages to the High Priesthood.

  76. If we commence this work before the fall of the leaves, care should be taken to strip these appendages from the trees in the nursery, before digging them.

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