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  1. And when we compare the Christian conception of God with the Buddhist conception or the Mohammedan conception, we cannot fail to see which is the highest and the purest.

  2. She must rear up a generation of men who hate robbery in all its disguises; who are determined never to prosper at the expense of their neighbors, and who know how to find their highest pleasure in helping their fellow men.

  3. A religion which invites him to live on a lower plane than the highest on which his thought travels cannot win his respect.

  4. It goes without saying that, for the highest forms of praise, we must have the conspiring voices of the great congregation.

  5. If the church wishes to regain her hold upon the people, she must learn to speak to the highest that is in them.

  6. To accept statements to which my judgment does not assent, which are repugnant to my reason, because others seek to impose them upon me, is in the highest degree immoral.

  7. In our last chapter we showed how worship, in its highest expression, is essentially social, and how impossible it would be to maintain it without the aid of institutions having the same essential purpose as the Christian church.

  8. It is suited for the highest speeds, and this is very necessary, as the motors may with advantage, run at 2,000 revolutions per minute.

  9. In America, especially in connection with the deep mines of the Western States, the problem is also of the highest importance.

  10. To those who are below mediocrity, the highest subjects may not be announced.

  11. The Master said, 'T'ai-po may be said to have reached the highest point of virtuous action.

  12. The virtue of the house of Chau may be said to have reached the highest point indeed.

  13. Confucius said, 'Those who are born with the possession of knowledge are the highest class of men.

  14. The Master said, 'There are only the wise of the highest class, and the stupid of the lowest class, who cannot be changed.

  15. The Master said, 'To those whose talents are above mediocrity, the highest subjects may be announced.

  16. The Master said, 'The superior man holds righteousness to be of highest importance.

  17. Many would be inclined to pronounce it the very highest of all the forms assumed by beauty, whether in nature or in works of imagination.

  18. A long poem, as we have seen, requires imaginative powers superfluous in a short one; and it would be easy to show that it admits of strictly poetic effects of the highest value which the mere brevity of a short one excludes.

  19. For it suggests this question: Supposing that high claim to be justified at all, can it really be made for all sublimity, or must it not be confined to the very highest forms?

  20. And his own pride in it is, like Milton's, in the highest degree haughty.

  21. First, he claims for language the highest place among the vehicles of artistic expression, on the ground that it is the most direct and also the most plastic.

  22. He was answered by Lord Hastings, the late king's best friend, a man of great courage and experience, who had shared in the victories of Barnet and Tewkesbury, and had held the highest offices ever since.

  23. But while raising this storm in a teacup about the worthless Wilkes, George Grenville was committing another and a very different mistake in a matter of the highest importance.

  24. He was regarded by the continental clergy as the champion of the rights of their order, and treated with the highest respect wherever he went.

  25. They found the tools of their turbulence in the hordes of disbanded soldiers sent home from France, who knew no other trade but fighting, and would sell themselves to be the household bullies of the highest bidder.

  26. He was self-confident and ambitious in the highest degree, and thoroughly enjoyed his position of chief minister to an idle and careless master.

  27. The influence of the forests on the chemical composition of the atmosphere is, in a word, of the highest importance.

  28. Mortillet's relations with his pupils and with his country, and his private character, are spoken of in the highest terms.

  29. The highest point yet reached by a kite was attained by the leader of a tandem sent up from the Blue Hill Observatory by Messrs.

  30. It should be noticed that the highest daily temperature in disease, as in health, occurs in the afternoon, when the temperature of the air in summer is the greatest.

  31. Mortillet published a considerable number of memoirs and of books of the highest order.

  32. The child learns its own or mother tongue from the mother; it learns a foreign tongue from a teacher, whose highest ambition is to be a grammarian.

  33. It published itself in creatures reaching from particles and spicula through transformation on transformation to the highest symmetries, arriving at consummate results without a shock or a leap.

  34. But this catastrophe, deplorable as it still remains to history, has proved of the highest value to antiquarians.

  35. Now, by a happy accident, some of the highest land in the south of England stands dominating the narrowest part of this approach from France.

  36. One of the highest importance (for it led from London along the valley of the Darent) was to join us at Otford; the last and perhaps the greatest, beyond the Medway, in the stretch before Boxley.

  37. Now, consider Aylesford, the other extreme; the highest up as Cuxton is the lowest down the river of the four points.

  38. After Knockholt it is equally clear, and has, for that matter, been studied and mapped by the highest authority in England.

  39. As the vital body nourishes the dense vehicle, we may readily understand that blood is its highest visible expression, and also that a positively polarized vital body would generate more blood than a negative one.

  40. And when we have reached to the highest of all, The gradations of growth our minds shall recall So that link by link we may join them together And trace step by step the way we reached thither.

  41. In the lower regions of the Desire World the whole body of each being may be seen, but in the highest regions only the head seems to remain.

  42. They are expert builders of mind stuff, as we are builders of the present mineral substances and therefore they have given us necessary help to acquire a mind which is the highest development of the human being.

  43. The forty-two story Smith Building is the highest in the world outside of New York.

  44. Columbia Crest, the highest point on the mountain, at about 11 a.

  45. The highest peak in eastern Washington is Mount Spokane, 5,808 feet, twenty miles northeast of the city.

  46. But others say that is a whopper, for the Palmerston is the biggest ship in town with the very highest masts.

  47. Whenever it got hold of a box of matches it was overjoyed, and immediately climbed up on the highest bookcase.

  48. Long flights of stone steps from the highest part of the narrow street lead up to the main entrance of the abbey buildings.

  49. Standing on the causeway and looking up to the great height of the tower that crowns the highest point, the gilded St Michael with his outspread wings seems almost ready to soar away into the immensity of the canopy of heaven.

  50. Then the two great towers, seemingly similar, but really full of individual ornament, rise majestically to a height equal to that of the highest portion of the nave.

  51. The pagans' highest expression of beauty which moved the world was in sculpture--cold and pure marble of divine form.

  52. There was not a word or a look which would suggest that they held any but the highest views.

  53. But this gave the smugglers their highest opportunity.

  54. A final advance then set in at the middle of the forties which continued until the highest levels on record were attained on the eve of secession and war.

  55. This was the case of the girl Sarah, who was sold to the highest bidder on the auction block in the rotunda of the St. Louis Hotel at New Orleans in 1841 at a price of eight thousand dollars.

  56. According to these views, he concluded, "the highest prices yet obtained from the foreign purchasers of our slaves have never left a profit to the state or produced pecuniary benefit to general interests.

  57. One of these at New Orleans in 1854 was Thomas Foster who advertised that he would pay the highest prices for sound negroes as well as sell those whom merchants or private citizens might consign him.

  58. Prices in the several communities tended of course to be equalized partly by a slender intercolonial slave trade but mainly by the Guineamen's practice of carrying their wares to the highest of the many competing markets.

  59. The highest punishment must not exceed a hundred lashes in one day, and to that extent only in extreme cases.

  60. Colored freemen, except in the highest of their social strata, took free or slave wives almost indifferently.

  61. A slave's highest rate of earning would be reached of course when his physical maturity and his training became complete, and would normally continue until his bodily powers began to flag.

  62. Yet by their nature they are good-humored in the highest degree, and I know nothing more delightful than to be met by a group of negro girls and to be saluted with their kind 'How d'ye massa?

  63. Admitting that all you tell me be true, it is of the highest importance for me to visit the fur station and all other settlements above and below us on the river, in order to become friendly, and prevent rivalry.

  64. Perhaps that was spiral, from the world's deep heart upwards, and this was the highest point it reached.

  65. Once that gate was guarded, and only at a great price or as a great reward were certain of the Highest Blood given the freedom of this fountain which might touch no common lips.

  66. Yes, a failure in the highest sense, though I trust what Stevenson calls "a faithful failure.

  67. Athos knew his own personal value, and bowed to the prince like a man, correcting by something sympathetic and undefinable that which might have appeared offensive to the pride of the highest rank in the inflexibility of his attitude.

  68. Monsieur is well acquainted with England, whither he has made several voyages at various periods; he is a subject of the highest merit.

  69. May that truest and highest God lift up the light of his face upon thee and give thee peace!

  70. But my highest ambition then was to grow, as the years went on, to be useful to nice people, and to be liked by them.

  71. He expressed the highest admiration for Evelina, adding that he hoped she (Miss Burney) did not intend to throw away her pen.

  72. Agujari, according to Grove’s Dictionary of Music, was the highest and most extended soprano on record.

  73. But, as she very sensibly tells Mr. Crisp, she is “determined never to marry without having the very highest value and esteem for the man who should be her lord.

  74. We have referred the descriptions of the pictures to one of the very highest authorities in London, who is of opinion that if the marks on the back are genuine, they are the marks of the owner, not of the artist.

  75. As long as poetry of the highest order is appreciated in England, Gray's Elegy written in a Country Churchyard will never want readers to pore over its beauties, or artists ready to dedicate their talents to its illustration.

  76. Many of these Indian grass-mats are admirable examples of elegant design, and the colours in which they are woven are rich, harmonious and effective in the highest degree.

  77. The highest point of the department, and indeed of the whole north-west of France, is the Mont des Avaloirs (1368 ft.

  78. Omega] As regards the most general motion of a spherical pendulum, it is obvious that a particle moving under gravity on a smooth sphere cannot pass through the highest or lowest point unless it describes a vertical circle.

  79. The highest summit in the island is in the south-western mass of hills, the Piton de la Riviere Noire, which is 2711 ft.

  80. He ranked with the highest dignitaries in the state; he sat at the tsar's own table.

  81. Its highest point, the Helpter Berg, is 587 ft.

  82. Would he like anything that might help him to a step in the regiment, or place him in a position to sell himself, you, and the borough constituency, to the highest bidder?

  83. Tired, perhaps," said Jones, affecting what he opined to be the cool indifference of the highest fashion.

  84. This old gentleman, for whom I entertain the highest respect, is my tenant.

  85. This was his brief and simple faith, and it is astonishing in what simple rules of guidance men amass vast fortunes, and obtain the highest suffrages of civic honor and respect!

  86. Behold of what vulgar ingredients are made up the highest aspirations of genius,--the most graceful fascinations of beauty.

  87. It is supposed by many that such types repeated in play after play do not mark the highest original power, but rather poverty of invention, weak and shadowy conception, indistinctness of coloring.

  88. Ben Jonson said that Shakspere "wanted art"; the highest appellate court decided that "Lear" was a greater work than Euripides or Sophocles ever produced.

  89. We may differ with some of these assertions because dissent is supported by the highest authority, both German and English.

  90. There was an easel standing under the highest part of the shelving roof, where a sky-light was let into the thatch, and a half-finished painting rested on it.

  91. Nobody knew whither he went, but it was believed he acted as a guide to some of the highest and most perilous of the Alps.

  92. They were the Engelberg Alps, with the snowy Titlis gleaming highest among them; and Felicita's face, wan and pallid as themselves, was set towards them.

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