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grownd; growne; grownup; grownups; grows; growths; groyne; grub; grubbed; grubber
  1. During the fall he completed a short paper on Zuñi culture growth as evidenced by studies of Pueblo ceramics, which was published in the Fourth Annual Report of the Bureau.

  2. He entreated loyal representatives: "Do not believe that another such growth on the soil of Ohio deformed the face of nature and darkened the light of God's day!

  3. As in all farming communities, where the only movement of currency is when the crop comes in and the debts accumulating during the growth are settled and the slight surplus spent, the Indiana pioneers little knew "extra" cash.

  4. The sentence took growth and spread all over the Union.

  5. From a wise public economy this fee system has become, with the growth of the country, a source both of injustice and of extreme expense to the public at large.

  6. To begin with, the whole aldermanic system is an anomaly in the growth of institutions.

  7. The reason why so many have to live at a distance from their work is not the mere growth of cities, but our universal disregard of scientific town planning as practiced notably in Germany.

  8. Though the steam roads have played an important part in the past, the growth of Pittsburgh is now chiefly along electric car lines.

  9. Three factors are involved in producing this state of affairs, the growth of the mill and town, the low wage of the laborer, and his ambition.

  10. It would appear that the rate of a city's growth in people depends on the amount of intercommunication, just as the intensity of some chemical processes depends on the extent to which the different elements come together.

  11. At the same time, the growth of Pittsburgh needs to be directed according to the best public requirements, and not left to the traction company and real estate owners to work out as they see fit.

  12. Reports on housing conditions in Pittsburgh show that a favorable laboratory for the growth and dispersal of germs exists in the city's unsanitary dwellings.

  13. And further, the steep slopes of a hill hinder the growth of the town.

  14. When, however, the disciples came to believe in the resurrection of their master, a wonderful impetus was given to the growth of the new religion.

  15. Growth of Christianity to the End of the Fourth Century.

  16. In fact, the first and second centuries of our era were marked by a great growth of the humanitarian spirit.

  17. The revolution arrested the growth of absolutism in England.

  18. His History of Rome, beginning with Romulus and extending to Augustus, traced the rise and growth of the Roman state during eight centuries of triumphal progress.

  19. What reasons for the growth of the Papacy have been set forth in this chapter?

  20. We learned something about its organization, belief, and worship, about the rise and growth of the Papacy, about monasticism, and about that missionary campaign which won all Europe to Christianity.

  21. In form the poem is a narrative of the adventures of the Trojan hero, Aeneas, [29] but its real theme is the growth of Rome under the fostering care of the gods.

  22. It may only lead to a larger growth of human weeds.

  23. The sudden growth of things, excellent in themselves, entangles the feet of that generation amongst whom they spring up.

  24. Most of all is the growth in the youthful mind of general deductions and the perception of underlying principles extremely gradual.

  25. In the growth of a child's mind comes naturally a simple and unreflecting pleasure in literature, beginning, as has been said, with unsophisticated delight in the marked rhythms of Mother Goose or in the wholesome joy of the fairy-story.

  26. Having relation to growth or nutrition; partaking of simple growth and enlargement of the systems of nutrition, apart from the sensorial or distinctively animal functions; vegetal.

  27. A will vitiated and growth out of love with the truth disposes the understanding to error and delusion.

  28. Having too rank or forward a growth for winter.

  29. Where would be the room for growth in such a system of things?

  30. What wonder man should fail to stay A nursling wafted from above, The growth celestial come astray, That tender growth whose name is Love!

  31. The lovely matted growth stood like a wall, And means of entering were not evident,-- The gap had closed.

  32. A difference in the relative growth of the two centres of the parietal bone is well shown in the difference of size between the inferior and superior portions of the parietal in cases of the complete horizontal suture in the same.

  33. The disproportion of growth of the two original segments of the parietal bone will, I believe, be found more common as attention is directed to this subject.

  34. Or it may be that the mind turns to another carver, at work in one of the many large colonies of craftsmen which sprang up amid the forest of scaffolding surrounding the slow and mysterious growth of some noble cathedral.

  35. It teaches the relation between form and growth in a way which makes it possible to use the greatest freedom of generalization without violating structural laws.

  36. The eye can readily mark the line where the soil, warmed by the rays of the sun, bears cultivation and shows the native growth of the Norwegian flora.

  37. Originally a mellow and fertile field, it had been almost ruined by a persistent, luxuriant growth of elderberry bushes.

  38. There was a wonderfully fine growth of walnut trees also, stretching their long branches for many yards over the water.

  39. If these braids had been dishevelled, I am certain the hair would have swept the ground, and the thickness of its growth was even yet more remarkable than its length.

  40. Happening to mention the circumstance of the extraordinary growth of hair, among the women about Payerne, we were informed that it was almost all false.

  41. He is the Guardian of the Cause in the very fullness of that term, and the appointed interpreter of its teachings, and is guided in his decisions to do that which protects it and fosters its growth and highest interests.

  42. He was particularly happy to hear of the formation of a new Spiritual Assembly at Caringbah as this marks an important step forward in the growth of the Cause and its administrative institutions in Australia.

  43. Melbourne during the course of this year may be realized, and that the occasion may serve to lend a fresh impetus to the growth of the Cause in that city.

  44. The cry was repeated twice before I could make a dash through the thick swampy growth towards the bank.

  45. There was the forest which was to prove a sanctuary, and at last the cocoa-trees were behind, and we were parting the dense growth that now hid from us the glow of the burning house.

  46. At one time we were slowly gliding down a wide river whose banks were not only covered to the water's edge with the dense growth of the primeval forest, but the huge branches of the great trees spread far over the muddy flood.

  47. I was now as excited as Tom, and together we stepped slowly on through the dense brake, parting the heavy growth with the barrels of our guns as we trod lightly over the swampy ground, which sent up a hot, stifling, steamy exhalation.

  48. We pushed on, to find the same track still; the heavy body that had been dragged over the young plantation growth leaving it bruised and broken beyond the elastic power of the plants to recover themselves.

  49. The growth of the ministerial system had gone on; and he, shut off from growth in its midst, was being robbed of strength day by day.

  50. John Todd, on "The Early Settlement and Growth of Western Iowa.

  51. In it the author vigorously and repeatedly urged the "immediate and total abolition" of slavery, and warned his contemporaries of the consequences of continuing the system until by its growth it should endanger the Union.

  52. Reminiscences of the Early Settlement and Growth of Western Iowa.

  53. The growth of the Elgin Settlement is set forth in a series of reports, which afford many interesting facts about the enterprise.

  54. I have been visiting Korea since 1911 and have seen what seems to be definite growth and revival of the old religion.

  55. It shows signs of active life and there may be prospects of its future growth and large development.

  56. This is a common summer resident in riparian and second-growth habitats throughout the State.

  57. This summer resident is common in riparian thickets and second-growth scrub.

  58. For while drink retards the growth of intelligent effort to end the stupidities in the social system, does it not also help men and women to bear the consequences of those stupidities?

  59. Susan still lacked nearly a month of seventeen, but she seemed older than Ruth because her mind and her body had developed beyond her years--or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say beyond the average of growth at seventeen.

  60. She delighted in the thick obstinate growth of his fair hair, in the breadth of the line of his eyebrows, in the aggressive thrust of his large nose and long jawbone.

  61. The purchase of this territory has extended our northern boundary from the 49th to the 71st parallel, and added to our growth westward by sixty degrees of longitude.

  62. The dawn of this life is a struggle for being, its growth a constant warfare with antagonisms, its maintenance is by continued defenses.

  63. In the dense smoke that covered the battle ground, Ralph became lost, and, making a short turn, found a clump of trees with a thick growth of underbrush.

  64. With this material growth there has arisen a fresh movement in the stagnant waters of poetic and artistic memories--new ideas, new faces, new paths, new names.

  65. It exceeds the first version by 28 bars and is a striking improvement, showing the growth of Liszt's technic and his constant effort to be emphatic and to avoid commonplace.

  66. The Etude entitled Mazeppa is particularly characteristic of Liszt's power of endurance at the instrument, and it exhibits the gradual growth of his manner, from pianoforte exercises to symphonic poems in the manner of Berlioz.

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