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  1. We never gave any corn until just before littering down, the last thing at night.

  2. Of late years, high prices and Brighton demand, with the new system of artificial agriculture, have pushed root crops and corn crops into sheltered valleys and far over the hills, much to the disgust of the ancient race of shepherds.

  3. Our usual allowance of corn to each horse per diem was four quarterns, but more if they required it, and from 14 lbs.

  4. If he is full of corn and well bred, take advantage of the moment to tie up the off fore-leg to the surcingle, as securely as the other, in a slip loop knot.

  5. When madam awoke afterwards, there he stood before her with a little corn he had found, and laid it at her feet; but as she had not slept well, she was naturally in a bad temper.

  6. He sang of the happy time when he could fly in the air, joyous and free; of the young green corn in the fields, from which he would spring higher and higher to sing his glorious song--but now he was a prisoner in a cage.

  7. The daily allowance of three pounds of bread was reduced to one half, to one third, to nothing; and the price of corn still continued to rise in a rapid and extravagant proportion.

  8. The Roman Port insensibly swelled to the size of an episcopal city, where the corn of Africa was deposited in spacious granaries for the use of the capital.

  9. Then," said I, "is the milns so scant in England that they must send over their corn to Ireland to grind it?

  10. Their standing dish consists of Indian corn soaked, then bruised and boiled.

  11. For this promise she gave him a mess of milk, and when he had eaten all up he took the sack of corn upon his back, and went towards the mill, which stood about two miles from the house.

  12. Simon loses a Sack of Corn that he was carrying to the Mill to have ground.

  13. Some, indeed, carry a bag with biscuit or Indian corn therein, but not unless they have a long march to their destined place of action.

  14. The people were coming in fast with honey and butter, corn of different sorts, sulphur for making powder, etc.

  15. We had bought a quantity of corn at Adiaboo for food for our servants in the jungle, but we could not manage to get it ground at Adiaboo; the young chief, however, said we should be able to do so in the villages as we went on.

  16. As we came back with the flour that we had exchanged for corn we met the arkees, and Brou said to them, "Do not go up to those houses and steal the things while the people are away, and then say that we did it!

  17. We succeeded in lighting a fire, but I had literally nothing to eat, as Petros was carrying the few provisions of which I was possessed; the only thing in the shape of food that I had was a bag of corn for my mule.

  18. We went into the village and said that we must have some flour, and that we had brought corn to exchange for it.

  19. These natives slept in the hut, and guarded the corn at night from the inroads of wild beasts.

  20. If they pass any cornfields, particularly the Indian gram, they run into the corn and take as much as they want, not only for their own eating, but for their master's mules.

  21. I just caught a glimpse of the reptile as he wriggled away among some corn sheaves; he was yellow, and almost of the colour of the corn.

  22. The next day we went on to the village of Azho, and camped in the dry bed of a stream, in a field where the Dargousa corn had just been cut.

  23. I made Goubasee roast some corn in the camp fire; this he picked out of the ashes, and it constituted my dinner.

  24. I adopted the old poacher's plan of spitting them on the ramrod of my rifle, and made Mahomed, the Massowah boy, roast me some corn I had taken with me for my mule.

  25. We took what flour we wanted and left corn in exchange.

  26. He heard the voice of a riverman as he toiled at a rope standing on the corn that filled his ghiassa from end to end, from keel to gunwale.

  27. He purchased up all the corn of the surrounding districts, but instead of fulfilling his agreement he forwarded it to Ghuznee for the use of the garrison, and was amongst the most conspicuous defenders of the fortress.

  28. A narrow, but deep and rapid river, whose banks are studded with rich corn fields, winds its devious route through the pleasant valley in which the town is situate, and half encircles its walls.

  29. We were lucky enough to discover the stores of corn and bussorah (a sort of provender for cattle) which the natives had buried at the first news of our approach.

  30. This Chief had entered into a contract with Sir Alexander Burnes, to establish magazines of provisions and corn at Quettah, for the use of the British troops, and five thousand rupees were paid over to him for the purpose.

  31. Twelve pigs also were fattened at the castle upon corn alone, and the Duke himself was wont to feed them.

  32. As the supply of corn and other things were nearly at an end, and there was nothing more in store, I was obliged to seek after provisions.

  33. Now his Princely Grace knew that the States had a great store of corn at Groeditzberg, so the Duke took counsel with me how he should capture Groeditzberg, and there keep house till he learned the Imperial determination.

  34. John Jay could hear Ned putting the horse into the stall, and throwing the corn into the feed-box.

  35. Mammy was so tired that she did not cook anything for supper, as she had intended, but set out the contents of the basket beside the corn bread left from dinner.

  36. He stumbled over the bottle of corn and the picture-book.

  37. Sometimes there is only a raw turnip and a piece of corn pone in his pocket for dinner.

  38. The one grinds, the other winnows corn as it were.

  39. The poorer Romans received every month tickets, which appear to have been transferable, entitling them to a certain quantity of corn from the public granaries.

  40. And, sir, not this alone; for I have vowed A supplemental largess to the crowd, Of corn and oil.

  41. Behold," said they, "the corn you lent us.

  42. We should have been famished but for you; may God reward you; he only can; all we have to give is our corn and grateful thanks.

  43. My friends, you want corn for your subsistence.

  44. An ear of corn was brought to him, and once more his wheel went whirring, and again that strange light shot out from it, and spread far past the houses over the fields beyond; and, lo!

  45. Give me an ear of corn from your last harvest," answered the old knife-grinder, "and let me put it on my wheel.

  46. He might with absolute propriety have worn the lowly broom-corn from which his family-name was taken, while it was a sweeping satire on almost all others who bore it.

  47. The citizens of Alexandria on those years received from the government a smaller gift of corn than usual, and the Jews then felt their altered rank in the state.

  48. Another charge given to Tlepolemus was that of watching over the supply and price of corn in Alexandria.

  49. And the very first Sunday after the spring corn was sown carts set off from Kurilovka and Dubetchnya to fetch bricks for the foundations.

  50. Our fathers did not talk of Free Trade, but of the Repeal of the Corn Laws.

  51. Oatmeal, graham or gluten crackers and the Huntley and Palmer breakfast biscuits, stale rolls, or corn bread which has been split and toasted or dried till crisp, form a sufficient variety for most children.

  52. Those thickened with rice, barley or corn starch form a useful variety, especially with the addition of milk.

  53. The silken hair that falls in soft masses on her Grecian brow is light as corn in harvest, and she has hands and feet that are absolutely faultless.

  54. It surprised me to notice, that, though there was every mark of hard fighting having taken place here, the Indian-corn was not generally trodden down.

  55. The postscript, "tell John that nancy's folks are all well and has a verry good Little Crop of corn a growing.

  56. Upon what occasions they use to cut the young Corn in the Blade, or to seed it; and what are the benefits thereof?

  57. Among the first records of producing from the soil, to be found in any detail, is the raising of corn in Chaldea and Egypt.

  58. Then, plough deep, while sluggards sleep, and you shall have corn to sell and keep.

  59. CORN IN EGYPT, an expression signifying abundance, in reference to Gen.

  60. BREAD'-CORN, corn of which bread is made.

  61. The bare memory of it angered her now, causing her to fire a volley of yellow corn at a lordly peacock, which sent him scuttling down the steps on to the gravel in most plebeian haste.

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