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Example sentences for "embalm"

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  1. The infamous informer has gone to oblivion, and we will not aid even to embalm her name in contempt.

  2. The laws of France required that the chief surgeon should open the body of the departed monarch and embalm it, and that the first gentleman of the bed-chamber should hold the head while the operation was performed.

  3. Nor shall my memory want a home in yours-- Alas, that it requires too well such free Forgiving love as shall embalm it there!

  4. Paul: "the fellow can't avoid Confessing that my piece deserves the palm; And yet he dares not grant me space enjoyed By every scribbler he permits embalm His crambo in the Journal's corner!

  5. It is, perhaps, his defective style more than anything else which will prevent his becoming a classic, for style above all other qualities seems to embalm for posterity.

  6. I say; Embalm the dead, on senseless clay Rich wines and spices waste!

  7. Let me embalm this flesh of mine With turtle fat and Bordeaux wine, And spoil th' Egyptian trade.

  8. Citizens of Cleveland and Ohio, as we embalm his name in our memory, let us not fail to remember, also, the dear family he has left.

  9. The sacred body was carried to a spot beneath the level of the top of Golgotha, where the smooth surface of a rock afforded a convenient platform on which to embalm the body.

  10. For years a strong desire was felt to embalm those precious things of our cherished household, that they might be preserved for the admiration and reverence of remote posterity.

  11. Daughters of mem'ry, raise the deathless song, Repeat through endless years his hated name, Embalm his crimes, and teach the world our wrong.

  12. They did not know that Jewish soldiers had been sent to guard the tomb, nor that the Roman seal was placed upon the stone; 4 So in the morning of the first day of the week they hastened to the tomb with spices to embalm the Lord.

  13. Now, Joseph had prepared a costly mixture to embalm the body of the Lord, about a hundred pounds of aloes and of myrrh, and this they took and hastened out to Calvary.

  14. Of that miraculous intervention of divine power, in causing Mizraim so to embalm his children, that they should speak from the grave, in attestation of their being of the white, and not of the negro, race.

  15. It has been usually supposed to be one of those myths in which nations partially civilized embalm the memory of their heroes.

  16. I love the life of the happy flowers, But I hate the brown and crumbling leaves; You cannot with spices embalm the hours, Nor gather the sunshine into sheaves.

  17. Who first visited the sepulchre early in the morning on the first day of the week, carrying sweet spices to embalm his precious body, not knowing that it was incorruptible and could not be holden by the bands of death?

  18. This is shown, not only by the Christians bringing spices, to embalm the Body, and persons do not embalm a body unless they expect it to remain in the grave; but also by the account of the appearances themselves.

  19. The unpleasantness with George brought in its wake, as a natural consequence so to speak, a whole lot of other squabbles and altercations, family jars and general rumpuses, which I cared not to embalm in these pages at the time.

  20. This was old honest Deckar, and the lines ought to embalm his memory to every one who has a sense either of religion, or philosophy, or humanity, or true genius.

  21. You will promise to embalm my body and ornament it with amulets?

  22. Two days later he gave Nebenchari permission to embalm Nitetis' body in the Egyptian manner, according to her last wish.

  23. Some months ago a man came to me fifteen minutes after a relative had breathed his last, and asked me to embalm the body.

  24. Preparations were instantly made to embalm his body, before the putrefactive process should commence, in order that he might be placed in a leaden coffin, in the family vault.

  25. Then he ordered the surgeons to embalm the bodies of the emperor and the princess.

  26. In addition, they decided to embalm Tirant's body, for they had to take it to Brittany.

  27. As to the rest of the body when it is pure they embalm it.

  28. Many times when called to embalm a subject you will find the body in a state of rigor.

  29. For one to properly embalm the human body, it is necessary to understand the way the fluid will circulate through the body, and the only way we can do this is to study the circulation of the blood as it would occur in life.

  30. When we embalm a body the object should be to introduce a sufficient amount of fluid through the arterial system so that these tiny capillaries will be filled.

  31. Again had this supernaturally elusive heroine upset the plans of one who had essayed to embalm her virtues in a literary mould.

  32. Embalm them in a little romance of your own.

  33. A grateful country will remember them and embalm their names as heroes worthy of honor and distinction.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "embalm" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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