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Example sentences for "emasculate"

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  1. Yet even had no god warned us, whose mind shall be so dull as to doubt that the year of an emasculate consul must be fatal to those lands?

  2. No doubt the goddess of war stayed her avenging hand and waited till that emasculate Tiresias, that unmanned Melampus, could crawl back with oracles culled from farthest Nile.

  3. Thus a woman is more drawn to one of her own sex possessing virile characteristics, physical or mental, than she is drawn to a weak-brained, emasculate man.

  4. The male becomes emasculate when women invade his domain.

  5. If now, our British politics are already so lacking in the manly ability and grip indispensable to national permanence and progress, the presence of women in Parliament can but further emasculate these.

  6. Thus, the boy is puny and emasculate because his impoverished maleness is too feeble to dominate the Female traits inherent in him, as is normal to males.

  7. Among decadent races and savages, the emasculate sons of deteriorate mothers assert their masculine authority otherwise.

  8. His main hold was that he generally tried to emasculate his adversary by destroying the physiological condition of the testicle.

  9. Renan is wont to style ├ętudes fortes, they undertook to emasculate these and render them innocuous.

  10. This emasculate nature displays itself with consummate effect in the sobbing farewell, followed by the pretty pettishnesses, of the seventeenth canto.

  11. The king, O Yudhishthira, may take high taxes, but he should never levy such taxes as would emasculate his people.

  12. Why dost thou not consume them that emasculate bulls and bore their noses and cause them to bear heavy burthens and bind them and put them under diverse kinds of restraint, and that eat the flesh of living creatures after slaying them?

  13. One should never emasculate oneself by abstaining from any enjoyment.

  14. They, too, read to be distracted, choosing an emasculate literature which panders to their essential dilettantism.

  15. Or did he, in spite of himself, steal a side-glance now and then at some of the unrivalled antique statues of his country, and copy on the sly any feature or proportion in them which was emasculate enough to be worked into his pictures?

  16. Peace and order are the first requisites of a settled government and without them there would be mere chaos; but unlimited and long-continued peace has a tendency to enervate and emasculate people.

  17. Restrictions and prohibitions regarding the possession and use of arms have tended to emasculate the civil populations in India and expose them to serious danger.

  18. He lamented it; but it was done, and had he not done this he would have humiliated himself both in the emasculate and the deprecatory sense.

  19. Then, by a curious contrivance, he made the fierce hunter emasculate himself.

  20. This son turns out to be the original being called Ilus, and he contrived to emasculate his father, and from the blood which flowed sprang rivers and fountains.

  21. You must translate with discretion," he said carelessly; "but don't emasculate it!

  22. If I could find a publisher willing to publish the work precisely as I would render it, I would be glad to surrender all profits to him; but I fancy that any American publisher would wish to emasculate the manuscript.

  23. You who know the original will probably agree with me that it would be little less than a literary crime to emasculate such a masterpiece in the translation.

  24. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "emasculate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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