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Example sentences for "cripple"

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  1. The neglect of even a few days may render a dog a cripple for life.

  2. Sitting in this chair the girls beheld a child - that sort of child which heaven in making a cripple of seems to hold some special claim on.

  3. It is that of a child who has been a cripple for some years, and who now is making such progress under the physical-training system that she promises to be cured entirely.

  4. Among the towns around Cripple Creek in the same mining district is Victor, pop.

  5. United States Geological Survey; and Benjamin McKie Rastall, The Labor History of the Cripple Creek District; A Study in Industrial Evolution (Madison, Wis.

  6. Cripple Creek was at that time a cattle range.

  7. Cripple Creek is situated on a mountain slope in a pocket amid the ranges, about 9600 ft.

  8. Then the cripple rose and took hold, and in that instant he was whole and strong, and helped them bear the table to the palace.

  9. Meanwhile the report had spread through the city that a cripple had been made whole by three strange knights, and people flocked to see them.

  10. Cripple Dick upon a stick, Sand your soo, ride away To Galloway To buy a pound o' woo.

  11. Friendless and helpless and cripple though he was, he was not lacking in courage and a sense of the justice of his cause.

  12. We are more than a match for either of them alone; and if we can manage to cripple one, we can beat the other off.

  13. This would have been in any case embarrassing for a general; in the present instance it was calculated altogether to cripple him.

  14. This feature of leasing has been quite a factor in the lives of some of the mines of the Cripple Creek District.

  15. This would apply to a region like the Cripple Creek District, which contains innumerable veins running in all directions but displaying no outcrops.

  16. In the Cripple Creek District, the ground is criss-crossed in every direction by tiny fissures which have resulted from the contraction of the country rock, just as a bed of mud is fissured in the process of drying up after a rain.

  17. The main portion of the Cripple Creek District is the crater of a great prehistoric volcano.

  18. This concern handled the ores from Cripple Creek, principally.

  19. During the early days of the wonderful Cripple Creek District, all sorts of wildcat tricks were successfully practiced upon the "tenderfeet" and the "down-east suckers.

  20. In the Cripple Creek District, ores that run above $30 per ton are considered high grade.

  21. As the sympathetic strike was a recognized part of the policy of the Western Federation of Miners, all the miners in the Cripple Creek region were called out.

  22. In 1894 the men employed in the Cripple Creek, Colorado, gold fields demanded a minimum wage of three dollars for an eight-hour day.

  23. Should he recover, which I fear is hardly probable, I grieve to say the injuries he has received would leave him a cripple for life.

  24. For who among these busy crowds would be likely to know anything of an invalid old lady and her cripple grandson?

  25. The Cripple then commenced as follows, after having transported the Student on to the roof of one of the highest houses in the Strada d'Alcala.

  26. The Cripple replied: "You behold a duke and his noble spouse: the former was grand chamberlain to his majesty, and the duchess was celebrated for her extreme piety.

  27. Don Cleophas expressing the greatest anxiety to see this fire, the Cripple transported him in an instant to the Gate of the Sun, and placed him in a house exactly opposite to that which was burning.

  28. I believe, I believe it is both unnecessary, unwise to adopt a balanced budget amendment that could cripple our country in time of economic crisis and force unwanted results such as judges halting Social Security checks or increasing taxes.

  29. Therefore I stopped the mouth of our fountain, and inscribed the stone with characters which cripple the might of my restless uncle; so that he can no longer cross your path, or mine, or Bertalda's.

  30. We remembered all the old wrongs: our own timber rotting in our woods that we might not cut; our own waterfalls running to waste by your English law, lest we cripple the home manufacturers.

  31. Cram and Sam, and even that slip of a girl, that cripple with short arms like a kangaroo, treated the poor as though they had all committed the worst of crimes.

  32. The common cripple would despise his own pusillanimity, viewing the hale stoutness and hearty heart of this half-limbed giant.

  33. Moise Hertz would dress and wash him and at meal times he would feed the old cripple like a mother does her baby.

  34. When mealtime arrived the cripple sat before his plate and looked at the food--there was no one to help him.

  35. The States cast a covetous eye on Canada, and hoped to cripple our trade with the West Indian Islands.

  36. The cripple turned and walked unsteadily to the corner of the room, and from its place behind a calico curtain he took out a repeating rifle.

  37. The cripple still stood regarding the man by the hearth with a brow knit in absorption, and so tense was his expression that it seemed to bind the others to a brief, waiting silence until Hump himself slowly broke the tension.

  38. Jim Rowlett glanced at Hump Doane and the cripple nodded an energetic affirmation.

  39. The children, who did not understand, had gathered around a hunchback, the exempt cripple of the roll-call.

  40. The cripple rose, lighted a lantern, and walked slowly out toward the cliffs, carrying himself with that uncanny dignity peculiar to hunchbacks.

  41. But when a child is a cripple from babyhood, and our Felix cures him by one simple prayer, and makes him strong and well again--Gran Dio!

  42. It appears he performed a miracle in Rouen, curing a child who had been a cripple ever since babyhood, and making him run about as well and strong as possible.

  43. Why, man, if you didn't kill, you would at least cripple yourself.

  44. How can I cripple myself when the flower-bed is only a few feet below?

  45. His intention was neither to kill nor to cripple his antagonist.

  46. After that the likelihood of a cripple is too great.

  47. Nor, though she had so mortally injured the forlorn cripple in the eyes of Mr. Hartopp, had she any deliberate purpose of revenge to gratify against him!

  48. But before Williams got to the door, the cripple and his dog had vanished; vanished down a dark narrow alley on the opposite side of the street.

  49. He had aided in every possible way to cripple the department while in charge of it.

  50. The apparent object of the law referred to was to cripple the power of the Confederate States, by emancipating slaves held in them, whenever such states fell within the power of the federal army.

  51. This decision, if adhered to, may cripple the government in times of emergency.

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