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Example sentences for "disarm"

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disapprove; disapproved; disapproves; disapproving; disapprovingly; disarmament; disarmed; disarming; disarms; disarrange
  1. Meyler's beautiful dimple as he smiled on me, did not disarm me in the least.

  2. Now, if I dared to suppose that disappointment had soured you I would, with soothing words, disarm you, and try to dissipate the frown from your brow.

  3. A method commonly used by women in getting on board was to disarm suspicion by appearing to be carrying some freshly laundered clothes to the sailors.

  4. It was simply to procure from some freeman his protection papers, and to show them whenever necessary to disarm suspicion.

  5. In this position there could be no better course than to punish and disarm the Daimio Prince Nagato.

  6. Having thoroughly shaken off Korea, he thought he might now present himself in Japan in a character that would disarm all suspicion.

  7. He did not live to declare his schemes of policy; but all men knew that he meant to be the head of a great Protestant Confederation, and to disarm their adversaries by secularising the dominions of the clergy.

  8. That he forthwith disarm the Spanish regiments Attached to the Emperor, that he seize Prague, And to the Swedes give up that city, with The strong pass Egra.

  9. Always let the audience attend to such matters as these, as it tends to disarm suspicion, and also saves you trouble.

  10. The apparent recklessness of this goes still further to disarm suspicion as to an open ring.

  11. After taking off cards in this manner, always ask whether you shall take any more away, and so disarm the suspicion that you know the position of the card, and have only removed a certain number of cards so as to ultimately reach it.

  12. By allowing the audience to arrange the preliminaries, you disarm suspicion.

  13. There need be no fear of the fold becoming loose if the handkerchief be gripped firmly; and the boldness of the act will disarm suspicion.

  14. This will totally disarm those people who may have bought the trick (it is sold universally), and are yet only tyros at performing it.

  15. At San Antonio were stationed five hundred Mexican soldiers, under Colonel Ugartchea, and, according to orders, this command commenced to disarm such of the Texans as had failed to comply with the decree regarding firearms.

  16. Well, they haven't any right to disarm us," returned the youth, determinedly.

  17. She took the oath that was meant to disarm and betray her.

  18. Why, that Satan will not disarm, if disarm he ever do, until the Day of Judgment.

  19. Sir, I must confess you have found out the only way to disarm me of my resentment against you, if I were not obliged, by those vows I am going to take, to pardon and be at peace with all the world.

  20. She had that air of indifference to their little looks and whispered comments which is surest to disarm all the critics of a small tattling community.

  21. His preface shows that the reception of his first book had made him timid and sensitive about the fate of the second, and explains and excuses what might be found fault with, to disarm the criticism he had some reason to fear.

  22. In that hour from among her women four maids did Arnivé choose, And she bade them disarm the hero, and his harness bear soft away, And with wisdom should they deal with him lest he feel himself shamed alway.

  23. The headland staves the southern storm, sand-hills shevelled with long rush disarm the western fury, while inland gales from north and east leap into the clouds from the uplands.

  24. King, who had kept his ears open, took counsel with the military and civil officers, and a unanimous decision was arrived at to disarm the detachment.

  25. Grose assembled a court of inquiry, and its finding severely censured King for daring so to disgrace the soldiers as to disarm them.

  26. What labour would not their imagination bestow, to discover what mode of conduct might be able to disarm his anger!

  27. As to the question of disarmament, all nations must disarm at the same.

  28. As to the question of disarmament, all nations must disarm at the same time.

  29. All nations must agree to disarm simultaneously.

  30. By a general agreement all the governments of the world must disarm simultaneously.

  31. The policemen started back, surprised and confused at the suddenness of the action; and before they could rush and disarm the prisoner, he was outside of the door, nourishing the knife, and threatening death to all who opposed him.

  32. A soft and oily tongue And gentle manner, that may well disarm All base suspicion.

  33. He may have the evil eye; but if so, it is as well to disarm him by offering him food and drink, and, when he has partaken of these, by entering into communion with him in the act of partaking also yourself.

  34. You have to disarm them of their magical powers, to counteract "the baneful influence which is believed to emanate from them.

  35. His mildness, by putting the offender entirely in the wrong, so justified his severity, as to disarm the followers of the criminals, who were about sixty in number.

  36. Djalma prepared, by the faint light of the lamps, reflected in the interior of the coach, to throw himself suddenly on the half-caste, and disarm him.

  37. Now I am very old, and it is only by passing the few days that are left me in fervent prayer that I can hope to disarm the just anger of the Lord.

  38. Thine almighty hand hath brought me hither, for some end unknown to me, disarm Thyself, I implore Thee, of Thine anger, and let not me be the instrument of Thy vengeance!

  39. The first speaker tried to disarm me, but I shook him off and shot him.

  40. As soon as they had gone, to disarm suspicion Louis undressed and got into bed.

  41. If she would not save herself, he might nevertheless disarm Kafka and prevent the deed.

  42. It was as likely as not that he would use the weapon he carried upon the first person with whom he found himself face to face, especially if that person made any attempt to overpower and disarm him.

  43. Parties of the wild whigs have been abroad, and are said to insult and disarm the well-affected who travel in small numbers.

  44. The troopers ceased firing at him accordingly, and awaited his return, two of them riding a little way into the river to seize and disarm him.

  45. Such magnanimity, however, did not disarm the hostility of those who surrounded the king.

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