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Example sentences for "such matters"

  • An idle waste of time, to think of such matters.

  • I will conclude these remarks with an account of the manner in which the ancient sculptors combined great and little things in such matters.

  • In such matters, authority and government often say one thing while commerce says another; but commerce always has the best of it and wins the game, whatever government may decree.

  • In such matters, however, much depends on the peculiar light in which scenery is seen.

  • But I confess to being somewhat dull in such matters.

  • Constance and Sophia, busy with the intense preoccupations of youth, recked not of such matters.

  • In such matters Mrs. Baines was capable of extraordinary subtlety.

  • Such matters it was that Sophia noticed with dull, smarting eyes.

  • We see with different eyes in such matters.

  • Then he read and re-read the passage in which Clara claimed the right of forming her own opinion in such matters.

  • It is gentlemen only who have feelings in such matters as that.

  • These things should not be inquired into too curiously; but the curiosity of some men on such matters has no end.

  • I leave this to your experience in such matters.

  • My experience in such matters at once informed me that it was a case of sal-volatile, accompanied by sound advice.

  • With regard to such matters as these, it is hardly questionable that mankind from the first took strictly positive and scientific views.

  • But in such matters one's lawyer is the grave.

  • As far as I know the world a man is always more prone to be led in such matters by a woman than by another man.

  • I never make in such matters,--or mar if I can help it.

  • When asked whether he did not think that his client had compassed the death of the animal, he assured the Senator that in such matters, he never ventured to think.

  • He had a sportsman's heart, above complaint as to such matters, and had always been neighbourly to the lord.

  • Mr. Winkle was asleep, and Mr. Tupman had had sufficient experience in such matters to know that the moment he awoke he would, in the ordinary course of nature, roll heavily to bed.

  • Ladies were generally good judges of such matters, and Brother Spyke felt he could not do better than act up to their opinions.

  • Mr. Tom Toddleworth once advised this course, and Tom was esteemed good authority in such matters.

  • How accurate are such incidental remarks as this, that women are "full measurable" in such matters as sleep--not caring for so much of it at a time as men do!

  • The lips are full, and the nose is what is called good by the learned in such matters.

  • A dangerous debtor in such matters, this Karl Gustav.

  • Such matters, as I very well know, are never regularly conducted to an issue at court unless they are set forth in writing.

  • You, Lysias, must be experienced in such matters, for Publius tells me that you were the leader in all the games of Corinth.

  • I am quite inexperienced in such matters," replied the Roman.

  • You have no love for Eulaeus, Publius, but he is extremely skilled in such matters, and I hope he will presently return to give us his advice.

  • In such matters there is no possession, because there is not a definite amount to be shared; any increase anywhere tends to produce an increase everywhere.

  • A good working maxim in such matters is this: Do not trust customary beliefs so far as to perform actions which must be disastrous unless the beliefs in question are wholly true.

  • Force is impotent in such matters; it is only as regards material goods that it is effective.

  • This is not the only instance of the apathy of the Government in such matters, but is a sufficient example of the lack of encouragement with which prospectors meet.

  • We all know, though, how generous Governments are in such matters.

  • After all titles of courtesy are not obligatory, unless we regard the unwritten law of custom in such matters as binding.

  • In a case like this, the merchant may ascertain through a commercial agency--the agencies make it their business to keep posted in such matters--the standing of the man giving the order.

  • In settling the estate the administrator is governed by the law, and by the special directions of the officer having jurisdiction in such matters.

  • If a man's business reputation is good, and the banks keep well posted in such matters, he may secure a loan on his own note, though even in such cases the name of a good endorser is required.

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