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Example sentences for "administrator"

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  1. Lord Grey is Administrator of the Government of the whole country of Rhodesia, which includes Matabeleland and Mashonaland, etc.

  2. Since then the country had been governed by the Administrator and his magistrates and native commissioners in the various districts into which the country was divided.

  3. A motorchair rolled after him and stopped in the doorway, and an assistant administrator stood up and piped, "Hold him!

  4. We resolved to call upon Mr. Administrator V.

  5. But economy is the order of the day at home, and an Administrator inclined to parsimony gladly seizes the opportunity of pleasing his 'office.

  6. It is to the third book, containing the details of the revenue system, that the modern administrator will turn with the deepest interest.

  7. In addition they were to have a priest as custos or administrator of their temporal and spiritual possessions[741].

  8. In consequence, the Prince Administrator immediately sent him off, accompanied by the Grand Marshal Brummer, the Chamberlain Berkholz, and the Chamberlain Decken, nephew of the former.

  9. No more brilliant and honorable administrator had ever graced the service of the Crown in India than Sir Bartle Frere.

  10. In 1880 Colonel Sir Owen Lanyon became Administrator of the Transvaal in place of Sir T.

  11. Territories of } { Administrator who the Chartered } .

  12. The permissive power of exercising jurisdiction, lies in the people, or legislature, or administrator of a kingdom; but not of making him a bishop.

  13. But the temporary administrator of the diocese of Lemberg, Canon Mikolski, insisted that their request be complied with.

  14. To guard the western frontier of the monarchy against smuggling, it was decided, at the suggestion of the Administrator of the Kingdom of Poland, Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich, to expel the Jews from the border zone.

  15. It was asked for and sent to the Administrator of the Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs, Mr. Abba Schwartz.

  16. He was a very old man, but the sovereign administrator of justice in Poland.

  17. Boulogne's every day, and get you appointed chief administrator as soon as I know what I have got for myself.

  18. These cities become the hardest problem for the administrator of law.

  19. I ask your honor to consider the stigma which the choice of Harry Arnold as sole administrator would cast upon Robert Floyd, and the prejudice it would work him in the cause I have mentioned.

  20. An administrator is urgently needed for this immense estate.

  21. In 1347 he entered Constantinople in triumph, and forced his opponents to an arrangement by which he became joint emperor with John Palaeologus and sole administrator during the minority of his colleague.

  22. He was not only an able and just administrator of public affairs, but a humanitarian as well.

  23. All this competition for, or at least jealousy of, Confucius' services proves that his repute as an administrator (not necessarily as a philosopher) was already widely spread.

  24. In 1891 Jameson succeeded Colquhoun as administrator of Rhodesia.

  25. Administrator RideghvAiry was the first to take his departure; but before he went he had a final interview with the woman whom he had hoped to claim as his bride that day.

  26. By this time the administrator and those at his side were fairly dumb with astonishment.

  27. Meanwhile the presiding administrator sat unmoved, listening to the uproar as an orchestra conductor might listen to the performance of his musicians.

  28. But the administrator merely lowered his eyelids and twirled his mustache, implying thereby that he knew more than he cared to admit.

  29. Three days after the betrothal a county assembly was held under the presidency of Administrator RideghvAiry.

  30. Administrator RideghvAiry gave utterance to this query as he turned to the gentleman at his side.

  31. The two gentlemen then went in quest of Count Paul GAilfalvy, whom the administrator had chosen to act for him in this important matter.

  32. Are you the same Eugen Baradlay that drove the administrator from his chair as presiding officer in your county assembly?

  33. We will stand our ground," shouted back TormAindy, crossing his arms and facing the administrator defiantly.

  34. The views of the governor, it must be admitted, were, in this whole matter, decidedly in advance of those of the minister, able administrator as the latter undoubtedly was.

  35. As it was, the man who had ceased to be responsible was allowed to thwart the policy of the actual administrator on whom the whole responsibility for the safety of the country rested.

  36. In order that an administrator acceptable to the heirs may be appointed, the following steps are taken: 1.

  37. The initial step in this case is the appointment of an administrator to do the work which under a will is done by the executor.

  38. If no person is so named, the court appoints an "administrator with the will annexed.

  39. Unless excused in the will, the executor or administrator is required to give bonds proportioned to the amount of the personal property in the estate, the amount of bond being specified by the court.

  40. She went once a week without fail to have afternoon tea with Mr. Howbridge, their guardian and the administrator of the Stower estate, and this was the afternoon for that pleasant duty.

  41. Instead, Mr. Stower willed it all to the four Kenway girls, making Mr. Howbridge the administrator of the estate and the guardian of the girls.

  42. I am their guardian, the administrator of their estate, just as I was made administrator of the Stower estate and guardian of you girls.

  43. The more money, the more worry for the administrator and guardian," Mr. Howbridge said succinctly.

  44. Being administrator of the estate, there will be no question of my using the Lodge as I see fit," Mr. Howbridge said cheerfully.

  45. I fear that the lumber company is trying to put something over on me, and as administrator of the estate I must look out for the twins' interests.

  46. He was succeeded by Judge Belcher as Administrator of the Government.

  47. On the death of Governor Wilmot in 1766, Mr. Green being then senior councillor, was appointed Administrator of the Government.

  48. An administrator given to extortion is the shame and ruin of the State.

  49. The strict duty of every administrator or functionary, is to have no other rule than the law; to avoid arbitrariness and favor, to have no regard to persons.

  50. His conduct of affairs in Egypt at a time when the treasury was empty and the troops were discontented for want of pay, shows that his powers as an administrator were little--if at all--inferior to those he possessed as a general.

  51. In January 1900 it was placed under the authority of the governor-general of Indo-China, who in the same month appointed a civil administrator over the country, which was divided into three districts.

  52. When he himself became the all-powerful administrator of his State, the incalculable advantage of his knowledge of the people and of trade became manifest.

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