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deputie; deputies; deputing; deputize; deputized; deque; dequoy; der; derail; derailed
  1. Neither the bridal chamber nor the room of the dead was sacred on the approach of any petty customs constable or deputy in whose hands a Writ of Assistance had been placed.

  2. The year following he was elected right worshipful deputy grand master.

  3. Captain Todd, assistant deputy warden, is another official of long standing.

  4. Captain Bradbury, the deputy warden, in speaking of him, says, he is the most desperate criminal he has met during his thirty-three years of prison experience.

  5. Arriving at the surface and just ready to get out, they took charge of, and marched him into the presence of the deputy warden.

  6. This accounted for the way in which I was greeted by the deputy warden, who is the disciplinarian of the prison.

  7. On the first floor of the main building are the offices of the warden, clerk, deputy warden and turnkey.

  8. Soon a side door of the office opened and in came the deputy warden, Mr. John Higgins.

  9. This celebrated deputy warden is a Virginian by birth.

  10. But the officer persisted; he was sent up and reported to the deputy warden, who set him to quarrying rock.

  11. When the convict related the narrow escapes from death in his efforts for liberty, the deputy warden was so affected he refused to punish him.

  12. He is now deputy marshal of Jefferson City, and is a faithful officer.

  13. The excellent discipline of this institution is due, in the main, to Captain Bradbury, the deputy warden.

  14. Among the convicts the deputy warden is austere.

  15. Also Dickens erases the little talk between the Deputy and Datchery beginning: ‘Master Deputy, what do you owe me?

  16. It seems quite inconceivable that either Durdles or Deputy could have known the whole secret and kept it.

  17. When the Deputy pointed out Jasper’s, first Dickens wrote ‘“Indeed?

  18. His younger son, Henry Cromwell, was now Lord Deputy of Ireland.

  19. The prisoner walked ahead, handcuffed to a deputy who was a head shorter than he and half his size.

  20. The deputy on the right side of the prisoner leaned over, whispered something to Tilden, who stared at the Judge and shook his head.

  21. With the appointment of the prisoner's attorney the crowd in the court-room craned their necks in closer attention, one man standing on his chair for a better view until a deputy ordered him down.

  22. He had been over to the Court-house, he said, helping the deputy along with a new "batch of moonshiners.

  23. A second officer walked behind; I kept close to this rear deputy and could see every movement he made.

  24. The proprietary, who waz the guvernor, usually rezided in England; appointing a deputy with a council, to act for him in the province.

  25. I'm a deputy sheriff, and if anybody stops you for whatever you've done, I'll show a warrant for your arrest.

  26. Bud had disinterred the deputy sheriff's badge, and began to polish it by the primitive but effectual method of spitting on it and then rubbing vigorously on his sleeve.

  27. And if that doesn't recommend me sufficiently, I'll say I'm a deputy sheriff of Crater County, and Jesse Cummings knows my past.

  28. Regarding the advice in the Deputy Attorney-General’s letter of May 27 we recommend that when by-law 10 is dealt with according to the notice of motion given at this meeting, the advice therein contained will be acted upon.

  29. Infringement Committee,” be struck out, as recommended by the Deputy Attorney General in his letter of May 27.

  30. Then in 1481 the Earl of Kildare, the only man who could rule Ireland with any hope of success, was reappointed deputy to the young prince.

  31. In 1464 the Earl of Desmond succeeded as deputy to Clarence, but he incurred the enmity of Elizabeth Grey, Edward's plebeian wife, and she induced her husband to supersede the Irish earl by one of her favourites, the Earl of Worcester.

  32. The appointment of the Earl of Sussex, however, undid all St. Leger's good work, and the new deputy had immediately to take the field.

  33. Elizabeth never forgot this, and, as we have seen, it led the deputy to his death.

  34. The petitioners were successful, and the viceroy, instead of appointing a deputy and sharing the profits, graciously agreed to govern Ireland in person for a period of three years at a salary of 2,000 marks.

  35. Henry responded by sending a commission to try the charges preferred by Ormonde against Kildare, and, when it found in favour of the latter, he became deputy once more.

  36. The deputy robbed friend and foe alike, but eventually the trades-people of Dublin petitioned the king because De Marreis would not pay his debts and added insult to injury by compelling the traders of the city to give him further credit.

  37. Parese betrayed the castle for a reward, which was {66} promptly paid him, but the deputy immediately had him executed, because he dare not trust a rogue who had already betrayed one benefactor.

  38. Henry at once ordered the deputy to come to him; instead, Kildare sent his wife to act as mediator.

  39. The next Lord-Deputy was Maurice, first Earl of Desmond, an Anglo-Irishman.

  40. Richardson before day, the next morning; they had ordered him, the deputy sheriff, under penalty of death, to bring Bush and turn him over to them.

  41. In a short time the circuit judge and deputy sheriff, with two or three others, came to the door and made themselves known and came in.

  42. The deputy sheriff had not traveled more than two miles when a posse of armed men met him and demanded Bush, and he, supposing that they were a part of the Kuklux command, turned him over.

  43. They turned Bush over to the deputy sheriff and he started in the direction of Salem, and Capt.

  44. There was a deputy sheriff in the county by the name of Stinnett, who claimed to be very brave, who said he would arrest them if he found their whereabouts.

  45. Mason, late one evening, the deputy sheriff of the county came to headquarters and informed Capt.

  46. Lanessan, a Paris deputy sent on a mission in the course of 1887, made himself acquainted, with the government and the court of Hue.

  47. The Carnatic, or the lowland tract between the central plateau and the eastern sea, was ruled by a deputy of the nizam, known as the nawab of Arcot, who in his turn asserted claims to hereditary sovereignty.

  48. Pearson's store in Stanwood, which he abandoned after five years of faithful service to assume the position as deputy county auditor.

  49. For years he has served as school director and road supervisor, and in 1899 he was appointed deputy county assessor.

  50. And it is notorious, that this same Deputy once insulted all the women present at the theatre, and, after using the most obscene language for some time, concluded by stripping himself entirely in presence of the spectators.

  51. It was even for that specific crime that the deputy Gamacho, commanding the Nationals, a bloodthirsty and savage brute, was executed publicly by garrotte upon the sentence of a court-martial ordered by Barrios.

  52. For a long time he supplied the political ability needed by a deputy who had become a minister, but, convinced of his disloyalty, he overthrew him, only to restore him for a short time.

  53. He was a deputy by the close of 1826, sitting between the Centre and the Right.

  54. The consequences of the Revolution of 1830 brought Anselme Popinot in the way of power and honors; he was twice deputy after the beginning of Louis Philippe's reign, and was also minister of commerce.

  55. LUPIN, born in 1778, son of the last steward of the Soulanges in Bourgogne; in time he became manager of the domain, notary and deputy mayor of the city of Soulanges.

  56. He was in turn deputy and king's procureur.

  57. Field marshal, councillor of state, comptroller of the extraordinary domains of the realm, deputy and peer of France under Charles X.

  58. The Rambler may now take a short trip by boat down the river six miles from Henley, for visiting THE LOCK where Rogue Riderhood acted for a time, as deputy superintendent.

  59. Any time I got to pack a deputy 'round with me to bring in one man there'll be a job open," the sheriff returned grimly.

  60. I ain't takin' a chance on some little tin-starred deputy standin' them off.

  61. His friend, the Deputy Prosector of the Zoological Society, had mixed a draught for a sick raccoon at the Gardens, and, by some mistake in a bottle, had mixed it wrongly.

  62. The compound on which the Deputy Prosector had thus accidentally lighted sent the raccoon to sleep in the most extraordinary manner.

  63. One cashier in each customs district; (b) one chief or principal deputy or assistant collector in each customs district whose employees number as many as 150.

  64. Exceptions from examination in the classified customs service are hereby made as follows: (a) Deputy collectors who do not also act as inspectors, examiners, or clerks.

  65. This duel by deputy took place on the Neapolitan territory, and, of the combatants, who fought naked with swords, the Spaniard was left dead on the field.

  66. At the abrupt interruption of the landlady's version of the "Marseillaise" the men swung round, and upon seeing the Deputy they sought in ludicrous haste to repair the disorder of their appearance.

  67. With his sleeve La Boulaye rubbed part of the disfiguring smear from his face as he stood up and made answer coolly: "I am that dirt of a Deputy whom you befooled at Boisvert.

  68. Deputy on the back, "you shall come to my room, and we will broach a bottle of green seal.

  69. The Deputy raised his head, and glanced towards the woman.

  70. The person of a Deputy was not one to be so lightly treated, and he might find himself constrained to answer a serious charge in consequence.

  71. Bear you that in mind if you seek to have a peaceful time while you are here, for it so happens that I am quartered at this inn, and have a more important way with me than this good-natured Deputy here.

  72. Deputy expostulated, "or is it that you do not appreciate the nature of your hurt?

  73. As it was brought him he asked the hostess whether the Citizen-deputy La Boulaye, Commissioner to the army of Dumouriez, had passed that way.

  74. The officer attended the Deputy to the door of his cabriolet, and in his hearing Caron bade the coachman drive to the Porte St. Martin.

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