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deputations; depute; deputed; deputes; deputie; deputing; deputize; deputized; deputy; deque
  1. The separate towns, usually upon a request of the Lubeck council, would send their deputies to confer jointly upon matters affecting the league, these conferences or diets usually being held in some Wendish city.

  2. The states general sent deputies with a like friendly invitation.

  3. Scot and Robinson were sent as deputies by the parliament, under pretence of congratulating the general, but in reality to serve as spies upon him.

  4. The authority of Monk could scarcely secure the parliamentary deputies from those insults which the general hatred and contempt towards their masters drew from men of every rank and denomination.

  5. At Budapest revolution was in the air, and the Magyar deputies of the Parliament were openly discussing the question of declaring Hungary's independence.

  6. He spoke with a certain pathos of the oppressed sailors who recognized in the Independents their real friends and naturally came to them instead of going to deputies in whom they had no confidence.

  7. The question was discussed on September 22d, at a joint conference of the Socialist Reichstag deputies and the members of the party's executive committee.

  8. They filed onto the platform and read their stock resolutions, cheered by the little group of their soul-brothers among the deputies and by fanatics in the public galleries.

  9. They should have had eighty members in that year's Reichstag, but the shift in population and consequent disproportionateness of the election districts kept the number of Socialist deputies down to thirty-seven.

  10. The government was determined to prevent any open debate on this subject in the Reichstag, and the deputies of all parties bowed to the government's will.

  11. After discussion of the details of the organization, the deputies told Reichpietsch that this was a prohibited and punishable undertaking and a very daring one, and he must be very careful.

  12. In 1653, the Governor was constrained to admit the deputies from the various settlements to an interview, in which they said their say, and he his.

  13. In June, 1754, a convocation or congress of deputies from all colonies north of the Potomac came together at Albany.

  14. While it was building he tented beneath a quartette of primeval pines, and exchanged friendly greetings and promises with the various Indian tribes who sent deputies to him.

  15. Taxation was restricted; and in 1635 there was agitation for a written constitution; and the relative authority of the deputies and the assistants was in debate.

  16. In form the institution is Parliamentary--that is to say, it consists of an assembly of deputies which meets regularly once a year, and of a permanent executive bureau elected by the Assembly from among its members.

  17. Once every three years the deputies are elected in certain fixed proportions by the landed proprietors, the rural Communes, and the municipal corporations.

  18. Deputies were therefore summoned to the capital, but they were not allowed to form, as they hoped, a public assembly for the discussion of the question.

  19. The Emperor had publicly promised that before the project should become law deputies from the Provincial Committees should be summoned to St. Petersburg to make objections and propose amendments.

  20. It was only too evident that the Commission had triumphed, and some of the members could justly boast that they had drowned the deputies in ink and buried them under reams of paper.

  21. But as Christmas approaches the deputies disperse, and again the town becomes enshrouded in that "eternal stillness" (vetchnaya tishina) which a native poet has declared to be the essential characteristic of Russian provincial life.

  22. The Synod is not a council of deputies from various sections of the Church, but a permanent college, or ecclesiastical senate, the members of which are appointed and dismissed by the Emperor as he thinks fit.

  23. To this arrangement the peasants make no objection, for attendance at the Provincial Assemblies demands a considerable pecuniary outlay, and payment to the deputies is expressly prohibited by law.

  24. Deputies came from different parts of the country, tendering the congratulations of their respective cities; and every one eagerly urged his own claims to consideration for the services he had rendered in the revolution.

  25. Some writers even assert that Pizarro was preparing for his coronation at this time, and that he had actually despatched his summons to the different towns to send their deputies to assist at it.

  26. I had the honour of dining in company with several of the Deputies (at the public table at the Sword Tavern) and they seemed very inquisitive as to the state of affairs in England.

  27. The deputies object, that the king should himself desire the peers to be seated, and that they should only receive that permission through the medium of the chancellor: how the point has been decided, I have not been since informed.

  28. We rejoice in the universal suffrage which puts the 532 deputies into the Chamber and which combines the Chamber of Deputies with the Senate into a National Assembly to elect the President of the Republic.

  29. The stilettoes which had menaced the deputies were instantly raised against their deliverer.

  30. All the deputies were still there, pacing the hall, the corridors, and the courts.

  31. Van Arteveldt met his royal guests at Escluse, and the deputies of the towns also came to discuss the state of affairs.

  32. The towns sent deputies to England to express to Edward III.

  33. As the result of it, our chiefs at Regina are pretty good friends with the sheriffs and deputies on the other side.

  34. What we have to do is to send a man over quietly to investigate, and get the sheriffs and deputies to keep their eyes open.

  35. Once that he crossed it, he had no authority, and the American sheriffs and deputies were not invariably sympathetic.

  36. Remarks by other deputies to the effect that something be done to improve the condition of slaves received hearty applause.

  37. On June 20, eight San Domingo deputies were allowed to take the Tennis Court Oath.

  38. On June 27 the Committee on Credentials made a report unanimously recommending the admission of the colonial deputation but declared itself unable to agree on the number of deputies to which the colony was properly entitled.

  39. The debate was finished the next day, and the number of deputies was fixed by a compromise at six.

  40. Nevertheless part of the deputies presented themselves on June 8, making application separately to each of the three orders.

  41. Coincidental, the National Assembly was about to meet, deputies were being elected, cahiers were being written, and the country was stirred up over the watchword liberty.

  42. If they are cattle, let the number of deputies be proportional to your human population; we have counted neither our horses nor our mules.

  43. The chief importance of this discussion was the prominence which it gave to two questions that the colonial deputies were anxious to keep smothered--slavery and the civil status of the free Negroes.

  44. These assemblies were held without any legal sanction, and thirty-one deputies were elected.

  45. The committee continued its work in France, and succeeded in securing a demand for the admission of colonial deputies in at least fourteen cahiers of primary assemblies.

  46. Dolgorouki had become one of the deputies to announce to Anne her succession to the throne, which office he accepted, with the hope of being able to resume his former intimate relations with his future sovereign.

  47. A surgeon was directed to pay her a weekly visit at her house, and report to the deputies of the Consistory those who were diseased, in order that they might be removed to hospital.

  48. By the time the opinions of the deputies were conveyed by the governors to St. Petersburg, the political sentiment there had undergone a change.

  49. The deputies were summoned this time, not to St. Petersburg, but to the provincial capitals in order to present their opinions to the governors.

  50. On arriving in St. Petersburg, the deputies from the provinces found there a small group of Jews, mostly natives of White Russia, who lived temporarily in the capital, in connection with their business affairs.

  51. The deputies of the Jewish community of Posen appealed to King Augustus III.

  52. Gradually the deputies themselves lost heart, having realized their impotence in grappling with the rising wave of reaction.

  53. The deputies were thus reduced, by the force of circumstances, to mere go-betweens in Jewish matters.

  54. During the winter and spring the Russian capital witnessed the arrival of Jewish deputies from the Governments of Minsk, Podolia, Moghilev, and Kiev, no information being available about the other Governments.

  55. The Government recognized the necessity of establishing at the Ministry of Ecclesiastic Affairs a permanent advisory council composed of elected Jewish representatives or "deputies of the Jewish communes.

  56. Deputies from some of these committees met in London in March, under the chairmanship of Wyvil, the Yorkshire clergyman.

  57. You princes are As gods on earth to us, and to be sued to With such humility, as his deputies May challenge from their vassals.

  58. And yet that justice is To be with mercy temper'd, which heaven's deputies Stand bound to minister.

  59. And now, remembering Whose deputies you are, be neither sway'd Or with particular spleen, or foolish pity, For neither can become you.

  60. Georgia, was then appointed temporary secretary, and the deputies from the several seceding States represented presented their credentials in alphabetical order, and signed their names to the roll of the Convention.

  61. A resolution was adopted in Congress appointing a committee of three Alabama deputies to make arrangements to secure the use of suitable buildings for the use of the several executive departments of the Confederacy.

  62. A large number of deputies demanded a division of the question.

  63. The abbe Lemire sat in the chamber of deputies as a conservative republican and Christian Socialist.

  64. The deputies had now for the fourth time sent up the same bill, insisting on the title of Ferdinand V.

  65. In the third session,--the deputies from Geneva produced their commission: it was expressed in terms decidedly hostile to the Remonstrants.

  66. These consisted of deputies appointed to them from the different provinces.

  67. But in 1581, the deputies of the United States assembled at Amsterdam, subscribed a solemn act, by which they formally renounced allegiance to Philip and his successors, and asserted their independence.

  68. The government of each province was vested in its states: these were composed of two orders, the deputies from the towns, and those from the equestrian order.

  69. The deputies were uncivilly dismissed; and the oration of Grotius, by an order of the States General, was suppressed.

  70. Each province might send to the assembly more than one deputy; but, whatever was the number of deputies sent by them, they had one vote only in the proceedings of the assembly.

  71. After the Governor, Councilors, and the freemen or their deputies had passed the laws, a copy of them was to be sent to the Lords for their consideration.

  72. At this meeting Governor Charles Eden was present, and serving with him were the Honorable Thomas Byrd, and Nathaniel Chevin, of Pasquotank, and Christopher Gale and Francis Foster, all deputies of the Proprietors.

  73. My influence over the deputies will be more prompt and certain at Lyons than at Milan; and then I should be glad to see the noble wreck of the army of Egypt, which is collected at Lyons.

  74. He thought that the sentiments inspired by the solemn honours rendered to the memory of Turenne would dispose the deputies of the departments to receive with greater enthusiasm the pacific communications he hoped to be able to make.

  75. He was appointed plenipotentiary to treat with Robert Brace, on behalf of the King of England, "upon which occasion the Scottish deputies waited on him in Ireland.

  76. Lords Dillon and Taafe, then deputies to the King, were seized at Ware by the English Puritans, their papers taken from them, and themselves imprisoned.

  77. Both parties sent deputies to England to lay their complaints at the foot of the throne.

  78. This famous old Geraldine borough, the focus of several roads, was the habitual stopping place of the Deputies in their progress, as well as of English soldiers on their march.

  79. With the addition of the Chairman and Secretary, they were appointed as deputies to proceed to London, there to place the Catholic ultimatum in the hands of King George.

  80. Both parties at length agreed to send deputies to Rome, as "children to their mother," to learn her decision.

  81. The chief commissioners, sitting at Dublin, had their deputies in a commission of delinquencies, sitting at Athlone, and another of transportation, sitting at Loughrea.

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