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himation; hime; hims; himseemed; himsel; himselfe; himsell; himsilf; hin; hina
  1. Likewise it befell 660 That once of yore the Lord of victory, The mighty King, went on a pilgrimage; Eleven glorious champions alone Of His own people on that journey went; He was Himself the twelfth.

  2. The Lord himself It was, the everlasting Lord of hosts, Almighty, with His holy angels twain.

  3. Clarey almost said "Guhak," but caught himself in time.

  4. Clarey allowed himself to look surprised before he said courteously, "I'm glad you find me and my family so interesting.

  5. The Fiend of Fomalhaut,' they call you," he went on before he could catch himself and stop the words.

  6. He made sure that the chair opposite her was old-style before he lowered himself into it.

  7. A man can live ignored by everyone, he discovered, but he can't be liked by some without finding himself disliked by others.

  8. He was talking only of the stage, Clarey told himself angrily, as he left the Dome.

  9. The only thing he allowed himself to do was put down the robe he was holding.

  10. He was so numb with fright he had to force himself to move in the right direction leg by leg.

  11. He was not yet ready to thrust himself upon them; he had enough to do to reach his destination successfully.

  12. What would he disguise himself as--a touring Earth official?

  13. Clarey stretched out his foot in greeting, then recollected himself and reached out his hand.

  14. As he grew more sure of himself and his position, he allowed his wealth to show.

  15. He made himself look grave and self-reproachful.

  16. He practiced assiduously and made progress that he himself could see was sensational.

  17. He could disguise himself as one of them.

  18. As Mr. Peden was travelling one time by himself in Ireland "the night came on, and a dark mist, which obliged him to go into a house belonging to a Quaker.

  19. De Ledrede was himself accused of heresy by his Metropolitan, Alexander de Bicknor, upon which he appealed to the Holy See, and set out in person for Avignon.

  20. These were, that the Devil was at once to give the Doctor his hat full of gold, and that the latter was in return, at a distant but specified day, to deliver himself body and soul to the Devil.

  21. They had formed a wax image of him, into which the Devil himself had stuck the necessary pins; it was then turned on a spit before the fire, the entire band repeating in unison the name of him whose death they desired to compass.

  22. A Blow at the Place where they saw the Spectre was always felt by the Boy himself in that part of his Body that answer'd what might be stricken at.

  23. He speedily found himself high in the air over the Irish Sea, and swooping through the empyrean at a rate unequalled by the fastest aeroplane.

  24. All left the house except the plaintiff, who locked himself in, closed the windows, stopped all keyholes and apertures, and put sods on top of the chimneys.

  25. He excused himself from attending on the plea that the road thither passed through the lands of Sir Arnold, and that in consequence his life would be in danger.

  26. Joshua made himself flint knives, and circumcised the children of Israel at the hill of the foreskins.

  27. Whenever you find a man who has made an ignoble failure of managing himself properly, you'll always find one who thinks he could give the Lord pointers on running the universe.

  28. When Willie first began the game, He saw but little in it, And often wondered how he came To let himself begin it; But soon he learned the ball to hit A mighty blow elastic, And shouted at the rise of it With yells enthusiastic.

  29. Running this big world must be quite a job, but every man who talks politics thinks himself capable of bossing the whole works.

  30. Makes himself at home, to play He's my friend, you know!

  31. What the world may think of a man is of small consequence either to him or the world; but what he thinks of himself is of infinite and imperishable importance to all the realms of creation.

  32. Now, as an officer of the peace, nothing annoyed him so much as to feel himself useless.

  33. On going into the house, the Exile shut himself into his room, lighted the inspiring lamp, and gave himself over to the ruthless demon of Work, seeking words of the silence and ideas of the night.

  34. Dante Alighieri, drawing himself up, and gazing into the distance.

  35. He displayed the whole universe at a glance, and described the nature of God Himself circulating in a full tide from the centre to the extremities, and from the extremities to the centre again.

  36. In one of these now rare effusions, he styles himself "R.

  37. For Man to tell how human Life began 250 Is hard; for who himself beginning knew?

  38. He can blame nobody but himself if his work goes wrong.

  39. The merchant does not ask himself what good thing he can supply but what he can supply at a good profit.

  40. And any one can by the grace of God cure at least himself and put his own affairs in order.

  41. For it is in accord neither with the will of God nor the nature of man that any one should love himself more than his neighbour or his neighbour more than God.

  42. Man himself can become a missile resulting in injuries (called translational injuries).

  43. The soldier himself or members of his team must perform immediate decontamination.

  44. She became too weak to rise, and when George grew alarmed she tried to comfort him by saying that she felt warmer in bed; and when June came she should be about again, and he must not distress himself for her sake.

  45. Father Francis had gently told him that there was little hope of her recovery, and that when the great blow fell upon him he must reconcile himself to the will of the Almighty.

  46. And he had been rich and prosperous, and yet had never given a thought to those poor little waifs whose life he himself had once lived.

  47. Being a noble and sagacious man, he reconciled himself to the will of his Creator; but his Queen still hoped against hope.

  48. At night he cried himself to sleep thinking of her, and wondering where she was.

  49. He had no bed-clothes, and was in the habit of covering himself with papers during the chill winter nights.

  50. A boy had risen from a seat by the stove, where he had been amusing himself with a picture book.

  51. Her eyes filled with tears, and she looked so spiritual, so beautiful, that her companion could contain himself no longer.

  52. The lad himself was even more hopeful than the priest, because he was young, and had resolved that death alone should prevent the fulfilment of his vow.

  53. Each prophet comes presently to identify himself with his thought, and to esteem his hat and shoes sacred.

  54. He, in his friendship, in his natural and momentary associations, doubles or multiplies himself; but in the hour in which he mortgages himself to two or ten or twenty, he dwarfs himself below the stature of one.

  55. With what quality is in him he infuses all nature that he can reach; nor does he tend to lose himself in vastness, but, at how long a curve soever, all his regards return into his own good at last.

  56. With silent joy he sees himself to be capable of a beauty that eclipses all which his hands have done; all which human hands have ever done.

  57. He aims at such things as his neighbors prize, and gives his days and nights, his talents and his heart, to strike a good stroke, to acquit himself in all men's sight as a man.

  58. Every body we know surrounds himself with a fine house, fine books, conservatory, gardens, equipage and all manner of toys, as screens to interpose between himself and his guest.

  59. Is it that every man believes every other to be an incurable partialist, and himself a universalist?

  60. The disparities of power in men are superficial; and all frank and searching conversation, in which a man lays himself open to his brother, apprises each of their radical unity.

  61. Especially this was true when a little later Richard himself married Godfrey's sister Judith, who was distinguished for her wisdom.

  62. Duke Robert heard the news of this famous deed, and determined that such a valiant knight must not hide himself or escape, so he sent a messenger to command the stranger to make himself known.

  63. Harold's desire to make himself king was not in accordance with the English customs.

  64. Herluin allowed himself one scanty meal a day, and went about his work poorly dressed, but serving God in most humble fashion.

  65. Harold had been a sort of under-king for several years, and had taken upon himself many of the practical duties of government.

  66. AEthelred himself was the black sheep of his illustrious family--a long line of noble men they were for the most part.

  67. Duke Hugh's glories were somewhat eclipsed for a time, and he was excommunicated by the Archbishop of Rheims and took no notice of that, but by and by when the Pope of Rome himself put him under a ban, he came to terms.

  68. With all his inherited power and his own personal bravery, William found himself in a very hard place.

  69. A soldier and worldly man himself, he arrayed himself on the side of severe self-repression and knightly chastity and purity of life, and kept the laws of the convent in high honor; while he mixed boldly with the rude warfare of his age.

  70. Doubtless, nobody expected that a skald should always limit himself to the part of a literal narrator.

  71. If he prove himself as capable of completing education, as he appears to be of beginning it, his institution will be a very valuable one.

  72. Repeatedly we thought the malady cured, and for a few days the poor sufferer believed himself restored to health and strength; but again and again it returned upon him, and he began to give himself up as the victim of ill health.

  73. He told me that he was perfectly well disposed to do so, but felt himself greatly at a loss how to word it.

  74. It was impossible to doubt that she acted upon the same principle as the pious Catholic, who addressing heaven with a prayer for himself alone, added "pour ne pas fatiguer ta misericorde.

  75. He abandoned the vain attempt to sustain himself by the aid of his fellow-men, and determined to seek a refuge in the forest.

  76. If the answer be favourable, and it is seldom otherwise, he instals himself and his horse till after breakfast the next morning.

  77. I lamented this on the side of Mr. Campbell, as I am persuaded he would have been much more powerful had he trusted more to himself and less to his books.

  78. Then Dercan came to Declan, accepted his faith and received Baptism at his hands, giving himself and his posterity to Declan for ever.

  79. He himself (Oengus) with his foster child escaped safely.

  80. Declan himself had in supernatural vision seen all that happened to the woman in punishment of her theft, and the name of Declan was magnified owing to those marvels so that fear took possession of all-those present and those absent.

  81. Then Patrick baptised him and blessed himself and his people and his city.

  82. Moreover he built himself in every place throughout the territory of the Decies, churches and monasteries and not alone in his own territory (did he build) but in other regions of Ireland under tribute to him.

  83. On the expiration of the forty days Declan took leave of David giving him a kiss in token of peace and set out himself and his followers to the shore of the sea to take ship for Ireland.

  84. He himself went to meet Ailbe as far as the place which is called Druim Luctraidh [Luchluachra].

  85. On the morrow these men and women came humbly to the place where Declan was and they told him--what he himself foreknew--how miserably the others had died.

  86. The king thereupon ordered tribute and honour to Declan and his successors from himself and from every king who should hold Cashel ever after.

  87. Nor does Chardin ever fancy himself in the role of the moralist like our own Hogarth, with whom he has otherwise so much in common.

  88. Chardin was by no means the first of his country's masters to devote himself to contemporary life.

  89. Having devoted his early years to still-life, and his prime to domestic genre, Chardin lived long enough to weary his public and critics, and to find himself in the position of a fallen favourite.

  90. As the case stands to-day, a President for the first time elected has during his term of four years, one year, and one year only, in which really to apply himself to the accomplishment of results.

  91. He felt towards the African as only a Southerner who had himself never been the owner of slaves can feel.

  92. It is not surprising that one who allowed himself such liberty in public prayer should lay no binding forms upon his brethren in the ministry.

  93. The student of the life of the great Scottish Reformer does not need to be told that the framer of the Book of Common Order was not himself bound by any particular form of prayer in public worship.

  94. The company were satisfied, and he himself was satisfied, that no reasonable return for that expenditure could be expected, and therefore the work was not proceeded with.

  95. As a young man disappointed in love, he applied himself to business in a manner so eminently practical that he deservedly became famous as a pioneer of improved transport.

  96. If he rebuked them sharply for their misdemeanours, he none the less honoured their high endeavours, and proved himself a present help to them in time of trouble.

  97. On the approach of early spring (12) he collected his whole armament at Ephesus, and set himself to the work of training it.

  98. So with infinite pains he set himself not merely to crush his foes by force, but also to win them to his side by gentleness.

  99. On the contrary, what I admire is the fact that he had taken care to provide himself with an army not inferior to that of his enemy, and had so equipped them that his cohorts literally gleamed with purple and bronze.

  100. Hitherto fortune had smiled in common upon the king himself and upon his city.

  101. At the same time he passed the order along the line of his cavalry to charge in reliance of the support of himself and the main body in their rear.

  102. And that, too, a king who bore himself towards political opponents with a paternal mildness.

  103. He rejoiced when sordid greed was rewarded with poverty; and still more if he might himself enrich a righteous man, since his wish was to render uprightness more profitable than iniquity.

  104. Then Lady Leyland joined them and De Burg detained her as long as possible, delighting himself with the thought of Harry's impatience.

  105. Members spoke with the utmost freedom about a fighting duke, and a military government, and the Duke of Wellington was said to have pledged himself to the King to quiet the country, if necessary, in ten days.

  106. These things attended to, he went to his room and dressed himself with what seemed to be some unnecessary care.

  107. He told himself that Faith would relate the story to her father and that Mr. Foster would say and do the proper thing much more wisely and effectively than anyone else could.

  108. If the cause is a just one the Lord calls himself the God of battles.

  109. Nor did Annis now feel himself able to delay his journey until April.

  110. Nothing could be hindered, or helped, by the introduction of this painful subject, and he told himself that he would not be the person to fling a shadow over such a happy and hopeful transition in the squire's life.

  111. He put himself first, because at the moment he was really feeling that his voice and personality had been the dominating quality in the two songs they sang together.

  112. In fact he assured himself that "he had done right.

  113. Then he asked--like a man who has just recovered himself from some mental neglect--"Wheriver hev Dick and Kitty gone to?

  114. How can he fashion himself to make up to Lucy?

  115. He hes not said so much to me as he usually does about the girl he is carrying-on-with, but he really believes himself in love with her for iver and iver.

  116. They ask his advice on public and local matters, and he by himself has settled disputes between masters and men in a way that satisfied both parties.

  117. Stephen need not think himself first," she instantly decided, "this new girl was watching for the man Stephen put back.

  118. Then Dick thought of the political climax that Harry had spoken of, and asked himself if he should now speak of it.

  119. If he did not diligently devote himself to such work he would not be worthy of that high place we have assigned him in the Quodlibetarian school.

  120. That little practice had now pretty nearly left him; in consequence of which he thought himself badly used, and therefore entitled to a support from the public.

  121. Where is the man with soul so dead Who never to himself hath said, This is my own, my native land?

  122. When the draft was presented, Lincoln asked the officer to be seated, sat down himself a few moments, looking puzzled; then asked to be excused for a little, stepped out to his boarding house and returned.

  123. Instead of a lazy thriftless young man to be supported by his earnings, he took unto himself an affectionate and thrifty wife, and became a settled family man.

  124. After graduating, Mr. Chase found himself dependent on his own exertions to procure his support in his law studies.

  125. He had the art, when admonished by graver people, of somehow entrapping them into more uproarious laughing than he himself practiced, and then looking innocently surprised.

  126. Grant's views are not consistent with the unbroken record of his whole life of action, he is the most gigantic hypocrite the world ever saw, and in that event it is certainly useless to try to make him expose himself now.

  127. It was, no doubt, at the same time a sort of vow, taken upon himself under the feelings aroused by the birth-place of the Declaration which he had so often and so well defended.

  128. He went down, down, down, but still no solid ground being gained, straightened himself and looked uneasy.

  129. In fact, he may be said during his college life to have constructed for himself a physiological mental philosophy out of the writings of the Scotch metaphysical school and that of Combe, Spurzheim, and the other physiologists.

  130. But he was more anxious himself than words could say.

  131. At this Sir Tom gave vent to a faint chuckle, as if he could not contain himself any longer.

  132. Sir Thomas always took an interest in his wife's dress; but it was seldom he occupied himself so much about it.

  133. Jock himself at sixteen was not more utterly out of the question.

  134. He expressed himself on the subject indeed with all the fine feeling for which he was distinguished.

  135. He had wished to exhibit to Mr. Derwentwater this strange phenomenon in the shape of a girl, with a sense that there was something very unusual in her, something in which he himself had a certain proprietorship.

  136. He himself had been dismissed out of it, so to speak.

  137. He laughed within himself at the transparent way in which his old friend bade for his sympathy and society.

  138. The boy had a sort of thrill and tremble in him as if he had been reading poetry or witnessing some great tragic scene, which the elder man partially understood without being at all aware that Jock had himself been an actor in this drama.

  139. I have a partner who will not give himself the pains--Now," she said, with an emphatic little pat of her foot and movement of her hands.

  140. He put it into finer words than Montjoie could command, and said to himself that it was that mysterious adorable feminine instinct which attracted by seeming to repel.

  141. Mr. Churchill himself is represented to me as a model of all that a clergyman ought to be.

  142. But he was ashamed of himself all the same.

  143. When he came to himself wiping his eyes, he was, there could be no doubt, ashamed of himself.

  144. He had thought she did not feel, and that her heart unawakened had regarded calmly, with no pain to speak of, the new state of affairs of which he himself was guiltily conscious; but that eager look put an end in a moment to his delusion.

  145. In the centre is the Mole of Hadrian, round which he has amused himself by putting an elegant colonnade; on the right hand is a bridge.

  146. If my Father had published the Reminiscences himself I think that much misconception in the public mind respecting the character of Mr. Beckford would have been prevented.

  147. Latterly he seldom sold a picture, and supported himself on the paltry income of 200 pounds a year, raised by making little designs for booksellers.

  148. The father of two sons, one of whom murdered the other, and that father is himself the executioner of the survivor.

  149. On this side is also a portrait of himself exquisitely coloured and finished.

  150. This place, which once sent members to Parliament, and which the author of "Vathek" himself represented for many years, is not so large as the village of Batheaston!

  151. He intended to publish it at the time of Mr. Beckford's death, in 1844, but delayed the execution of the work, and sixteen years afterwards was himself called to enter on the higher life of the spiritual world.

  152. Orthodoxy and even democratic practice have hitherto taken it for granted--in spite of the examples of highly socialized men, benefactors of society--that the average citizen will bestir himself only for material gain.

  153. He sees that democratic peoples do not desire to go to war, he does not believe that war is necessary and inevitable, he lays himself open to ridicule by financing a Peace Mission.

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