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Example sentences for "admonished"

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admixed; admixture; admixtures; admodum; admonish; admonishes; admonisheth; admonishing; admonition; admonitions
  1. Erskine appealed to the General Assembly; but the censure of the Synod was confirmed, and Erskine was appointed to be rebuked and admonished at the bar of the Assembly.

  2. Have patience, you old fire-eater," admonished Varden with an amused smile.

  3. Lead on, right into the thick of it," admonished Fenton.

  4. Moses and Aaron nevertheless adjured the princes of the tribes, in spite of their high rank, not to tyrannize over the people, whereas, on the other hand, they admonished the people to pay all due respect to their superiors.

  5. All my life long they had no pleasant experiences with me, for I constantly rebuked them and admonished them to fear God and fulfil the commandments, therefore do I not now wish to depart out of this world before I have blessed them.

  6. He admonished them to be satisfied with the honors God had granted them, and not to strive for priestly dignity.

  7. Samson, in pain of body, shall daily be reminded of it, admonished to grieve for it.

  8. Surely a just citizen is admonished by God and his own Soul, by all silent and articulate voices of this Universe, to do what in him lies towards relief of this poor blockhead-quack, and of a world that groans under him.

  9. When you are admonished to love your enemies, you will be likely to think of the meanest, most disagreeable human being you know and wonder as to how you are going to love such a person.

  10. My mother often admonished us to be thankful that we were not like those who had to buy their bread by weight--that is, in small quantities.

  11. Professor Zepplin admonished the fat boy with a stern glance, which Chunky pretended not to see.

  12. And if you please, don't speak so loudly," admonished Tad.

  13. Don't you dare stick your head in the spring," admonished Ned.

  14. We had packed up our rope, and Bennen admonished me to tread in his steps.

  15. My guide continually admonished me to make my footing sure, and to fix at each step my staff firmly in the consolidated snow.

  16. The Gentiles are here admonished not to be proud, nor to glory against the Jews: but to take occasion rather from their fall to fear and to be humble, lest they be cast off.

  17. I admonished him to hold his rod up; at the same instant a trout hooked himself, the little reel spun round and Mr. Dide exclaimed in great exultation: "I have got him!

  18. Now do you see to it that you sweep and brush them out of the corners; don't let there be one left," admonished Oblomof.

  19. His nephew Maeonius presumed to dart his javelin before that of his uncle; and though admonished of his error, repeated the same insolence.

  20. You should not say such things in the hearing of the child," admonished Aunty Rose severely.

  21. You should not say such things, especially before the child, Joseph Stagg," admonished Aunty Rose.

  22. Of this the apostle Paul admonished his followers, and said, "Be ye not children in understanding, but in evilnesses: be perfect in understanding.

  23. Then again he was admonished in a dream that he should go to Galilee, because the country there was not quite so near to the king, though it was in his kingdom.

  24. When we turn our face to the east part, where the heaven rises, which rises over all bodily things, then should our mind be thereby admonished that it turn to the highest and first nature, that is, God.

  25. Tell him not to expect you until he sees you," Mr. Ashe admonished the youth.

  26. Mustn't mind a little thing like that," Blue Bonnet admonished her.

  27. They were admonished to humility, and were always to remember that they were servants, who ought not to expect to escape when even their Master was assailed.

  28. With humiliating directness He admonished these learned men of the law, these interpreters of the prophets, these professional expounders of sacred writ, to betake themselves to reading and study.

  29. Then, turning to the multitude, Jesus admonished them to give heed to the teachings of the Twelve, and continued with a discourse embodying the sublime principles He had taught among the Jews in the Sermon on the Mount.

  30. The Twelve were told that they were to be the judges of their people; and in view of such investiture they were admonished to diligence and godliness.

  31. In conclusion the Lord admonished them thus: "While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light.

  32. From the Pharisees, Jesus turned to His disciples and admonished them to diligence.

  33. Nehemiah admonished and reproved in the matter, and attributed the affliction of the nation to the forfeiture of Jehovah's favor through Sabbath violation.

  34. Believers were admonished to fast secretly, with no outward display, and to fast unto God, who could see in secret and would heed their sacrifice and prayer.

  35. He comforted them with the assurance that He would return on the morrow, and admonished them to ponder upon the things He had taught, and to pray in His name to the Father for understanding.

  36. After this, the investiture of Sidonia took place, and the priest blessed her at the altar, and admonished her to take as her model the wise virgins mentioned Matt.

  37. Then Doctor Joel admonished the Prince himself to keep a diligent eye over this Satan, who, day by day, was growing more impudent in the land--no doubt because the pure doctrine of Dr.

  38. She was there admonished to tell the whole truth, but persisted in asseverating that Sidonia had never learned from her how to make a love-drink.

  39. The good Jacob, however, admonished Zabel to make up his mind for the worst, for the knight was not a man whose heart could be melted, as he himself had experienced but too well that day.

  40. We done wanter be mighty careful walkin' on dis ice," admonished the darkey.

  41. But it may be into danger," admonished the most cautious Howard.

  42. Admonished by the lateness of the hour, Howard almost ran.

  43. Be careful yez don't tumble over," admonished Tim, feeling it his duty to say something.

  44. Don't forget the ammunition," admonished Elwood, "or the gun will do us little good.

  45. The storm which was so near at hand admonished them to lose no time in seeking shelter.

  46. He was then admonished and remanded to prison.

  47. The prisoner was then informed that in the audiences which had already been given, he had been admonished on the part of God our Lord, &c.

  48. He was then admonished to bethink himself and remanded to prison.

  49. Here the audience closed, and the prisoner being admonished to bethink himself, was remanded to prison.

  50. Whereupon the audience closed, and the prisoner having been admonished to bethink himself, was remanded to prison.

  51. And having been admonished to bethink himself and declare the truth, he was remanded to prison.

  52. The Inquisitor then ordered him to be summoned, and the prisoner having been admonished to bethink himself, was remanded to prison.

  53. Whereupon he was admonished to bethink himself and remanded to prison.

  54. The prisoner was informed of the same, and admonished in the customary manner, but persisted in his denial.

  55. Answered, that he had nothing more to say; and being admonished to bethink himself well, and declare the truth, he was remanded to prison.

  56. On the same day, the prisoner, in the presence of his Curador, ratified his confession without adding or diminishing anything, and the prisoner having been admonished in the regular manner, the accusation against him was presented.

  57. He was admonished to bethink himself, and declare the whole truth.

  58. The deponent was therefore admonished in the name of God our Lord, and his Glorious and Blessed Mother, Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, to bethink himself and declare the whole truth.

  59. This was why my companion had admonished me not to fire.

  60. We were admonished by the coldness of the evening that winter was not far off, and we all agreed that another week was as long as we could safely remain upon the prairies.

  61. They have laid us a foundation as enduring as the earth itself; in their dying moments they admonished us to carry out their designs in the upbuilding and completion of the superstructure.

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