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Example sentences for "admonitions"

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admonished; admonishes; admonisheth; admonishing; admonition; admonitory; adnate; adnexed; ado; adobe
  1. But the children, impressed by the admonitions of their parents, and oppressed by the severe and rigid effects of the house, turned into quiet little puppets, quite different from their usual merry selves.

  2. But she said no more, for very often special admonitions resulted in special misbehavior.

  3. And each will be attained the best, if all shall consider the admonitions of the Apostolic See, a law of conduct, and shall obey the Bishops whom "the Spirit of God has placed to rule the Church of God.

  4. Here again, from time to time, I proffered certain timely hints and admonitions for their better guidance.

  5. I do not record this achievement in a spirit of boastfulness or vanity of the flesh, but merely to show that from a very early stage of my mundane existence I was by nature studious and ever mindful of the admonitions of my elders.

  6. Despite my frequent admonitions and my gentle chidings, shops and theatres engrossed them substantially to the exclusion of all else.

  7. The children were all incredibly sweet, and resolutely refused to model themselves on the "grown-ups," regardless of all the admonitions of their governesses and mammas.

  8. For you must know, that reproof and admonitions are but of small use, where repentance, or church-censures, are not thereto annexed.

  9. How oft didst thou read the sweet counsels and admonitions of the gospel, to accept of the grace of God!

  10. Hence they slight all reproofs, rebukes, threatenings, or admonitions that are pressed upon them, to prevail with them to take heed, that they be not herein deceived.

  11. This is a remarkable illustration of a difficult part of the allegory--faithful admonitions repaid by murderous revenge, but overcome by Christian courage.

  12. As thou didst not care for us and our admonitions then, so neither do we care for thy ruin, terror, and damnation now.

  13. It is the poor disciple that receives the faithful admonitions of his equally poor fellow-saints.

  14. Thus, if previous admonitions would be harmful, whereas an admonition by the superior will be beneficial, recourse should be had at once to the superior.

  15. The young are in duty bound to listen frequently, willingly and reverently to the admonitions of their elders, and hence the modern tendency of youth to act as critics of morals is as foolish as it is presumptuous.

  16. But for formal heresy it is not required that a person give his assent out of malice, or that he continue in obstinate rejection for a long time, or that he refuse to heed admonitions given him.

  17. If an admonition by the superior will be more advantageous, the other admonitions may be omitted.

  18. If, after several private admonitions have been made, there is no hope of success by this method, what should be done?

  19. I doubt not but you found his admonitions deadly comfortable!

  20. But all his admonitions were not of force sufficient to shake my resolution in that particular; though the debate continued so late, that I told his lordship, it was high time to retire, for I could not accommodate him with a bed.

  21. In the midst of these excesses, Mr. Jolter, finding his admonitions neglected and his influence utterly destroyed, attempted to wean his pupil from his extravagant courses, by engaging his attention in some more laudable pursuit.

  22. The best way of training the young is to train yourself at the same time; not to admonish them, but to be always carrying out your own admonitions in practice.

  23. The eleventh book is taken up with laws and with admonitions relating to individuals, which follow one another without any exact order.

  24. The young general, despising these admonitions as the false humility of age, immediately removed with the body of his army, and encamped by himself.

  25. Admonitions of father to a son, in Mexico, 20; of a mother to a daughter, in Mexico, 21.

  26. Some of the admonitions are as follows: "Do not allow Paula to eat in public, that is, do not let her take part in family entertainments, for fear that she may desire the meats that may be served there.

  27. The Pope becomes more lavish of his admonitions and instructions every day.

  28. It is the fighting impulse in him, the ardour of the fray, as Kinglake has it, that conquers death and discipline, whistles down the wind “my admonitions and his own danger.

  29. At the sound of the first gun he could restrain himself no longer, but, regardless of my admonitions and of his own danger, he rushed upon deck and flew to his gun, laying hold to help run her out.

  30. His servant, whose respectful admonitions had been awed into silence, lent him his arm to bed, but Sir Miles scarcely touched it.

  31. The Guaranies, possessed with this abominable suspicion, grew more and more deaf to the admonitions of the Jesuits, who, through respect to the King, were constantly urging their departure.

  32. Since they durst do that in the face of the Governor, and four hundred soldiers, what respect would they pay to the threats or admonitions of a priest?

  33. She had found a true haven of rest where she lacked for nothing that she could desire for herself after listening to the admonitions of Philip pus.

  34. But these and similar admonitions had produced little effect on the physician's sentiments; even Paula's repulse of his ardent appeal after she had moved to the house of Rufinus had failed to extinguish his hope of winning her at last.

  35. Health and Temperance Good Health Christian Temperance Evils Of Intemperance The World's Curse Scripture Admonitions (A Responsive Reading) True Temperance Reform Part XVIII.

  36. Admonitions and Warnings Pride Selfishness Covetousness Debts Respect Of Persons Backsliding Unbelief Judging Gossiping And Backbiting Envy, Jealousy, And Hatred Hypocrisy Danger In Rejecting Light The Just Recompense Part XVI.

  37. Of his advice to the Clergy, or admonitions to Fathers of families, there is no need; he will leave behind him those who can write them.

  38. The ruin of Valens was precipitated by the deceitful arts of Fritigern, and the prudent admonitions of the emperor of the West.

  39. I should rather have expected sober admonitions from a man of your cloth, than infamous reproaches.

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