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relater; relates; relateth; relatif; relatifs; relatio; relation; relational; relatione; relations
  1. The practical consequence of these views is, that all day-dreams relating to another world must be put aside, and we must manage so as to live to the best advantage possible in the present life.

  2. There is not a literary review, there is scarcely a political journal, which does not speak on occasion, or without occasion, of the problems relating to our eternal interests.

  3. The author is relating how he had undertaken to make an artificial dove which was to sustain itself in the air by means of an ingenious mechanism.

  4. Sutural, belonging or relating to a suture.

  5. Strobilaceous, relating to or resembling a Strobile, a multiple fruit in the form of a cone or head, 124.

  6. Nucamentaceous, relating to or resembling a small nut.

  7. Capsular, relating to, or like a capsule.

  8. Embryonal, belonging or relating to the embryo.

  9. Locular, relating to the cell or compartment (Loculus) of an ovary, &c.

  10. Those relating to the stamens are now to be indicated.

  11. Vexillary, Vexillar, relating to the Vexillum, the standard of a papilionaceous flower, 92.

  12. If the court has jurisdiction of this case under this provision of the amendment then every State question relating to property, such as special assessments, the condemnation of property, etc.

  13. The assignments of error in the lower court, and the parts of the record relating to the jurors Denker and Sanford had been printed and were in the court's hands.

  14. But one or two little incidents, relating to his intercourse with Mrs. Appleditch, I must not omit.

  15. This was true, as relating to the time during which he had slept, but was, of course, false in the impression it gave.

  16. In relating this we are reminded of the despatch once handed to General Washington while he was sitting for his portrait.

  17. Medals of the Nineteenth Century relating to England by Foreign Artists.

  18. Most of the actual documents relating to the issue of the various medals are quoted verbatim.

  19. Having discussed matters concerned with the collecting of armour, we will now turn to questions relating to the actual armour itself.

  20. As the historical incidents relating to the medals of recent issue are generally known, it will only be necessary in the following cases to describe the designs of the medals themselves.

  21. The dances among the Indians are very numerous; some of them are lively enough, while others are very grave; and, then, most of the tribes are fond of relating adventures.

  22. There is but one other point relating to the use of guns on such a principle, and that is their safety; which is always of the greatest importance.

  23. The Emperor Napoleon, as is well known, is well versed, theoretically and practically, in everything relating to Gunnery.

  24. Great and rapid as have been the acquisitions of knowledge in everything relating to gunnery in modern times, there still remains, I have no doubt, an unexplored mine of valuable treasure to be added to the science.

  25. Short Greek and Latin passages relating to history and antiquities of Greece and Rome for translation and comment.

  26. English law relating to real property (2) English law of contract or tort, or similar.

  27. It was among the more important powers transferred under the statute, relating to licences of the taxable sum of L4 and over, and required confirmation by Letters Patent under the great seal, or enrolment in Chancery.

  28. Professor Sidgwick contented himself with a scheme for relating the higher education of women to university teaching, and not only accepted but encouraged a separate course of study and a separate examination test.

  29. Three deeds relating to the same transaction are dated mense Martii 54th of Hen.

  30. In short, neither then, nor for a long period afterwards, was anything discovered relating to the organisation of the Porteous Plot.

  31. Jeanie would fain have asked more circumstances relating to her sister's departure, but the tone of her father's prohibition was positive.

  32. Carlyle, minister of Inveresk, in his Autobiography, gives some interesting particulars relating to the Porteous Mob, from personal recollections.

  33. There is a curious note respecting him attached to the entry of another anonymous publication of his, "Philemon and Hydaspes, relating to a Conversation with Hortensius upon the subject of false Religion, 2nd edit.

  34. That such ancient lawes as may be yet in force relating to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, so far as they are or may prove burdensome to truly godly and conscientious ministers and people, may be duly regulated.

  35. Among his papers is a curious note relating to the fate of the vessels which had encountered the Death Ship during the time to which his narrative refers.

  36. I may, however, mention certain instances which came within my own personal knowledge, as also a few statistical data relating to the annual consumption of coca in Peru and Bolivia, and the economical importance of this cultivation.

  37. For this reason I leave unnoticed many most interesting phenomena relating to music in general, but not particularly to the culture of the voice, although they are of the deepest interest to the educated musician.

  38. That little work is contained in the following pages, together with some account of the discoveries of Professor Helmholtz relating to the human voice, and of their practical application to the education of the voice in singing.

  39. Eric was somewhat embarrassed by Roland's relating how he had fallen asleep in the chapel of the convent, and how suddenly the black nun stood beside him, and he saw the picture above him.

  40. But he could not restrain Roland from relating the disappointment of all, that Manna did not return with them.

  41. They set out in good spirits, and Roland was very talkative, relating to Eric all his adventures.

  42. She laid before Sonnenkamp a plan matured by herself and Fraeulein Milch, which he very readily assented to, especially that part relating to the furnishing of sewing machines.

  43. I will first state the facts relating to M.

  44. Lantaigne drew up from his inexhaustible memory endless texts relating to the ceremonies of purification, precedents, arguments, commentaries.

  45. Secondly, I will enumerate the facts relating to M.

  46. As therefore relating to these things there is no tradition worth considering; let us lay aside all and examine what prejudices can be gathered from records of good account.

  47. This is the beginning of his miracles in Galilee; and thus far John is full and distinct in relating the actions of his first year, omitted by the other Evangelists.

  48. I will not shock you by relating the extremes to which dire necessity had driven me.

  49. The order relating to the Levitical cities may be said to describe an ideal settlement.

  50. The effect generally is that of a compilation made under difficulties by a scribe or scribes who were scrupulous to preserve everything relating to the great lawgiver and the dealings of God with Israel.

  51. Aaron was the elder; and this may have led to the selection of his as the priestly house--which again would give him priority in a passage relating to the hierarchy.

  52. The law relating to the protection of estate coolies and labourers has been already referred to.

  53. I have very recently become possessed of some curious drawings by Hollar; those relating to Shakspeare very interesting, evidently done for one Captain John Eyre, who could himself handle the pencil well.

  54. Hines concocted various tales and reported them to Mr. Thompson, relating to my alleged insubordination, laziness, refusal to work, etc.

  55. Rough and ignorant as they were, their curé was not less so, for he did not know things of common knowledge, as I will show you by relating an incident that happened to him.

  56. When he had finished relating the causes of his return, the good woman cried, "Oh, my dear husband, whence comes this baseless jealousy?

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