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idem; identic; identical; identically; identifiable; identifications; identified; identifiers; identifies; identify
  1. In another homily by AElfric there is the same identification of Thor and Odin, along with 'the foul goddess Venus, whom men call Frigg,' but here also Ty is ignored.

  2. The identification of Odin with Mars in place of Mercury is also in full accordance with the later beliefs: in other words, Odin has taken the place of Ty as the chief war-god.

  3. The grave is marked with a wooden cross, on which is inscribed his name, rank, and command, and to which is attached the soldier's identification disc.

  4. The two examiners also differed on the identification of one of the 'suspect' medical school SmurFFs.

  5. Now, Sarah, have you been pressured in any way to make this identification or have you been promised anything for doing it--by me or any other person?

  6. But the courts allow handwriting identification testimony to be given.

  7. It is my opinion that the identification of handwriting is not as positive as fingerprint identification.

  8. Moreover, as has already been said before, he takes greater care than anyone before him to guard against the identification of God's unity with any of the unities, theoretical or actual, in our experience.

  9. The difference is that in the prophet's case the imagination plays an important r├┤le and presents concrete visions instead of universal propositions, and the identification with the Active Intellect is much closer.

  10. Observe our Lord's identification of Himself with the Father, so as that the feelings with which men regard Him are, ipso facto, the feelings with which they regard the Father God.

  11. On the other hand, it was the very aim of the school to avoid the sceptical conclusions of Hume in philosophy, and in ethics to avoid the complete identification of morality with utility.

  12. Systematically worked out, it has led to Ricardo's identification of value with quantities of labour.

  13. Even if such an identification were admissible, it would not in the least save the historic accuracy of the writer.

  14. The identification is impossible (see Dan.

  15. For a quick and reliable identification of these varieties an intimate knowledge of the heads is required.

  16. This measurement assists in the identification of varieties 1 and 3.

  17. For this reason a knowledge of the heads is imperative for identification of the varieties.

  18. I cannot help thinking that the identification of the Japanese Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with those of India is not sufficiently specified by Eitel and others as an identification of origin only.

  19. Eitel, Ernest John, his identification of Japanese and Indian divinities, II: 78.

  20. On the whole difficult question of the identification or dating of the months of the Syro-Macedonian calendar see L.

  21. The identification of Sepharvaim is uncertain.

  22. Franklin's identification of the electricity of the machine with the stupendous effects of the thunderstorm.

  23. Laboratory Experiments on Class Reactions and Identification of Organic Substances.

  24. And this is another reason for the common identification of Torah with Law.

  25. To verify your identification go to the discussion of that species in the text.

  26. As we have emphasized several times in this guide, positive identification of cetaceans at sea can only occasionally be made on the basis of a single characteristic.

  27. Even alone this feature permits positive identification of the species.

  28. Key to field identification of andromous juvenile salmonids in the Pacific Northwest.

  29. As noted in that appendix, if the animal is recently stranded, identification can be made using any of the externally visible characteristics described for the living species at sea.

  30. Listing the characters you observe and filling in as much of the form as possible may enable a cetologist to make an identification based on those characters and his knowledge of the distribution, movements, and behavior of cetaceans.

  31. A dichotomized key is provided to aid in identification of stranded cetaceans and appendices describe how and to whom to report data on live and dead cetaceans.

  32. If closer examination is possible, the distinctive shape and coloration of the beak make positive identification easy.

  33. The lips may be white, and the beak is characteristically tipped with white, a feature which may aid in identification at sea.

  34. With a little practice and careful attention to details, identification of whales, dolphins, and porpoises will become easier.

  35. Under good wind conditions this feature alone may permit positive identification of sperm whales even at considerable distances.

  36. The first stage is acceptance of the phenomena, the second the assignment of those phenomena to spirits as their source, the third is identification of these spirits.

  37. I have already mentioned the subject of identification in the case of the first communication purporting to come from our little child, and how no such communications were received for a period of some years after.

  38. The identification of Laura with Margarete is obviously wrong.

  39. The word 'shall' in the second person especially has for me a queer identification with English harshness and menace,--memories of school perhaps.

  40. Identification by thumb-marks was a new feature in fiction then--in law, too, for that matter.

  41. The work was neither better nor worse than before, but it had suddenly acquired identification and special interest.

  42. The identification with Nabonidos, the last Babylonian king according to the native historian Berossus, goes back to Josephus.

  43. And on this etymology theories have been erected of the connexion of the Semitic Baal with Celtic mythology, and the identification of the beltane fires with the worship of this deity.

  44. For what is religion but a conscious identification of the self with One who is known to fulfil its needs and satisfy its aspirations?

  45. Those who think that this identification degrades the divine, misapprehend the nature of spirit; and forget that it is of its essence to communicate itself.

  46. It knows its object, and is a conscious identification of the self with it.

  47. The identification of the work and worker is too intimate, and the realization of the imaginary personage is too complete.

  48. The absolute identification of the actual and ideal extinguishes morality, either in something lower or something higher.

  49. The photographs, all of shrubs in flower or fruit, are very beautiful, and so clear as to make identification perfectly simple.

  50. GUIDE For the purpose of identification the ferns described are arranged in six groups, according to their manner of fruiting.

  51. For purposes of identification it would seem almost superfluous to describe the Maidenhair, a plant which probably is more generally appreciated than all the rest of the ferns together.

  52. Since Wednesday morning no efforts at identification were made by the searchers after the dead, it being imperative that the bodies be disposed of as soon as possible.

  53. No attempts were made at identification after Wednesday, lists being simply made of the number of victims.

  54. I may advertise the whole history, and offer a reward for the discovery of the identification of the woman.

  55. It is the identification of the lady as the adopter of the child, and that lies in the hands of Sir Robert.

  56. Against the identification see Alford, Godet, and Plummer on the passage in Luke.

  57. Arch├Žologically and sentimentally the identification of places connected with the life of Jesus is of great interest.

  58. The omission of the article suggests either that the feast was of minor importance, or that its identification was of no significance for the understanding of the following discourse.

  59. The difficulty with such an identification is chiefly the reference which in both Matthew (xvi.

  60. Jefferson Davis had anticipated and measured the full force of the effect which would be produced upon Virginians by General Lee's identification with the Confederate cause.

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