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  1. The suppression of a day in the calendar to prevent the date of the new moon being set a day too late, or the suppression of the bissextile day once in 134 years.

  2. Anything like an exact flower calendar is out of the question, for much depends on the locality and the season.

  3. What becomes of your flower calendar here?

  4. I have come to look for the tree-swallows as regularly on the 1st of April, as for the oriole on the 10th of May, as if these were calendar events of real importance.

  5. Though generally the result of a vicious impulse or intention, there is hardly a crime in the calendar that might not be committed by a person acting from a higher moral standard than that set by the law.

  6. The walls of some of the cells are decorated with a chromolithograph, such as is given to customers as a calendar by many shopkeepers at the New Year time.

  7. Rule for determining Easter Day of the Antegregorian Calendar in any year of the old style.

  8. The way of using the table is as follows: Take the epact of the required year, and find it in the first or last column of the first table, in line with it are seen the calendar days of new and full moon.

  9. Looking at the Cambridge Calendar to verify the fact that Copley was an undergraduate at the time, I find that there are but two other men in the list of honors of his year whose names are now widely remembered.

  10. He wrote his Liber de paschate in 525, and it was in this work that the Christian era was first used for calendar purposes.

  11. When the Calendar was reformed, the calendar new moons were four days in advance of the mean moon of the heavens: so that, for instance, calendar full moon on the 18th usually meant real full moon on the 14th.

  12. From this it appears that Clavius continued the Calendar of his predecessors in the choice of the fourteenth day of the moon.

  13. As we cannot enter at full length into the explanation, we must content ourselves with giving a set of rules, independent of tables, by which the reader may find Easter for himself in any year, either by the old Calendar or the new.

  14. The calendar lunation being 29½ days, the middle day is the fifteenth day, and this is and was reckoned as the day of the full moon.

  15. Reasons for Repealing the Acts pass'd in Virginia and Maryland relating to Ports and Towns," Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts, edit.

  16. There was a pretty triumph for Eve on the day when David came in to see what she was doing, and praised the idea, and thought the calendar an excellent stroke of business.

  17. The calendar was, in its way, a masterpiece; but Eve was obliged to sell it for less than a halfpenny, for the Cointets were supplying hawkers at the rate of three centimes per copy.

  18. David went into the workshop after dinner, and saw that the calendar should have been set up in a week.

  19. It is certainly a great consolation that our father chose our names from the poems and the stars and the calendar of aristocratic saints, instead of from the lowly Cotta pedigree.

  20. Calendar of Sundays in Greek and Romish Churches.

  21. Where can I find good authority on the calendar of Sundays in the Greek Church, and in the Roman?

  22. But even this did not keep the calendar exactly right.

  23. For then the calendar could not have been regulated so that the months and festivals would keep pace with the seasons.

  24. Professor," said May, turning on the sofa where she was lying, "Jack has brought me a calendar that runs for ever so many years.

  25. Your influence will last beyond the calendar of time; it is indestructible.

  26. To the left of the big calendar you will see a light pencil mark, a cross.

  27. The dot fell to the left of a large calendar hanging on the wall.

  28. Mr. President, this is not the only bill on the Calendar which concerns the rights of colored persons.

  29. Permission to do this may not be granted to any employer for more than 40 days in the calendar year.

  30. The mandate of the members of the Labour Chamber shall last for two years, opening and closing in each case with the calendar year.

  31. This last is ornamented throughout with initial letters and pendants in gold and colours, those in the calendar at the beginning being particularly finely executed.

  32. Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers, Papal Letters.

  33. At the end is a calendar of the Gospels and Epistles for the year according to the Sarum use.

  34. This calendar only contains excerpts from the Patent Rolls.

  35. Besides the Psalms and calendar above mentioned a few Latin prayers are added, and the whole is preceded by a dedication to God's service.

  36. Calendar of Norman Rolls:-- For the year 1417.

  37. Mr. Spragg glanced at the calendar that hung from a hat-peg on the door.

  38. By 1582, the recurring annual error of approximately eleven minutes in the Julian calendar amounted to ten days.

  39. After that time the main dependence, apart from the Calendar of State Papers, is Hening, Statutes at Large of Virginia (13 vols.

  40. Of these Bozman's work is an invaluable magazine of information, being, in fact, as much a calendar of documents as a continuous narrative.

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